J.K Rowling owns all characters

Pairing Harry/ Lucius M.


Chapter 1

"BOY GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!" Uncle Vernon yelled as loud as he could. I sighed and slowly made my way down.
"Boy a VERY important guest is coming tonight, you have to attend. You will keep your head down and be VERY respectful, cause if you are not..." He threatens. I nodded my head, it seemed a lot of important guest have been coming over. So many in fact that my aunt had to move me to Dursley 2nd room so nobody would know they kept me in a cupboard.
"Go change, they will be here soon," I nodded and ran upstairs as fast as I could, with a broken ankle.

~page break~

I was sitting on the couch with Duggly waiting for the important guest to arrive. I didn't really want to be here, because I knew if I made ONE mistake I would not see the light of day for a very long time.
Suddenly the doorbell rings.
Aunt Petunia glares at me in warning then goes to open the door.
"Hello Mr. Malfoy, please come in. Can I get your coat?" I heard her ask.
"Yes please, thank you for having me over Ms. Dursley" I heard a smooth silky voice reply. Duggly made a snorting sound and I turned to look at him in confusion. Then I realized what he did. On my new "fancy" shirt was peanut butter. Crap I was so dead.
I glared at Duggly hating him more than anything.
"Duggly, meet Mr. Malfoy," my aunt said suddenly. I didn't hear her walk in the room.
"Helo, I'm Duggly, pleased to meet ya," Duggly said and offered the man his hand which was covered in peanut butter. The man looked discussed and did not take the hand. Aunt Petunia turned to me.
"This is Harry; he has no manners and is a very troubled kid. His parents died and we got stu... We ended up with the poor guy," she said. I forced myself not to cry as I offered MY hand towards the man.
"Hello sir, it is a pleasure to meet you;" I said looking down in respect. I felt a hand grab my own firmly then shake it. I looked up and met bright blue/gray eyes.
"Hello Harry, the pleasure is mine," he said and turned to my aunt. He opened his mouth to say something when Uncle Vernon walked in.
"My good man, welcome to my home. I see you have met my lovely son and my troubles nephew?" he asked. The man nodded at him and turned towards them both.
"I want Harry," he said simple. I looked at him then at my family. They all ignored me.
"You don't want him, Duggly is a much better student and kid," uncle said. I looked down.
" No I will teach your son, but I want to Buy Harry. How does 3million sound?" he asked. He wanted to buy me? What surly they wouldn't accept? I looked at my uncle his face was red as he tried to breathe.
"Agreed, kept the brat but no refunds!" he said once he calmed down a little. The man nodded.
"You will reserve the check tomorrow I will take him with me tonight." The man said, they nodded.
"Boy you will go with , try to not cause him too much trouble," I looked at him for a second then Mr. Malfoy. I got up and shakily made my way to him. Mr. Malfoy decided to leave instead of staying for dinner. I look one last look at the Dursley and we were gone.

~Page break~

We have been walking for what seemed like forever. My ankle hurt, I was hungry and sleepy... didn't say a word, just held my hand tightly as we made our way to somewhere...
I could walk much longer. I just wanted to sleep...
"Sleep young one, I got you." said a soothing voice as I was picked up and pressed gently into his coat.
"Thank you." I whispered and let my eyes drift.