One Piece: Adventures of the Pirate Princess

Apple Village, Ahoy! Enter: Leon and Sabertooth!

One Piece © Oda

Monkey D. Belle and Nila © Me

Leon and Sabertooth (contributed by dragonslayer32294)

Summary- Belle and Nila have finally reached an island: Apple Village! While there, they learn that the village is being terrorized by Sabertooth, a serial killer, and meet a man named Leon, who promises to join Belle's crew, but only if he helps him beat Sabertooth. Has Belle's ten years of training paid off?

"Hah~! What a beautiful day for sailing, huh, Nila?"


It's been a few days since Monkey D. Bellemere, or "Belle" for short, first set sail from Dawn Island to begin her voyage as a pirate. Her pet cheetah, Nila, is at her side, and neither of them seemed to have a care in the world. However, Belle knew that just her and Nila wasn't really much of a pirate crew, which was why she was out here in the first place: to find new members to join.

But first and foremost, the two had to find an island to land on. Belle and Nila had run out of food quicker than they had thought, and they needed to stock up, soon. Luckily, Belle happened to inherit her mother's navigational skills, otherwise she'd be as good as dead long before her dream to came to pass.

"If we keep sailing on like this," Belle said, "we're sure to run into land, soon. Just wait, Nila!"

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed.

Belle smiled and kissed her beloved pet on her head.

"We'll be okay," she said. "I just know we will. And just think! Once we've got a big enough crew, we'll be the greatest pirates this world has ever seen!"

Nila smiled and licked Belle's cheek, making her laugh.

"Yeah," she said as she placed a hand on the old, tattered straw hat on her head. "Even greater than Daddy…"

Just then, Belle saw something out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey!" she said as she stood up in the boat. "Nila, look! It's an island!"

Nila looked up excitedly alongside her best friend.

"This is the place, Nila," said Belle. "This is the place where we'll find our newest crew member! I can feel it!"

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed in agreement.


Apple Village.

A calm, serene place, known for its vast apple orchard: it's only cash crop on the island. However, today was not very peaceful, for there seemed to be a commotion going on outside someone's house.

"Oh, no! It's happened, again!"

"What?! What do you mean, again?!"

The mayor of Apple Village, a rather short and portly old man in a blue pinstripe suit and graying hair and receding hairline, approached the house, which is surrounded by other citizens.

"Sabertooth's struck again, mayor," said a taller, younger man. "He snuck in and killed Marty."

Inside the house, although his head was obscured by the shadows of the table, a corpse of a man was seen lying inside, drenched in his own blood. There were large, wide gashes in his side and back. These were no doubt the cause of his death.

"Poor Marty," said an elderly woman.

"He was such a good lad, too," said another man.

"I can't believe it," said the mayor, trying hard to hold back his tears. "That's the 9th one, this month! It's bad enough that Sabertooth has been sneaking into people's houses and killing people at night, but now he's doing it in broad daylight!"

"Nor only that," added a boy in his mid-teens, "but he's having his thugs take our women and valuables!"

"What's going to happen, now?" asked an older woman in her late-30s, holding her infant daughter in her arms while her two sons, one at age 8 and the other at age 6, hid behind her. "Apple Village doesn't seem safe anymore, especially for my kids!"

"That's right! The children!"

"What if Sabertooth starts killing them, next?"

The thought of this…Sabertooth coming to kill them seemed to frighten the nearby children even more, for they began to glance at each other, worryingly. Some even started to burst into tears.

"We'll have to leave the village!"

"And go where?"

"I don't know, and I don't care! As long as it's away from here!"

"All of you! Stop it!" the mayor shouted. "Now, listen. Our forefathers brought this village from the ground up! This place has become our home, and there's no way in hell that some crazy thug is going to drive us off!"

"Then what do we do, mayor?" asked another young man. "Sabertooth killed off the local police, last week!"

"And the Marines won't help us!" said the mother of 3. "They said that they're too busy dealing with the pirates in other parts of the sea!"

"Let's face it," said an old man. "We're doomed. Sabertooth has complete control of the village! We might as well accept our fate!"

"Who says?"

Everyone turns and sees a tan-skinned, brown-haired, muscular man, perhaps about 24 years old, wearing an aquamarine Criminal brand T-shirt, a red sash tied his black trousers, and a pair of dark brown combat boots. In his mouth is a lit cigar, which he takes out and taps to get rid of the ashes, as well as to blow out a puff of smoke.

"If you want," said the stranger, "I can take care of this Sabertooth guy for ya."

The civilians glanced at each other, seeming unsure.

"What do you want in exchange?" asked the mayor. "Money?"

"No money," said the stranger. "You can just have your freedom."

