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Haunted Nightmares

Chapter 16


After the incident in the wooden house, the doors smacked open and a force pushed the group outside of it. Once they were all safe and sound in the cold night, the door slammed shut. Sam swore she saw David's haunting brown eyes tearing up as he waved goodbye. But Sam ignored it. She told herself that it was time to move on. David died, and he was never coming back. She'll one day be with him again. But instead in the dangers of Earth, she'll be with him in a happy place called, Heaven.

Sam looked at Danny as he looked at her. He grabbed her hand, and smiled. She smiled back. She finally felt no regret or guiltiness. She finally felt what she been wanting to feel for years. Happiness.

They walked away from the abandoned, mysterious house, towards Sam's. No one talked; they just sauntered across the field. Sure, Danny and Sam would whisper in one another's ear, but it was still very quiet. But the silence was a comfortable silence. All of them were lost in thought of what just happened moments ago in that wooden house. All those years of thinking someone was living there, or it was just an old abandoned house. But they were wrong. The legends were partly true. So does that mean all of the legends could be true, too?

Sam shook her head, and smiled. No need to worry about that now. It was time to think of happy things for once. She now had a boyfriend which was her true love since she met him, and had family and friends who cared and loved her. She squeezed Danny's hand tighter, smiling up at him. He met her gaze and returned her smile. Yep, she knew that everything was going to be okay from now on.

~14 Years Later~

Two little kids were playing in their mother's parent's backyard, having a great time. Their parents named Danny and Sam were currently in their grandparent's Mansion A.K.A their mother's house when she was a kid, talking about life. They were on a swing set when little six year old Lilith discovered a house in that lonely field.

"Hey David," Lilith called her twin brother. "Come here." David obeyed and walked towards his twin sister.


"Do you see the house over there in the field?" she asked, pointing at the rotten wooden house.

"Yeah I do. What about it?" David questioned.

"Wanna check it out?"

I'm not doing a sequel. I'm leaving you guys to predict what might happen next (:

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