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"That's the last of the boxes, Jack." I put down the box titled 'dual Runner Parts' and sighed. Relived that I don't have to carry anymore heavy boxes, I flopped on the couch.

I just moved in here today after getting kicked out of my foster mother's house yesterday. She says that I'm too old to be living with her, so I had to get out on my own. I jumped at first chance to move into here when I heard it was fully furnished and had three rooms. With a decent rent, bonus!

"I finished putting you cloth's box in you room." Jack told me as he sat next to me, "I'm glad you're living in your own house."

"Why is that?" I wondered.

Jack leaned closer to me, closing the space between our lips and whispered in my ear, "Because we can do this more without getting caught."

I, of course, knew where this was going and unfortunately for Jack, I had to put a stop to his motives. It was too late for this and I had to work plus move in today.

"Jack I have to get settled in." I told him. He continued to kiss me.

"And what does that have to do with this situation?" He pondered.

"I'm not doing 'this situation' with you until I feel comfortable in this house." I said flustered.

Jack groaned, "Fine."

"Now get off me."

"I kind of like this positing we're in." Jack said still trying to score with me.

"Not happening!" I said pushing him off me. "I'm going to pick up Blizzard and Gale tomorrow. Good night."

"Goodnight." And with that Jack left.

Once Jack was gone, I decided to explore the garage house. I started upstairs, there were four doors. The one that was opened I assumed that to be my room since Jack had put my cloth's in my room. So I check the other three rooms.

A normal bedroom with nothing special in it, the second bedroom was normal with a side table drawer I look in and find a dual monster card.

"Well this is rare." I was excited, "Stardust Dagon." I read aloud.

Too bad it wouldn't fit with my deck.

I felt a cold chill run through my body and froze, "Who are you?" I heard.

Slowly, I turn around to see who said that. "Um, h-hello?"

There sitting on the bed was a person. At least I think it was a person, he was transparent. "H-hi."

He said nothing, only looked at me with cold eyes.

"Another victim for me to claim." He said.

My back hit the wall and I held the card in front of me like a shield and closed my eyes. "Please don't kill me. I just moved in here because I get kicked out of my foster mother's house and didn't want to live in the streets. I'm sorry I trespassed on your resting place! Please forgive me!"

It was light, but I did hear laughing. I looked at the spirit to confirm my accusation. I had that weird feeling my stomach that have when you look stupid in some else's eyes.

"Ha ha ha you're funny. I think I might like you." He said. "I'm Yusei."

I was still in shock. I swallowed a lump in my throat, "My name is Crow."

Is this really happening?

"I'm sorry. The look on your face was priceless." Yusei proceeded to imitate my facial expressions from when I first saw him. Now it was getting old.

"Look if you're not one of the dangerous spirits, I'll be on my way." I said finally calming down enough to try and run out the room.

"Wait!" He lounged at me only to phase right through my back and have his head coming out from my chest.

"Hey! Personal space please!" I yelled. "This is an invasion of privacy!"

"Wow, you put on a good act, I thought you were calm." Yusei said.

"How can I be calm with a spirit hunting me!?" I'm still freaking out. Then the spirit smirked.

"I won't hunt you, only if you help me pass on to the next life." He proposed.

I was too scared to ask him to repeat what he said. I just wanted to live a happy life with my boyfriend, friends, and family. Not die. Yet.

"Okay, okay. Just let me live." I pleaded clasping my hands together.

The spirit smirked and the, apparently forgotten, Stardust Dragon card started to glow, blinding me for a split second. I looked around, confused as to what just happened. All I find is a floating ghost looking down on me, smiling.

"So, do I live?" I hesitantly ask.

"Yes." He answers. "But you remember our deal just now, right?"

I twiddle my fingers and smile like an idiot, "Um, no."

The spirit shook his head in disappointment. "You just agreed to help me move on to the next life."

"Okay… so how do I do that?" I ask.

"I don't know. I've been wonder that ever since I died." Yusei said.

"Wait, wait, wait! You're dead!?" I screamed.

There was only silence between the two of us. That's when I knew tiredness was taking its toll on me. The spirit stared at me with one of those 'am-I-really-stuck-with-this-person' looks.

He rubbed his temple. "Let's continue this tomorrow morning."

"That would be a great idea." I said.

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