Once again, everyone looked at each other, once more, but now, they seemed to be rather…hopeful.

"Okay," said the mayor. "By the way…what's your name, stranger?"

The stranger gave the mayor a cocky grin and replied, "The name…is Leon."


Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, some kind of commotion is going on inside what looked like a buccaneer ship. She didn't have much colors, but the most noticeable thing about this ship is that it seemed to have a figurehead of a saber-toothed cat. Inside, a large group of men are partying in the galley, drinking booze and eating fine food.

However, not everyone seemed to be enjoying the party: a group of young, beautiful women, chained up and stripped down to nothing but their underwear. Some of them weren't even women. Some were actually girls in between ages 16-18!

"Hey, come on now, girls," said a gruff voice. "It's a party! Enjoy yourselves!"

"How can we enjoy ourselves when you're responsible for killing some of our friends and family?!" spat one of the teenage girls. "Just let us go, you sick bastard!"

"Shh!" One of the women hushed. "Please, don't say anything!"

"Yeah! Do you want him to kill you, too?" questioned another young girl, frantically.

A pause.

Then, GLUG! GLUG! GLUG! URRP! SLAM! Someone was heard drinking a mug of grog before he slammed it on the table. Then, he stands up and, without warning, grabbed the shouting girl by roughly cupping her head in his palm.

The man is revealed to be a large, muscular brute with brownish-blond hair styled into mullet, as well as a shaggy beard growing from his chin. He wears an opened dark orange vest, revealing his toned chest and abs, and a pair of gray pants with a purple sash tied around the waist. The sash had a type of buckle on it. It looked like the face of a big cat, snarling, which appeared to be the same as the tattoo on his right shoulder, only it was facing the opposite direction.

This guy was obviously the ringleader of this group of thugs.

"Listen, you little whelp," said the brute. "I really don't think you should be saying that crap…unless you wanna lose all those pretty white teeth of yours."

The girl shivered, not just because of the smell of alcohol on his breath, but because of the strength of the grip he had on her face. She closed her eyes, trying to keep her tears from escaping.

"You there," said the men as he shoved her into the arms of one of his thugs. "Take her away…and give her the time of her life."

The girl gasped before she turned to the other man, who gave her a sick, toothy grin.

"You heard the boss, chick," said the man as he licked his lips and proceeded to take her away.

"No! No!" the girl protested. "Let me go! Girls, help me!"

The other young girls and women turned away, regretfully, as they ignored their colleague's cry for help.

The ringleader sighed as he sat back down on his impromptu throne at the table before he stabbed at a slab of meat with a dagger and picked it up.

"I lose more babes, that way," he said to himself.

CHOMP! MUNCH-MUNCH! He bit down and tore off a large chunk of meat before he turned to three other men. The first one was a rather lanky sort that had spiky purple hair and held a katana over his shoulders, and wore a black shirt that said "HOUND" in big red letters. The second was tall and had a bit of muscle on him, though not as tall and muscular as the boss, and carried a sledgehammer in his hand. The third and last wore a red cap that said "SKULL" in black letters, and wore a blue, buttoned-up vest, and in his hand is a rifle.

"You three," he said. "You know the drill. Go into town and find me another chick to replace that one! One that's about her age!"

"You got it, boss," said the spiky-haired thug, wearing a malevolent grin before he turned and left, with the other two soon following behind him.

"Every time, I gotta teach these dumb bitches this lesson," he said. "Never cross Sabertooth."

CHOMP! Sabertooth bit down on another piece of meat.


"Yay~! We're here~!"

Belle and Nila had finally docked their ship on the island's port and went ashore.

"Wow! Look at this place, Nila!" Belle said, taking in the sights. "It's so pretty, here!"

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed.

Belle looked up to the sign that had been erected above, which read, "Welcome to Apple Village!"

"So," said the 17-year-old girl. "What do you say, Nila? Should we start looking for our new crew member?"

Sniff! Sniff! Nila's nose seemed to have other plans, for she suddenly runs off, forcing Belle to give chase.

"Nila! Wait!" Belle called after her feline friend. "Okay! I get it! Food first, and then we find a new crew member!"

Nila's nose led Belle to a fruit kiosk, and, unsurprisingly, one of them had a crateful of apples. Red delicious apples, granny smith apples, golden apples, you name it.

"No strawberries," Belle muttered in slight disappointment. "Oh, well. These will have to do." She picked up a whole bushel of them. "I'll take all of these, please," she said to the kiosk owner.

"That'll be 5000 Berries," said the owner.

Belle chewed her lip, realizing that Makino had forgotten to give her one more crucial thing for her journey: money.

"Uh, yeah," said a sheepish Belle. "About that. I don't have any money."

