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School Begins

"Aww man! But mom! I don't want to go to school! They are deviously torturing! Everything there is all about odd rules," Rouge complained to her mom. Rouge's mom got angry at her helpless daughter, explaining to her that she was only saying lies on purpose, just so that she didn't have to go to school.

As soon as Rouge approached the courtyard of the giant red building, she expected that nothing bad would happen and then heard a disturbance- a cacophony- of a high pitch masculine voice.

"Get back here you fat bird!" Mr. Crocodile, colloquially known as Vector the Crocodile's doppleganger, yelled to Rouge. Rouge yelled back that, first off, she was a bat, and not a fat bird, and secondly, Rouge yelled,

"My mommy said I'm not supposed to talk to talk to strangers. Especially ones with fake accents!" Rouge said in a tattletale tone.

Mr. Crocodile's name was pronounced "KREW-Kew-DEE-leh", and his accent was barely understandable, so it sounded like he yelled, "gewt bewck hewre yew fewt bewrd!"

Rouge walked slowly and dramatically, across the hallways of Seedrian Academy, and then opened up her wings and started to fly.

"Nuuuwwwwwwwwwww! How can this possibly happen? Okay... oh well," The "fake foreigner" Mr. Crocodile complained in his dreadful fake foreign accent.

Rouge headed off to first period, German class. She had no slight intention that she would be having a Kockadoodlian teacher as her German Teacher, because as soon as she walked inside the classroom, there was an unpleasant odor of suspicion.

"Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Blaze. What's your name?" A young purple cat whispered to Rouge.

"Hey Blaze. I'm Rouge, nice to meet you too," Rouge replied to Blaze. Then a disturbance established an annoyance for Rouge and Blaze.

"WHAT ARE YEW DEWING?!" Mr. Peackock yelled.

"But sir? You're yelling at me on the first day of school? For what?" asked Rouge.

"You guys are talking the bad thing about the Kockadoodlian culture!" Replied Mr. Peackock in a dreadful, extremely deep and heavy Kockadoodlian accent.

"No we aren't."


"Fine sir," Rouge mockingly replied. Rouge walked to the last row of desks at the corner of the classroom, opposite of the window, and saw a vacant desk, and a bright pink hedgehog sitting next to it.

"Hey, I'm Rouge, wanna be best friends?"

Amy didn't respond. She was undoubtedly in dreamland.

"Why are you in detention anyway?"

No response.

"We sure are gonna be the best of best friends," Rouge told her self sarcastically.

"Sonamy," Amy dreamed to herself.

Great, how am I ever going to make friends here? Everyone but me fits in, and I have to be stuck trying my best to tune out all of the Kockadoodlian language that comes out of Mr. Peackock's mouth, Rouge remarked to herself dreadfully.

The Tasty Treat

Rouge came up with a vivid idea, get all the fat kockadoodlian teachers to eat some icing and cake- Rouge the prankster style. Made fresh everyday in Bat Planet with dried bat earth worms, leaches, and snails. Rouge left to sixth period, so she could have some lunch, and started mixing all the dirt she could discover on the campus grounds.

"Hey. What've you been up to?" Blaze walked up to Rouge, and then asked.

'"Making the Kockadoodlian fatties a tasty treat. Wanna help?"

"No problem."

Then, a white ugly, skinny, tall penguin, with glasses, approached the two girls. His nametag read Mr. Cocker Piplak. He gave Rouge and Blaze a strange glare, and walked away, with a spiteful attitude.

Cocker Piplak... hmm... silly name, his parents were probably too kockadoodlian to afford a nicer name, Rouge thought.

Rouge mixed up the combination of worms and bugs, which left a repugnant smell to Rouge's senses.

"EWW! THIS STUFF SMELLS LIKE DEAD BAT!" Yelled Blaze, completely unaware that Rouge was a bat.

"Hello?! I'M a bat," Rouge sarcastically commented.

"Oops," responded Blaze.

Then, this Cocker Piplak Chicken, Peakock, whatever he was, comes up to the stage in the cafeteria and started to shout.



Amy had no response to what Cocker Piplak had remarked, obviously because she was in dreamland, too busy being loved and popular there. She muttered.

"Ahh... Sonamy."

Suddenly, a male teenager with red spikes threw his brunch, a breakfast taco, at Cocker Piplak. Eggs ricocheted on Piplaks extremely gigantic glasses and hit Mr Peackock. Then a black and red male hedgehog teenager threw a double fudge chocolate cake at Mr. Peackock. It made his excessive body fat jiggle. A silver, nearly innocent, hedgehog threw a banana split icecream at Cocker Piplak, and stuck to his face.

"NUUW! I AM ALLERGIC TO BANANA'S!" yelled Piplak, looking more amusing than ever.

Piplak ran, the poor souled peacock... err... penguin. But as he ran, he looked like a paralyzed duck. He quacked, instead of spoke penguin Kockadoodlian. Mr. Peackock, on the other hand was being tortured by the animal students in the cafeteria, who seemed to be getting hit by knicknacks. Then, the only one who budged to help was Ms. Doggywoof, who called 9-1-1 and then the paramedics came, along with Ms. Doggywoof and then got hit by a knicknack, and resulted her to going to the hospital.