Harry and Louis were leaving the building.

It was night-time and the outside of the building was lit by the yellow tented street lights.

"Ugh! Why do they do this to us?" Shouted Harry. "Why make us date people we don't want to date?"

Harry and Louis had both come from a meeting with management discussing contracts and "girlfriends".

"It's all publicity." Louis replied in an annoyed voice.

"They treat us like props that they can just move around and control. We aren't characters, we have lives!" Harry was ranting on. He finally sat on the metal bench next to them outside. He was looking at the ground trying not to cry.

Louis sat next to him and took Harry's hand and held it with both of his.
"It'll be okay." sighed Louis, "We'll figure something out."

Harry put his head on Louis' shoulder.
"I don't know what to do." choked out Harry. His eyes had begun to tear up. He tried fighting it but he couldn't, which made him more frustrated.

"Aw babe don't cry." Louis let go of Harry's hand and pulled away so Harry would lift his head.

"We'll be okay." Louis put his hands around Harry's face. Holding his head. He wiped a tear that fell down Harry's cheek with his thumb.

"Promise?" Harry managed to ask in a croaky voice. His eyes filled with tears making it hard for him to see.

"I Promise." Louis smiled. He brought Harry's head closer to his own and pressed his lips upon Harry's. Harry's eyes closed shut letting a few tears escape and roll down his face. Louis could feel Harry's tears as his nose pressed against his heated face. He didn't let go of Harry's head, continually kissing his soft lips. Harry had turned more towards Louis and put one hand on Louis' leg and the other on his waist. Louis' hand had slid back a little into Harry's silky curls. Their lips parting then smashing back together. Both boys completely absorbed in the kiss. Taking breathes occasionally.
Eventually Louis pulled away and Harry sunk his head into Louis' firm chest, and wrapped his arms around Louis' waist.
"Yeah?" Louis had put his arms around Harry and rested his head on top of his.
"Do you think management will let us be together?"
"I don't care what management thinks, I will be with you no matter what." Louis confirmed in a stubborn voice.

Harry smiled and closed his eyes feeling safe in Louis' arms.

The End

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