The kiosk owner then got angry.

"Then what good are you to me?!" he asked. "Put those back and get outta here! Go on!"

"Okay, okay!" Belle said as she put the apples back in the crate and scurried off with Nila, who seemed to be growling in disappointment as well. It was a bit surprising for a cheetah to have a taste for fruit, but then again, when you've been sailing for a few days without food, your bound to be hungry for anything, regardless of if you're a carnivore or herbivore or whatever.

"It's okay, girl," Belle reassured her friend as she pet her head, making her purr. "This place looks pretty big! I'm sure we'll manage to scrounge up something to eat."

Grumble~! Both of their stomachs growled, simultaneously, and Belle chuckled sheepishly.

~An hour later~

"Ah~! Good stuff!"

"Glad you like it! You sure eat a lot for a young lady."

"Well, I'm still growing, you know."

Belle had finally found a restaurant for her and Nila to eat at. While the former was happily eating up some tasty fish-and-apple stew, the latter sat outside, waiting for her while eating a meal of her own. The owner was a bit surprised to see that this girl had a cheetah for a pet, for most people had dogs or smaller, domesticated cats, and other animals, but never a cheetah. Still, there was a such a thing as "it takes all kinds".

"By the way, young lady," the owner asked Belle. "What brings you here to our cozy little village?"

Belle looked up from her meal and smiled, proudly.

"I'm a pirate!" she answered with a grin.

The owner seemed to choke on air, for a second, and the whole restaurant went silent.

"A…p…pirate?" he asked, stammering.

"That's right!" Belle said. "Right now, I'm looking for people to join up with me and Nila!"

"Y-you don't say," said the nervous owner.

"Mm-hmm!" Belle hummed. "Hey…you feeling okay, there, sir? You sound kinda…I dunno…jittery."

The owner laughed nervously, sweating bullets.

"They're coming! They're coming! Everyone, hide the women!"

Everyone in the restaurant gasped, except for Belle, who was still eating her stew. However, she did notice the sudden unease that came over the restaurant.

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Belle, curiously. "How come everyone's gotten so quiet?"

"Listen, little girl," said the owner. "Pirate or not, you gotta get outta here! You're putting yourself in terrible danger if you stay here!"

"Danger?" Belle repeated. "How so?"

Suddenly, in walked a familiar trio of thugs.

"Hello, all!" said the lanky, spiky-haired one. "Surprised to see us, again, so soon, hmm?"

"What do you three want, now?" asked the owner. "Haven't you caused enough trouble, earlier this morning?"

"The boss needs another woman," said the tall, muscular thug. "And he ain't gonna wait all day."

That's when the one wearing the red cap noticed Belle, still sitting and eating her food. He smirked and looked at all her features from behind, from her long, black hair, to her hips, all the way to her legs, and, for good measure, he turned around and got a good look at her…chest.

"Hey," said the thug. "Here's a cute little chick. I bet the boss would love her."

"No! Don't take her!" the owner exclaimed. "You can't take her! Not after you took my daughter! Please, stop taking our women!"

"Sorry, pal," said the muscular thugs. "You know the drill. Boss's orders."

That's when the spiky-haired thug walked up to Belle and put his hand on the counter.

"Hey, there, chicky," he said with a sly grin. "Listen. How about you bring that cute little ass of yours over to our place?"

"That's sweet of you to offer," Belle said, "but I'll have to turn you down. I'm sorry."

"I don't think you're seeing the point, little lady," said the cap-wearing thug. "We're not asking you. We're telling you. As of this moment, you're coming with us."

"Well, no offense, but I can't go with you guys," Belle said as she ate her last spoonful of stew. "May I have some more, please?" she asked as she held up her bowl to the owner, who was shaking out of his skin.

At this moment, the thugs started to get irritated.

"Listen, girlie," said the muscular thug. "I don't think you're listening! You're going with us, whether you want to or not! So let's go!"

Belle still sat there in her seat, waiting for another refill of stew. That's when the trio got really mad. This girl just didn't want to listen!

WHAP! The muscular thug grabbed her by her arm, attempting to pull her up and drag her out of the restaurant.

"Come on!" he shouted. "The boss is waiting."

A pause.

Then, Belle stood up from her seat, and at first, it appeared she was going to come quietly, but then, she lifted her head up, revealing a menacing glare in her eyes. If looks could kill, then those thugs would probably be long dead.

"Let. Me. Go," Belle growled.

Then, all of a sudden, WHAP! Belle used her free arm to grab the thug by his other arm, and then, WHAM! She threw him down hard against the counter, smashing it!

The other two thugs, as well as the restaurant owner and the rest of the customers, dropped their jaws and went bug-eyed in disbelief. How could a girl like her possess such physical strength?

