Inspired by that glorious premiere that everyone, and I mean everyone, is freaking over. With good reason. So, when Emma gets back:

"What the hell are you doing?!" Charming yelled at the brunette. Wind whipped through his short hair as he squinted, trying to take in his surroundings while keeping an eye on the witch in front of him.

"I've done nothing!" Regina snapped irritably as she backed herself against the wall, trying to follow the swirling currents of magic that had suddenly picked up while she was having her little 'conversation' with the temporary Sheriff.

The energy lines seemed to funnel into a central point in the middle of the floor. The same spot where the portal had opened up to banish the wraith. Did that mean -

Before the thought could be finished, a swarthy man landed ungracefully at the focal point. Looking disoriented he spun on his heel to take in his surroundings. Finding the seemingly unarmed woman he made to grab for her.

Just as her hand rose to push her gathered magic at him he suddenly jerked as a thunderous clap echoed throughout the room. Both had a look of surprise as they looked down at his abdomen where the point of a sword stuck through.

With a slide and a sucking sound as the sword was removed, the man collapsed with a thud to reveal Regina's savior.

Wide brown eyes took in wild blonde hair and hazel green eyes that twinkled back at her.

"Hey," said a voice that she was beginning to despair she would never hear again.




The incredulous question by the brunette was covered by the exclamation of surprise and happiness by the two reunited royals. The two women turned slightly to look on as the other pair wrapped grateful arms around each other.

Her eyes drawn back to the woman that had saved her, Regina took in the changes that the trip through the hat had wrought in her Sheriff.

"You're back." The Mayor almost couldn't believe the words that fell from her lips if not for the irrefutable proof standing in front of her. Proof, if her eyes weren't deceiving her, which seemed to be clad in fairy tale armor with a wicked looking sword in her hand.

Drawing a piece of cloth along the blade, Emma straightened and sheathed her sword as she turned to face the brunette.

"I am. Looks like I found you." The smirk that came over the blonde's face was recognizable, as well as the tingle of irritation and familiarity that came with it.

"You did. And there go my hopes of never seeing you again." Her shoulders hunching a little, she pushed away the little voice that railed against the words she spoke.

"Oh come on. I said I'd save you. And the time after that I would again. I have to keep my word after all, I'm the white knight." She cocked her head to the side a little arrogantly, her hip jutting out to strike a muted heroic pose.

"Indeed. My very own knight. Clad in mismatched leathers and a rather dastardly sword. Tell me Ms. Swan, what have you been up to?" Half-hearted venom colored her voice as she trailed her eyes over the other woman's body.

Emma laughed lightly, her hands going to the pockets of her jeans that looked like they'd been through the wringer. A few patches and stitched tears showed that wherever she had been, it had not been a walk through the park for her. Her bare arms that were exposed by the chest armor showed developed muscles, probably from swinging the sword that now hung at her hip casually.

It seemed the princess had found her roots.

"Well your Majesty, where I've been isn't really any of your business. Not yet anyway." With her smirk still fixed on her face she turned to reunite with her father who was still engrossed in Snow.

Taking in the blonde's back Regina couldn't help but feel the pull that had bloomed in her chest with the appearance of Emma. Was it her magic? That initial jolt during the battle with the wraith; was Emma and she connected now? Her brow furrowed slightly, the need to grasp this knowledge imperative.

Striding forward, the clack of her heels against the tiles caused all three of the charming family to acknowledge her.

Hands on her hips she pulled her shoulders back and looked down her nose at them imperiously. "I'd like some answers. What in the hell is going on here?"

"Regina. I think we should talk about this in the morning. The trip coming back wasn't as easy as it was going there." Snow said diplomatically as she stood straighter before the other brunette. There was a softer glint in her eye however as she looked at her former step-mother.

"No, I think we should discuss this now. There are a few questions that require answers. Immediately." The scowl on Regina's face could have frozen any other person at ten paces.

The Charmings however seemed immune to her threats.

Stepping forward, Emma placed a calming hand on Regina's upper arm. To her chagrin, the suit-clad woman felt her muscles relaxing against her will.

"And they'll get answered Regina. But just give us a few hours to get used to just being here again, alright?" Hazel eyes burrowed into caramel eyes as the world seemed to fall away from the two.

Feeling that indescribably tug in her chest again, Regina sighed. Breaking their glance, she looked to the side uncomfortably as she felt a deep throb inside.

"Fine. First thing tomorrow morning, Sheriff. At least you're finally back and can replace your incompetent fool of a father." Regina spat, frustration leaking from her calm fa├žade as she turned to leave the room.

The insulted sputtering of James mingling with the light laughter of his wife and the blonde were the last thing she heard as the door swung shut behind her.