Hello! So, I know I stated that my first story would be Devil May Cry, or something like that, but I decided to start a Grudge fan fiction instead. Please bear with me, this is my very first story. I do accept criticism, and reviews are highly appreciated. By the way, I might need an editor. -_-' Anyway, read and don't wet yourself please! That would be embarrassing. This is also somewhat of a "reader" experience fanfiction. OK, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not on Kayako Saeki or any of the other characters. All rights remain with the Grudge's original creators.

The world, being a solitary place before, had changed to drastic measures. No longer could people walk through dark hallways at night without getting terrified; no more could dark alleyways be a safe place for intimate teenagers. The entire meaning of ghosts had been redefined through one cruel murder.

She was a sweet woman, long black hair reaching her small shoulders, and her eyes reflected a sweet, electric blue. Her name was Kayako Saeki, and she was the kindest, most committed housewife anyone has known. While staying in Tokyo, she had fallen in love with her son, Toshio's teacher, Mr. Peter Kirk. But, she made the most tragic mistake of writing about him in her diary. To her demise, her beloved husband found her loving notes on Mr. Kirk, and broke her spirit and neck for it. Overwhelmed in guilt, he drowned his young son and black cat, Mar, for his sins.

He realized how critically awful his actions were, and ignorantly decided to hang himself. He brought so much grief to his family, and he died with the words,"You will pay with other people's lives." still floating around his bloodied head.

In fact, the house Kayako once took residency upon has now been cursed by her cold words. Anyone who had entered the house was forever a pawn of her deadly game. She would play with her new toy, and scare them so horribly to where they couldn't even sleep. Each person, male or female, each had said that she was a being worse than the Devil himself.

Her main trait that had her as ghostly as she was, were her now bleeding, black eyes. The kind spark she once had,was replaced by a deep, malicious pool of blood lust. Her curse has forever lived on as a practical death wish for some, others, a relieving rescue.