"Why you little bitch!" shouted the spiky-haired thug as he unsheathed his katana and prepared to attack. "I ought to-"

BAM! Belle threw her head forward and butted him in the face, causing his nose to bleed and for him to lose a few teeth. She wasn't done, there. POW! She laid an uppercut to the thug's jaw, sending him down to the floor in a heap.

KA-CHAK! She turned when she heard the sound of a cocking gun and saw that the last thug, the one wearing the Skull cap, was about to shoot his rifle at her, but then, RROOOOOOWWWRR! Nila jumped in and bit down on his arm.

"AAAGH!" he cried out in pain.

THWAK! He smacked Nila in the face with the butt of his rifle, causing her to fall to the floor.

"You damn cat!" shouted the thug before he pointed his gun at her and prepared to pull the trigger, when suddenly, WHAK! Belle used a sweep kick maneuver, causing him to fall to the ground and drop his rifle, which was fired at a nearby window.

"Don't you DARE shoot at my Nila, you bastard!" Belle roared before, BAP! She punched the guy in the face, sending him flying out the door.

Everyone else in the restaurant stared in shock and slight amazement at Belle's display of great physical prowess.

"Sorry about the counter, mister," said Belle to the owner. "Also…I kinda don't have any money to pay for my meal, so-"

"Forget it!" the owner said. "I-it's free!"

"Free?" asked Belle. "Wow! Thanks, mister!"

The owner nodded in acknowledgement.

"Well, now that we've stuffed our faces, Nila," Belle said, "let's go and look for our next crew member!"

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed.

With that, Belle and Nila left the restaurant, leaving the owner and the rest of the customers dumbfounded and the three thugs defeated and unconscious.

"That was…incredible!" commented a man in his late 40s. "Did you see what she just did? She beat Sabertooth's top 3 men like they were nothing!"

"Such power!" said another man. "She's like the females warriors of the Kuja!"

"Yeah," agreed a woman in her early-40s. "And did you get a look at that hat of hers?"

"I sure did," said the owner. "When I got a look at it, I couldn't help but notice that…I might've saw it from somewhere before."

A pause came.

"Say," said the owner. "You don't think that she's…"

"Nah, it can't be!" one of the customers replied. "Can it?"


Meanwhile, at Sabertooth's ship, Leon has appeared there, coming to challenge Sabertooth.

"Yo!" he called. "Anybody home?"

The ship seemed completely empty.

"Jeez, what kind of ship are these Ass Clowns running?" Leon questioned no one in particular.

Then, all of a sudden, he heard what sounded like…crying, and it sounded like it was coming from below deck.

"What the hell…?" Leon muttered before he opened the hatch and went downstairs. What he found completely shocked him.

The lower deck was filled with all the imprisoned women, crying their eyes out.

"Holy…" Leon muttered before he approached one of the sobbing girls. "Hey," he said. "Who did this to-"

The girl yelped and turned away from Leon, her tears spilling from her eyes and began to scoot away from him, as if trying to get away from him as far as she could, despite the fact that her back was literally against the wall.

"Please…" she whispered, tearfully. "Leave me alone…!"

"What?" Leon asked.

"Don't bother trying to help her," said another female voice in the room. "She's lost all trust for men."

Leon turned and saw a 19-year-old girl with long, ginger hair and freckles on her face. Like all the women here, she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

"Was she…?" Leon asked, although he seemed to already know the answer, and this was confirmed when he received a nod. "Do you live in the village nearby?"

The girl nodded.

"My name is Elaine," she said. "I was dragged here by Sabertooth's men."

"My name is Leon," Leon introduced himself. "Why is he doing this to you?"

"We don't know," said Elaine. "It's just…a few years ago, he showed up here. No one really knows his true name, though, but we all called him Sabertooth because of this…strange power he has."

"Power?" Leon repeated, puzzled.

"Anyway, when Sabertooth came here," Elaine continued, "he claimed that the village was his now. He began to kill off the men and take the younger women as prisoners. At first, we weren't very cooperative."

"That's no surprise," Leon said with a scoff.

"But then…it happened," said Elaine, tearfully.

"'It'?" Leon repeated.

"Sabertooth decided to set an example for what would happen to us…by using my mother."

Leon gasped silently.

"First…he violently raped her…"

In Elaine's mind, she could hear the sound of pained screams, followed by cries of protest.

"Then…" she began as he tears spilled, "he killed her in front of our eyes…! Ever since, he started using us as sex toys, and everyone time he was done with one of us, he'd send three of his best men back to the village to get another!"

Leon's blood was boiling at this point.

