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How the various characters act around each other after doing the deed.

Will do all couples suggested; yuri, het or slash.

WARNING: while I do not consider Phinerb to be incest due to the fact they are not blood-related, it still might not be some people's cup of tea. Also, this chapter contains a little bit more of the sexual stuff than usual.

This time: Phinerb

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Phineas had his face buried in his hands, feelings the waves of embarrassment sweep over him. Ferb was such a cruel brother. He enjoyed Phineas' torment. And, when the redhead looked up, he saw the satisfied grin on those sinfully sexy lips. "I can't believe you just made me do that."

"Are you saying you didn't like it?" Ferb reached out to trail his fingertips over the smaller boy's torso, making him shiver in response.

"It's not that I didn't like it," Phineas muttered under his breath, lifting his hand to slap Ferb's roaming fingers away. His body wouldn't listen to his brain, however, and he ended up gripping his brother's wrist loosely as those warm fingers continued to stroke his sensitive skin. "It's that I didn't like what you made me do during it."

"I'm sure Buford and Baljeet didn't mind," Ferb's grin turned wicked. "In fact, they probably decided to do what we just did."

"You're gross," Phineas made a face. "I don't want to think about that."

Ferb's fingers closed in on one of the hardened nubs on Phineas' chest and squeezed, eliciting a gasp from the redhead. He dug his nails into Ferb's wrist and let out a shaky breath. "Stop that."

"Are you sure?" his fingers trailed down to where the sheets pooled at Phineas' waist, playing with them and drawing out the tension. "Do you really want me to stop?"

"Ferb..." his voice was more of a plea then a warning, and his brother chuckled, preparing to rip the sheets away. They were interrupted by Phineas' cellphone ringing. Ferb frowned, but Phineas leapt at the distraction and answered straight away, putting it on speaker for the green-haired teen's benefit. "Hello?"

"Phineas," Buford's rough tones sounded somewhat higher than usual. "What's up?"

"Uhm," he glanced at his brother. "Not much. Listen, I'm sorry about before, but you know how the game goes..."

"Yeah, I know," there was a pause and then what sounded suspiciously like a grunt. "It's okay."

Ferb's fingers landed on Phineas' knee, over the sheets, and he began to trail them upwards, causing the boy to squeak and cover the phone, hissing, "Ferb! What are you doing!"

"What?" the larger teen tried his best innocent look. "It's not like we haven't done it before. And besides, what do you think they're doing right now?"

It took a few seconds, but the meaning of his words sunk in and Phineas blushed bright red even as he scowled and uncovered the phone. "Buford! That's disgusting, man!"

"You did it to us," was the strangled reply, and they heard Baljeet let out a soft moan in the background.

"I'm hanging up! Goodbye!" Phineas pressed the end call button and threw his phone away from him, shuddering in disgust. "I really didn't want the mental image of him fucking Baljeet as he calls us."

"That's how the game goes, Phin," Ferb chuckled, his hand resuming it's exploration. "As you're having sex you call a friend and try to sound as normal as possible until they figure it out."

"It's a stupid game," his brother muttered, trying to ignore the hand on his inner thigh.

"Come now," Ferb leaned in to press feather-light kisses along the redhead's jaw. "You didn't seem to mind so much when I was pounding you into the mattress as you spoke to Baljeet over the phone."

A soft groan escaped his lips and he tilted his head to give the taller boy more access to his throat. "It's hard to be mad at you when you do - AH!" he shuddered as his brother bit down hard on his throat before licking and kissing the spot better. His control snapped and he buried his fingers in green hair, yanking Ferb's head up so he could stare into jade eyes. "This time, no more game, okay? No more phones. Just you and me."

"Deal," Ferb chuckled, only to be cut off as his brother kissed him fiercely.


Ferb's a sadistic guy, feeling up his lover while he's trying to talk xD For those of you who got confused, the basic summary is: as a game, Ferb convinced Phineas to call Baljeet (and Buford) and talk to them whilst Ferb was fucking him, and he had to try and sound as normal as possible. Buford and Baljeet decided to pay them back by doing the same thing. That's pretty much it.

Hope you guys liked, this story will be under Phineas/Isabella but will feature many different couples. I'll probably do another Phineas/Ferb if enough people request it. (Hell yeah I will. I love this pairing.)

Next time will be Candace/Stacy!