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Haunted Nightmares

Chapter 12

Danny, Sam, and Tucker appeared in a familiar living room. Sam wide eyed as she saw her parents talk to a couple while drinking coffee. Danny and Tucker exchanged confused looks, wondering what Sam's nightmare could be. It was just then that two young children ran down the stairs, pass them, and into the kitchen where the adults were.

"Hi Samantha and David. Had fun yesterday?" The tall brown haired woman asked.

"Yeah!" the children exclaimed. The woman smiled.

"Can I sleepover next week?" the young boy asked his mother. The mother looked at Sam's mom.

"Of course you can, David! We will have much more fun then last time!" Pamela answered the boy's question. Sam closed her eyes tight, wishing to wake up. But of course, failed. Why did it had to be this nightmare out of all the nightmares she had? Why did her nightmare have to be a memory?

The two children squealed as they ran upstairs to get changed. It was then the scene flipped to Sam's bedroom with David looking out the window, and dream Sam just about going into the bathroom. It was then that David broke the silence.

"Why is that house so lonely in the field?" he asked. Dream Sam stopped in her tracks and ran to David's side. She looked out the window to see that normal house in the middle of nowhere.

"I don't know. Wanna check it out?" she asked. David put his hand on his chin while thinking.

"I dunno. But what happens if its haunted? What happens if there's an old lady living there? What happens if-" he was cut off by dream Sam putting her hand on his mouth as to say, "Shut Up". David fell silent and waited for Sam to speak.

"There's no such thing as ghosts, and if there is a person living there, then we'll just check it out from the outside, okay?" Dream Sam explained. David nodded, and they separated in different rooms to get dressed.

Danny and Tucker looked at Sam, who was looking at her feet. All she could think about was shame. Shame on her. She was ashamed of herself for letting this day happen. Ashamed of herself for putting her first ever best friend in danger. And ashamed of herself for killing him.

They were still a little confused. What was happening? Was this all just a dream? Does she dream this every night? Did this really happen to her? Their heads were swimming with questions. Danny then placed a hand on Sam's shoulder, which made her look up at him. An assuring smile crept on his face. She gave a small smile in return, and took a deep breath.

"My nightmare… its confusing you, right?" she guessed. They nodded in response. Sam closed her eyes once more. "My nightmare isn't just a nightmare, nor a dream,"

"What do you mean by that?" Tucker asked. Sam reopened her eyes and opened her mouth to speak. She hesitated, but words still flew out of her mouth.

"It's a memory," she replied. Danny and Tucker wide eyed. "A sad, sad memory that I wished I wouldn't relive. But here I am, watching it and kind of reliving it."

"So whatever happens in this nightmare, actually happened to you?" Danny asked. Sam nodded timidly. "Is this going to be bad?" Just then dream Sam and David busted out of their rooms, and ran down the stairs. Sam sighed.

"Lets just say it isn't going to be good."

The scene then flipped to when they asked to play in the yard, and their parents agreed they could. They ran outside and towards the mysterious house with Danny, Tucker, and Sam following. They then all reached the familiar house. Dream Sam spoke.

"Well, this is it. Lets go knock!" Dream Sam suggested. David grabbed her wrists and pulled her back to his side. Dream Sam then formed a confused look on her face. "What?"

"What happens if there is a person living there and we disturb them? My parents would kill me!" David informed. Dream Sam sighed.

"David, its okay, alright? No one would ever live in here because its in the middle of nowhere! So, why not check it out? Aren't you curious?" she asked. David tapped his chin while thinking. It was then that he sighed in defeat.

"Yeah… who knows what super cool things we can find in there!" David exclaimed. Danny, Sam, and Tucker couldn't help but have a "dejavu" moment. Dream Sam and David walked on the concrete porch steps, and made their way to the door. David, being the brave guy he is, knocked on it slightly, and soon they were sucked into the darkness.

The scene flipped to where the two kids were inside, sitting on the wooden floor. David stood up while he held out a hand for Sam to take. She took it with pleasure and they looked around the room. Soon a voice echoed the building, making dream Sam and David clutch each other for dear life.

"YOU HAVE ENTERED MY DIMENSION WHERE YOUR NIGHTMARES COME ALIVE. TO BE ABLE TO GET OUT, YOU MUST DO AS I SAY. THERE ARE DOORS WITH YOUR NAMES ON THEM THAT YOU MUST GO INTO. WHEN YOUR FINISHED CONQUERING THEM, AND IF YOU ARE BOTH STILL ALIVE, THEN YOU HAVE TO CONQUER ME! And Samantha, you know what I'm talking about." The voice explained. David and Sam slipped out of each other's grasp, and looked at each other in horror. They held hands as they walked into the hallway. A door that had David's name written in blood, appeared on their right. They both gulped in unison and opened the door. They were then sucked into the darkness.

Danny and Tucker looked at Sam in horror. Did David die? Is that why this was a nightmare? They both put a comforting hand on both of her shoulders. Sam looked at them, and smiled. They smiled back. Soon the scene flipped where the two children conquered there fears and got out of there barely alive. Sam stumbled back.

No. She thought. This is where David dies. Just then Sam's nightmare appeared behind her. She grabbed her waist, which made Sam jump and turn around to face her. Her nightmare murderously grinned ear to ear, and threw her towards the situation. Danny and Tucker screamed her name while Danny tried to go ghost, but all it did was shock him.

"Why can't I go ghost!?" he asked himself. Sam's nightmare grinned.

"While I'm here, you can't turn into a ghost. And again, Danny Phantom didn't exist yet. I haven't met you yet, Danny. Remember?" Sam's nightmare explained, tilting her head which gave Danny and Tucker the creeps. Danny formed a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean by you haven't met me yet?" he asked. Sam's nightmare grinned once again.

"I'm Sam, Danny. I'm Sam. Don't you recognize me?" she asked. It was that that her dark midnight hair that was covering her face pushed away from it, and her face became much less pale. Her amethyst eyes shined in the dark, and her face was now shown, looking a lot like Sam. Danny and Tucker wide eyed.

Meanwhile Sam opened her eyes to see she was lying on her stomach, and her hands smaller than usual. She looked at her arm to see it was covered by her sleeve from her light purple shirt. Wait… she didn't wear a purple shirt today. Unless…

She immediately stood up to see David getting up also, looking at her with fear. She couldn't help but look at him the same way. She was in her six year old body. She was now in her dream self. Could anything get any worse?

Sam looked to see her nightmare forming into herself. No… they found out. They found out that her nightmare was her! Her nightmare was her… turning evil. Her nightmare was that she had killed David. That was her nightmare, and it was about to come true.

She looked at David, and he looked at her. She held out a hand for him to grab. He hesitated, but took it anyway. He noticed Sam's worried and scared face. David tilted his head.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?" he asked. Sam's heart stopped. She almost forgot that voice of his. Oh, how she missed it. She sighed.

"No. Nothing's alright. We're in for a big surprise, and for a devastated situation." Sam replied.

"What does devastated mean?" David asked. Sam bit her lip while trying to hold back the tears.

"You don't want to know,"

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So what will happen? Will Danny, Tucker, and Sam conquer Sam's nightmare? Or will they not? Will the evil Sam (yeah… xD) get her revenge, and kill them? Find out in Chapter 13! :D