"Okay," he said. "Killing innocent people is one thing…but taking women prisoner and violating them like that is another! Where's Sabertooth, now?! I'll kick his freaking ass!"

"Oh? 'Kick my ass', you say?"

Leon turned and saw Sabertooth, towering over him.

"So," Leon said with a smirk, "you must be Sabertooth."

"That's right," said Sabertooth, "and just who might you be?"

"The name's Leon," Leon said. "And you've been terrorizing Apple Village, as well as these innocent women, for far too long…so I'm here to kick your ass to Kingdom Come!"

"Just try it, you little whelp," Sabertooth snarled.

"No! Don't fight him!" said Elaine. "He'll kill you!"

Soon, the rest of the women started shouting in protest.

"Don't do it!"

"You'd have to be crazy to fight him!"

"If you value your life, just run away! Please!"

"SHUT UP, YOU DAMN BITCHES!" Sabertooth roared.

The prisoners immediately clammed up.

"You know…" Leon said, "you really shouldn't have said that, man."

"And what are you gonna do about it, whelp?" Sabertooth said.

POW! KRASH! Without warning, Leon laid an uppercut on Sabertooth's chin, sending him flying outside and onto the deck. Once he got up and realigned his jaw, he turned to see Leon approaching him, cracking his knuckles as he did.

"You damn whelp," Sabertooth cursed as he stood up and faced him. "You must have some balls to come straight to your death."

"Last time I checked," Leon said, "I had some pretty healthy ones. Now, are we gonna just sit here and talk, Pussycat?"

Sabertooth's eyes went wide and bloodshot.

"What did you call me…?!" he growled.

"Pussycat," Leon hissed. "What are you, deaf?"

Sabertooth let out a roar of fury before he charged at Leon, who charged back at him with a battle cry of his own.



"Jeez! We've practically searched the entire town!"

Belle and Nila are still wandering around the village, looking for someone who might want to join up with them. So far, the duo could find not one person. It was either because A: Belle had asked someone and they said no, B: because Belle didn't think they interesting enough, C: they were too scared to leave their houses for some reason, or D: all of the above.

Belle heaved a sigh in exasperation.

"Maybe this is just a waste of time, Nila," she said to herself. "We've searched the village all day, and we haven't found anyone who'd wanna join us! I dunno…"

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed, and Belle smiled.

"You're right," she said. "I shouldn't give up, so easily! Besides, Daddy didn't!"

Nila nodded in agreement.

"Come on," Belle said. "We'll look a little bit longer, and if we don't find someone today, we'll rest and keep looking tomorrow!"

Suddenly, they hear the sound of foliage rustling. Not just that, but heavy panting, too, as well as the sound of odd footsteps.

Step, then drag, then step again, then drag again…

Belle and Nila turned to face the woods to their left.

"Is someone there?" Belle called.

No answer.

Nila growled, the fur along her back bristling.

Whoever it is, I'm not letting them hurt Belle, she thought.

Then, all of a sudden…he appeared.

Leon came limping out of the woods nearby, panting and hold his side…which was seeping a familiar crimson liquid. There are four large visible gashes on his chest and stomach.

Belle gasped, but remained calm.

"Oh, my god..!" Belle said. "Are you okay, mister?!"

Leon opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get so much as even a word out, he fell to the ground with a heavy THUD!

"Hey!" Belle cried as she and Nila ran to the unconscious man. "Hey! Are you all right?! Get up!"

Leon didn't answer.

"Oh, no," Belle muttered. "Nila! We gotta go back to the village! This man needs a doctor!"

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed in agreement.

With that being said, Belle hoisted Leon up off the ground and held him up beside her before she began to walk quickly but carefully to the village in search of a doctor.


Leon's eyes fluttered open, and the first thing he saw was the shape of a female figure watching over him with a light shining behind her.

"Are you okay?" asked a soft, gentle voice.

"Are…are you an angel?" Leon asked.

"Huh? I don't think so."

At that moment, Leon's vision became clear, and he saw that he was not staring in the face of an angel, but in the face of Belle. It was then that he realized that he was very much alive. Not only that, but he was lying in a cot.

"Who are you?" Leon asked. "Where am I?"

"You're in the Mayor's house," said Belle. "I brought you here because I couldn't find a doctor. You were in big trouble, you know. You lost a lot of blood."

Leon groaned as he tried to sit up.

"Wait!" Belle said as she eased him into lying back down. "You shouldn't move, yet. Do you know many stitches you had to get?"

"Stitches?" Leon repeated. "Ah, crap. I didn't think my wounds would be THAT serious." He then turned to look at Belle. "By the way, my name's Leon. And you are?"

