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Haunted Nightmares

Chapter 1

Sam looked out her window. She looked at the backyard behind her house. It was a field. And in the middle of the field, was a house.

The house was creepy looking. It was very old and looked like it was going to break down. And there was a legend in that house. A legend that everyone was afraid of.

The legend was sort of like a rumor. It says that a boy went into that house, and never came out. They say he could have been attacked by a monster. Others say that something crushed him to death. And the scary rumors are, that he was killed by an old scary lady ghost. No one knew.

But Sam Manson did.

She knew the legend was true. She was there when it happened. She lost her friend that day. It was the scariest, most saddest day of her life.


"Come on David! Aren't you curious?" A six year old Sam Manson asked to her friend David.

"Sam, no. We can't. What if its haunted and we die? What if an old lady lives there and we disturb her? My mom would kill me." David who was six like Sam and had brown hair with brown eyes, wearing a plain blue shirt with black shorts and white shoes explained. He then crossed his arms.

"You don't know that!" Sam protested. "And besides, ghosts don't exist. We'll be fine, trust me." David sighed in defeat.

"Fine. We can go in there. But only for a few minutes! Then we go. Okay?" David said. Sam nodded. They opened the door and were sucked into the darkness.


Sam let out a tear. It was her fault that he died. She will never forget that day. As much as she wanted too. And because of that day, she had to face her nightmares.

Sam looked away from her window. It was now time for school. Danny and Tucker would be at her house any minute.

You see, Danny and Tucker are Sam's "new" friends. They have been friends since the year after David died. Sam didn't want to betray David. But it was time to let go of him and move on. And that what Sam did. Or tried to.

Tucker is one of Sam's two best friends. He was a techno-geek. He was an African American, he wore a plain yellow shirt with dark green pants, with a red beret on his head, brown boots, and of coarse his glasses.

Now Danny… He was different to Sam. He was your average 14 year old kid. He had big blue eyes, jet black hair, wore a white shirt with red inside, blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. But in the beginning of freshman year, he became half ghost.

His parents were building a weird machine that can lead you to another dimension called, The Ghost Zone.

It didn't quite work so his parents just quit. Sam convinced him to go inside of it. Danny agreed and went inside.

There was a great big flash and everything changed. When the machine began to explode, Sam thought she killed another best friend. And she could never forgive herself.

But the machine didn't kill Danny, it made him half ghost. He could shoot ghost rays, fly, turn invisible and intangible, almost anything.

And that's when Amity Park's superhero, Danny Phantom was born.

But Sam still regretted it. More than anything. She almost killed another best friend. What kind of person was she? A murderer. A freakish murderer. She sighed as she grabbed her backpack, and went downstairs.

She haven't told anyone about that day. Not Danny and Tucker, even her parents. But all those years lying to her parents that David just went missing. He been kidnapped. And her parents and David's believed her. She never felt so guilty in her life. But she's just afraid. Afraid that David's parents would get feisty at her. Especially David's mother. She loved her son. More than anything.

Sam then quietly went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. Jeremy put his newspaper down and Pamela put her magazine down.

"Hi sweetie. Have a good sleep?" Pamela asked her. Sam nodded.

"That's good. Now you better get to that bus stop. Don't wanna be late!" Jeremy reminded her with a smile. Sam rolled her eyes and nodded.

"See you later." Sam said and ran out the door. Today was a Friday. Her favorite day of the week. But she hated Sundays. Because Sunday, was the day that her best friend had died.

Sam shuddered at that thought. She really did miss him though. His laugh, his smile, his humor. She even had a little crush on him. But she was over that. She was into Danny.

Danny… Her mind trailed off. She had this huge crush on Danny. Not because he was a superhero, it was because of him. Just everything about him was lovable. She loved him. She loved him so much. But of coarse, he wouldn't feel the same.

Sam finally got to the bus stop and saw Danny and Tucker coming to the exact spot. She waved at them. Danny waved back. She could see a smile across his face. Oh how she loved that.

Soon they all were at the bus stop. They all smiled at each other.

"Hey guys." Sam greeted.

"Hey Sam." Danny and Tucker greeted back in unison.

"So, who's ready for an awesome weekend?" Tucker asked.

"What do you mean?" Sam and Danny asked him in unison.

"I mean that for Halloween, we are going to the creepy old house that is technically behind Sam's house!" Tucker answered. Sam wide eyed full with terror. Danny just shrugged.

"I guess we could go there." Danny said. He turned to Sam. "How about you Sam?"

"Um… I…, I…" Sam stuttered. Just then the bus pulled up. Sam side in relief.

"Um… lets go." Sam said nervously and ran quickly on the bus. Danny and Tucker looked at each other confused.

"What's up with her?" Tucker wondered.

"I have no idea. But I'm gonna find out."

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