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~Cherry Blossoms~

=Chapter One=

Amy sat alone in a carriage and in a solemn disposition. She was accompanied by only two retainers and packed with some of her most cherished belongings. The small caravan of sorts was on its way to the Imperial Palace. It stood on a mount by itself where it overlooked the city on the vast valley below. It was also quite a culture shock for the sakura hedgehog. She had never been to the royal city in her whole life. But that was only one of the many things that were the cause of her deep melancholy.

Amy was born into the House of Rozu, one of the many houses of the nobility that were involved and served in the Emperor's court. Even thought it had been just 10 years, the current sovereign was fairly new. The populace had been so used to being under the rule of Black Doom, that when his son, Shadow came to the throne, it brought quite a change to the land. Shadow had somewhat relaxed the harsh rule of his father, but things were still a little strict. By far, the populace had come to appreciate the changes the new sovereign made, even if it did take a while of getting used to.

Returning our attention to Amy, she was-as stated earlier-born into the noble House of Rozu. Amy was the eldest of four children, having two brothers and one sister, who was just a toddler at this point. Her father who was the head of the House, a nobleman and respected war general, had only met his elder daughter once in her life. The day she was born. Lord Rozu's busy schedule made it impossible for him to be at home all the time, and yet the only family member he made an effort to have time for was his wife, Lady Rozu. Plus, he never seemed interested in Amy at all. In his letters to home, he mentioned his other children. But not Amy, and for years she wondered why. The cherry-pink female always asked her mother about her father. After hearing of all the great tales and stories about him, she dreamed one day that she would finally meet him and prove herself so she could earn his appreciation.

Even though she virtually had a very comfortable living, Amy still sort of lived the life of an eldest daughter in a common household. Amy was expected to look after her younger siblings and learn how to weave on a loom. But she also had other duties. Reading, writing, and how to act like a cultured young lady. The one she excelled at excellently and almost flawlessly at was weaving. She made kimonos for her mother and siblings that were strikingly beautiful. It certainly caught the attention of visitors to her house. Another 'common' chore of Amy's was to help the servants tend to the live stock and keep the mansion tidy. You could say very well that Amy's life was very sheltered, when most noble ladies usually went out to socialize with other members of the nobility.

Then one day, all that changed.

A week after Amy's 15th birthday, Lord Rozu had finally returned to the lands owned by his House. This made Amy very excited and anxious because it would be the first time meeting her father. When he arrived at the mansion, the young female politely and nobly presented herself to him. But he didn't come to reunite with his somewhat alienated family. It was strictly business, and what Lord Rozu had to annouce, would forever shatter Amy's world.

Even though Lord Rozu had been seemingly close to Black Doom during his rule, they were never on the same page with each other. Another frustration was that the Lord would never gain any recognition from the then-Emperor. When Black Doom had finally passed and Shadow had taken the throne, Lord Rozu jumped at the chance at being a part of the new Emperor's inner circle. After making a hasty trip to the Imperial City, Lord Rozu promised his first-born daughter as a wife and concubine to Shadow when the time came and Amy would be at a suitable age to be married off.

So here she was, on her way to the palace and forced to leave behind the only home she had ever known. There was no turning back. The Emperor had already accepted her father's offer and was expecting Amy's arrival. But the poor sakura hedgehog was at a complete loss. The only education-of what little she had-was only general at best. She didn't even know how she should behave and act in the Royal Court. Plus she was very shy and tended to get tongue-tied when meeting new and highly important people. And the most horrifying part, that as the Emperor's wife and concubine, Amy was expected to bear him children and heirs. Even though the cherry-pink female had a hand in child rearing, she was very uncomfortable with the fact that she would eventually have to give up her virtue to a male that she hadn't met before in her life.

What really set her mind awry was her father. She barely met him and he was already marrying her off. What was worse was that Amy's mother didn't seem to have a problem with it. She thought it would be a high honor to the family. And of course Amy always wanted to aim to please, but not like this! It was enough to make a person go insane, yet she tried to keep it together as best she could.

Finally the carriage stopped. Amy peered out of the window out of curiosity. The Imperial Palace was huge compound to the mansion she used to live in. What made her a bit anxious was the fact that every post was filled with armed guards. But then such a sight would make anyone feel nervous. The young flower came out of the carriage, accompanied by her retainers and approached the palace. There to greet her was the royal chamberlain. He was an old squirrel wearing a round cap and white attire. On his face he had half-moon spectacles.

"I bid you welcome to His Imperial Majesty's Palace, Lady Amy." the chamberlain declared.

Amy gave a little curtsy bow and followed him inside the palace. The interior was just as dwarfing as it was outside. Plus it was very quiet. Amy was used to hearing all sorts of noises when coming home.

"This way, shite kudasai." said the chamberlain.

Snapping her attention back to the present, she continued to follow him through the grand foyer of the palace. The cherry-pink female was sure to keep up with the squirrel and not get lost like a fool. They went up a staircase where an ivory furred and elegantly dressed female bat was waiting for them. She had aqua colored eyes and was covered from neck to toe in the finest silk in the province. Amy felt her ears fold back at the sight of her. She felt somewhat intimidated, but the sakura hedgehog swallowed her fears and tried to be on her best behavior possible. The bat on the other hand, was trying to hide the fact that she was rather shocked.

Here, she was expecting a full-grown woman coming to the Royal House. And even though Amy outwardly appeared the way a noble woman should be, it was still painfully obvious that she was still a maturing child. Both the chamberlain and the hedgehog got on their knees and bowed before her.

"Your Imperial Majesty," the chamberlain boomed. "this is Lady Amy of the House of Rozu." He then turned to the young flower. "Milady, this is Her Imperial Majesty, Rouge, the Empress, and Head Wife of the Emperor.

Amy gave another curtsy bow to be polite.

"Welcome to the Royal House, young lady." Rouge said. "If you'll come with me..."

"Hai." Amy replied obediently.

She followed the ivory Empress down a long hall. It was just as quiet as the foyer. But it was absolutely beautiful. The artwork on the walls and sliding doors was breathtaking. Amy almost got lost in a reverie of wonderment. Then the pair came to a room used mainly for recreation.

"Alright, young lady." Rouge spoke in a dignified voice. "I'm going to ask you a few questions before we get you settled in."

"Y-yes ma'am." Amy answered with obedience.

"First, how old are you?"

"I have just only turned 15, ma'am."

"I see. And your education?"

"I can read, write, keep the house, weave, and cook."

Rouge's face fell. Some of these things were meant for a servant to do.

"You're the eldest of your house, yes?" the albino female inquired.

"Yes, ma'am." Amy nodded.

"I see."

Amy was getting rather nervous. Like a student visiting the principal for the first time.

"Well, Sister Tikal will be thrilled to meet you." Rouge said honestly. "She's an accomplished weaver herself. Now come, let's get you to your quarters."

The sakura hedgehog felt a little relief pour over her.

"Yes, ma'am." she said.

"And since you're going to be a part of our family," the ivory bat continued. "I must ask that in the future, you address me as 'Sister'."

"Yes ma-I mean, Sister."

The Empress then continued to lead the young flower to her new quarters. Unbeknownst to them as they entered another hall with a series of staircases, a male ebony hedgehog with piercing blood-red eyes followed their every move.