Belle smirked and said, "The name's Monkey D. Bellemere, but you can call me 'Belle', for short." She the turned to Nila, who is sitting down beside her, and pet her. "And this here is my best friend, Nila."

Nyaaaaa~! Nila meowed.

"Wait, back up," Leon said as he sat up a little, eyes wide in surprise. "Did you just say 'Monkey D'? Like…Monkey D. Luffy?"

"Mm-hmm!" Belle hummed in reply.

"Uh…you wouldn't happen to be related to the current Pirate King, would you?" asked Leon.

"Well, of course I'm related to him," Belle said. "I'm his daughter! Duh!"

Leon lied back down in the cot and looked up at the ceiling before he slapped his hand over his eyes.

"I can't believe I am speaking to the daughter of Monkey D. Luffy," he said. "Then again, you do look a little familiar…especially with that hat."

Outside the room, the Mayor had been listening in the whole time, and needless to say, he was shocked to hear this kind of news.

"Well, it was his," Belle said as she put her hand on her hat. "But now it's mine…well, for now."

"For now?" Leon repeated.

"Yeah!" Belle said. "You see, ten years ago, my Daddy left me here in the East Blue, because of this scar I got."

Leon eyed her scar.

"Holy crap, that looks like it hurt," he said. "Where the hell did you get it from?"

"The Marines," Belle answered. "It happened when I was seven. Anyway, my Daddy thought it was too dangerous for me to stay in the Grand Line, and…I guess he was kind of right. So, we made a promise."

"What kind of promise?" Leon asked.

"He told me that once I've become an even greater pirate than him," Belle said, "then I should return his hat, and I think the only way I'll surpass him is if I become the Queen of the Pirates."

"Queen, huh?" Leon repeated with a grin. "Sounds cool."

"By the way," Belle said. "What happened to you? Where'd you get all those gashes?"

Leon exhaled.

"It was…Sabertooth," he answered.

"Saber who?" Belle repeated.

"Sabertooth," Leon said. "He's this serial killer that's taken over the village."

Belle stood in silence.

"That damn ass clown," Leon hissed as he balled up his fist. "Just when I thought I was gonna win, he got me while I wasn't looking!"

Flashback; 4 hours ago


Leon and Sabertooth collided with each other on the latter's ship. The two were now locked, hand-in-hand, one trying to push back the other.

"Heh-heh-heh!" Sabertooth snickered. "How's a weakling like you gonna beat me?"

"Like this," Leon answered.

THWAK! Leon kicked Sabertooth into the jaw sending him flying into the nearby forest, and the former went after him. As soon as he got to the spot where Sabertooth, he saw that he was gone.

"Where'd you go?" Leon questioned, but then, he quickly turned around and grabbed Sabertooth's left hand, which held a dagger, from behind and then threw him over himself.

"AGH!" Sabertooth cried before he got back up and pulled out a double-bladed axe that was strapped behind his back.

"Oh, jeez!" Leon cried before he ducked out of the way.

SLASH! The axe chopped down at least four trees. That gave Leon an idea. With swift feet and strong arms, he lifted one of the logs and held it to his side. Then, he swung it and hit Sabertooth in the chest, dead-on.

Sabertooth dropped to one knee and clutched his chest in pain.

"Who's weak now, ass clown?" asked Leon with a cocky grin.

"I admit it," Sabertooth said as he stood up. "I didn't expect you to be this strong." He then smirked. "But you're still a weakling."

"No, duh, Sherlock," Leon said, sarcastically. "Now, look. I'm gonna give you two choices: either you take your bastard friends, let the women you're holding captive go, and leave peacefully, or I'm gonna have to get nasty."

"How about the third choice?" asked Sabertooth. "I KILL YOU!"

With that, Sabertooth charged at Leon at full speed.

"Why do they always have to choose the one that dumb-asses make?" Leon asked himself, but then, something happened that shocked him. Sabertooth was moving so fast, it was almost he couldn't be seen, and then, SLASH! He hit Leon, leaving four large gashes on his chest and stomach.

"GAH!" Leon cried in pain before he dropped the log and fell to his side, clutching his wound. He then pulled his hand away from it and saw that it was bleeding, heavily.

Dammit, he thought. This ass-clown's got Devil Fruit powers!

"Heh-heh-heh…" Sabertooth chuckled as he stood over Leon. "You're gonna die from those wounds I gave you, whelp."

Leon growled.

"Bastard…" he cursed at him.

"Since I'm satisfied, I think I'll go back to my ship, for now," Sabertooth said. "I can always kill more of those stupid villagers, tomorrow."

With that, Sabertooth turned to leave, but then…

"H-hey! P-Pussycat!

The larger man turned to look at the injured Leon, who staggered to his feet.

