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The last goodbye

She looked behind her shoulder there he was sitting on the grave marker so that she only saw the sentence "I'm dead lets go party". She looked away from him and walked away.a month later she saw him again where she last met him. He opened his mouth to apologize but then he started to change. She stood terrified as his normally peaceful self turned chaotic. He looked up and stared at her, his brown eyes were now red; his clothing looked like he went to war in his normal clothes .Sadie staggered back when he smiled his teeth were as sharp as daggers .then he simply vanished. That's when one terrified Sadie Kane woke up to see the one sign no magician would ever write. the sign of isfet chapter 2

The last hello

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So I don't own this series ONLY this story.

Carters P.O.V.

I woke up to hear a loud yet sad scream echo through the halls of Brooklyn house.

I dashed out of my room to see Sadie lying on the hallway floor crying."What's wrong?" I asked.

"H…he…took hi…him. "She sobbed."Who took who?" I asked."AP…apoph…apophis to…took... anu..." at this her voice cracked she let out a sob then broke down. I suddenly under stood what she meant." We'll get him back don't worry. "I said "oh will you now?" a voice hissed

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