"Listen to me…and listen good," he said, panting. "Whether it's me…or somebody else…" he pointed a finger at Sabertooth, "…consider your ass kicked!"

"Yeah, right," Sabertooth said. "I highly doubt that someone would be able to kick my ass! Now why don't you do me a little favor, you pest, and die like the fool you are! HAHAHAHAHAHA~!"

Sabertooth walked away, leaving Leon to bleed. However, he didn't realize that the latter was limping back to the village, holding his wounds to try and stop the bleeding.

I'll be back, Sabertooth, Leon thought. And next time…I'll have some help.

Flashback end

"So that's what happened?" asked Belle.

"Yeah," Leon answered. "I gotta stop Sabertooth. I promised the entire village, and even if I don't do it, then who will?"

A pause.

"I will," Belle said.

"What?" Leon asked.

"I'll do it," Belle answered. "I'll beat this Sabertooth guy for you."


The mayor suddenly came running in.

"A-are you mad, child?!" he asked Belle. "You can't possibly be serious!"

"I'm serious, all right," Belle replied.

"No! You can't go!" the mayor said. "You're more than likely to get killed!"

"Oh, I'm going, all right," Belle said, "but only one condition." She then turned to Leon. "Leon, I have a proposition for you!"

"Oh, really?" Leon asked with a smirk.

"Yep!" Belle answered. "I'm running a pirate crew, you see, and I'm looking for people to join up with me, and, well…"

"I get you," Leon said. "You want me to join up with you, right?"

"If you're interested, that is," Belle said.

Leon grinned.

"Okay," he said, "but first, let's strike a deal."

Belle gave Leon an inquisitive look.

"If you beat Sabertooth for me," Leon said, "then I'll join you. How about that?"

"Okay!" Belle said. "It's a deal!"

WHAP! The two joined hands and shook them in a handshake.

She can't be serious about this! The mayor thought.

Just then, Leon attempted to get out of bed.

"H-hey, wait a second!" Belle said. "Are you sure you should be getting out of bed?"

"I'll be fine," Leon said as he pulled something from his sash. "All I need is my special elixir."

The item is revealed to be a flask of whiskey. Leon unscrewed the cap and took a quick nip of it, and, as if by magic, his pain seemed to go away, instantly.

"Ahh~!" Leon sighed as he put the cap back on the flask and placed it back into his sash. "The ol' whiskey does it every time."

"So, where do I find Sabertooth, anyway?" asked Belle.

"Well, his ship is moored at the other side of the island," Leon said, "but as far as I can tell, he might not be there."

"You're right," the mayor said. "He's not."

"How do you know?" asked Belle.

The mayor looked to the grandfather that stood in the southeast corner of the room. The time said 6:57.

"Sabertooth always comes into the village at 7 o'clock," the mayor explained. "It's the time when he finds his next victim."

"Perfect, then," Leon said.

Belle cracked her knuckles.

~7 o'clock pm~

The whole town is empty. Everyone has locked them inside their houses, barricading their doors and barring their windows. Even the children would not come out to play at this time. Why?

Sabertooth had began to prowl the streets, once again. However, for some reason, he seemed really angry about something.


Flashback; 3-and-a-half hours ago

Sabertooth's three thugs had just returned to the ship, but when their boss saw them all beaten up, and without any young women, no less, he demanded an explanation. What he heard really gave him a surprise.

"You're telling me some scrawny chick beat your asses?!" Sabertooth questioned.

"Y-y-yes, boss," said the lanky, spiky-haired thug. "We tried to get her to come with us, but she was just too strong!"

"Yeah, yeah!" agreed the thug in the red skull cap.

"Or maybe," Sabertooth said, "you just don't wanna do your jobs and are making up these lame-ass excuses!"

"N-no, no, boss, it's true!" the spiky-haired thug pleaded. "You gotta believes us! I mean, you don't think we did this to ourselves, do you?!"

"Look at what happened to Bruno, here!" the cap-wearing thug said as he pointed to their muscular comrade, who was still unconscious from getting knocked out by Belle.

"You three have to got to be the most incompetent whelps I've ever seen!" Sabertooth shouted before he heaved a sigh. "Dammit all…if you want something done right, you gotta do it, yourself!"

"But, boss, no!" the spiky-haired thug cried. "You'll get the snot beaten outta you!"

"SHUT IT!" Sabertooth snapped. "When I get back, I expect you off of this ship…or else."

The two conscious thugs gulped and watched as their boss left.

Flashback end

"What a couple of morons," Sabertooth grumbled to himself as he walked through the street. "I can't believe that they're telling me that they got their asses handed to them on a silver platter by a chick! It's outrageous! There's no way that a girl can be that powerful!"

At that moment, Sabertooth finally noticed that the whole village seemed empty.

"Hmm," Sabertooth said. "Looks like we no one to came to greet me…as usual. I just hate when people have bad manners."

"You're the one with bad manners, here, Sabertooth."

Sabertooth looked up and saw Belle, Nila, and Leon, standing on top of a roof.

"So that's Sabertooth, huh?" asked Belle with a hand on her hip.

"Yup," Leon said. "That's him, all right."

Boy, does he look ugly, Nila thought. I bet even his own mother doesn't love him.

"Huh?" Sabertooth questioned as he spotted Leon. "You again, whelp?! I thought you'd be dead from those wounds I gave you, by now, fool!"

"You know what they say, Sabertooth," Leon said with a grin. "Fools die hard."

"You don't look like a fool to me, Leon," said Belle, not really comprehending the joke.

"It's a figure of speech, Belle," Leon said.

"Huh?" Belle muttered. "I don't get it."

Nila tilted her head, also confused.

"Look, it's simple," Leon explained. "I'm telling Sabertooth that it's not easy for me to get killed. It's a joke."

"So where's the punch line?" Belle asked.

Leon sighed at Belle's naivety.

"Okay, I'm gonna try and explain to you, really slow," he said. "It's like this. 'Fools die hard' is a saying. He called me a fool, so I'm trying to-"

"HEY!" Sabertooth shouted.

The trio looked back down at the brute.

"Where the hell do you whelps get off?!" Sabertooth asked. "How dare you brats ignore me?!"

"Hey!" Leon shouted. "Who the hell do you think you're calling a brat, ass-clown! I'm 24!"

"And I'm 17!" Belle said.

Sabertooth shifted his gaze, and upon getting a closer look at her, he soon realized something.

"Say now," the serial killer said to Belle. "My boys came crying to me earlier about some chick in a straw hat, kicking their asses."

"Hmm?" Belle hummed, inquisitively, but then she grinned. "Oh! You mean those three thugs from earlier today? Yeah, I met them while I was eating in a restaurant, earlier today! They tried to take me with them, but I didn't wanna go, so I kicked their asses."

A pause…but then, Sabertooth started to chuckle, and then let out a cackle.

"You?" asked Sabertooth. "YOU beat my best three boys?! A pipsqueak chick like you?! HAHAHAHAHA! Ah, that's rich!"

Belle's grin fell from her face.

"Look, little lady," said Sabertooth. "When I was a boy, my Pops taught me a thing or two about women. 1: they're dumb-asses that can't tell up from down! 2: they're as weak as newborn bunnies! That's the way it's always been in this world! HAHAHAHAHA!"

A stitch suddenly appears on Belle's forehead, and then, without warning, WHUP! THWAK! She suddenly leapt down from the roof of the house, quick as a flash, reeled her fist back, and then delivered a hard, powerful kick to Sabertooth's stomach.

"GUBAGH~!" Sabertooth gagged as he coughed up blood, and was sent crashing into another house. Thankfully, this one was empty.

Leon's jaw dropped and his eyes almost bugged out of his skull.

"Holy…!" he muttered in surprise.

Nila seem to smile.

That's my Belle, the cheetah thought.

But…but how? Sabertooth thought to himself as he realigned his jaw, again. She sent me flying with one kick?! It's impossible! It's gotta be some kinda fluke!

The brute staggered to his feet, and then wiped the blood off of his lip before he looked at Belle, who stood before him. She had balled her hands up into fists, and her hat had concealed her eyes. However, when she lifted her head up to look at Sabertooth, those eyes of hers had become full of malice.

"You know, something, Sabertooth?" asked Belle. "I hate lots of things. Let me name some of them to you: I hate rainy days because sometimes, I have to stay inside and be bored to near-death, I hate bullies because I was picked on a few times, when I was a kid, and I absolutely hate Marines because they gave me THIS SCAR," she pointed to the scar on her eye for emphasis, "and because they tried separate me from my family! But what I really, absolutely, positively CANNOT STAND…ARE CHAUVINISTIC, SEXIST PIGS, LIKE YOU!"

Sabertooth growled at Belle.

KRIK! KRAK! The raven-haired girl cracked her knuckles.

"Okay," Belle said. "Here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna kick your ass and send you flying from here to Kingdom Come! Easy as pie."

"You think you're really gonna kick my ass?" asked Sabertooth.

"I don't think, Sabertooth," Belle said. "I KNOW."

Leon smirked.

And if she's anything like her old man, he thought to himself, then this'll probably be too easy, even for her.

Belle flashed Sabertooth a cocky grin.

"Let's do this," she said.


Ending song: Memories by Maki Otsuki

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