Ok a few things before you start reading this. One, Jax did not go to prison at the end of season 3. Tara is not pregnant. I also may do the Salazar kidnapping, but I haven't decided yet. Also, Half Sack is still alive; he was stabbed but didn't die. Cherry is his old lady. Also still alive is Joshua Kohn. He's been locked up. Until now…


Abel Teller was NOT tired, he'd been tossing and on his motorcycle sheets for what felt like forever. Finally he jumped out of his big boy bed and padded down the hall to mommy and daddy's room.

Jax Teller was also wide awake, his old lady lay next to him on her stomach, face buried in the pillows, the bed sheets grazing her lower back. The crow, thinly veiled save for a mere few black lines in the form of the birds wing caught the SAMCRO VP's eye.

As he kissed his way down her smooth pale back, he was unaware of the slight pitter-patter of feet that neared the closed door. As his fingers unsheathed the crow, she stirred, and twisted around to get a better look at her bedmate. She rolled her eyes at the devils smirk that spread across his face. "Good morning" she said breathily. Jax grinned up at her. "Mornin Darlin" As he continued his assault on her back, Tara closed her eyes. Unfortunately her lack of sight resulted in her being unaware of the little boy in the doorway.

"Mommy, Daddy!" Tara's eyes shot open, "SHIT!" Jax had nearly toppled off the bed as Tara quickly covered herself. Abel vaulted himself into the bed and curled up in Tara's lap. Jax groaned the moment was so beyond gone. "So much for a morning delight." He quickly put on a smile and turned to his son who was grinning up at him. "Daddy!" Jax chuckled and ruffled his hair. 'Hey buddy" he smiled. "Daddy I'm hungry" Abel whined. The toddler's eyes lit up "can we have pancakes!?" Jax and Tara exchanged a look. "Sure bud, just give me a second, then we'll have pancakes." A massive smile crept across Abel's face. Jax and Tara watched as he shot off the bed streaking out of the room and down the hall in his "SAMCRO" footies squealing as he went. "PANCAKES, PANCAKES, PANCAKES PANCAKES!" Jax pulled on his shirt, after properly kissing Tara good morning. She pulled him back drawing out the greeting. Suddenly there was a crashing noise followed by Abel's voice. "DADDY I NEED HELP!"

Jax groaned into the side of her neck. "It's early go back to sleep babe" He rolled off the bed and followed Abel's yells into the kitchen. Tara smiled as she lay back on the pillows.


The woman was asleep; her dark curls cascading down her bare shoulders. She was facing away from him. His eyes grazed her back. She was exquisite, the way she laughed, the way she smiled, the way she looked when she didn't know he was watching her, the way he was right now. That was the way he liked her best, when she was naive and unsuspecting. As he reached to adjust the thin sheet, cover her better, his eyes met something, a black shape that stretched past the silk sheets. Curiously, carefully, he pushed it back.

A BLACK CROW. That much was obvious. He was shocked, they'd only been dating a few weeks but he thought she'd at least have mentioned it by now, if they were going to have the future he'd planned for them, then she would have to have it removed, he silently assured himself that it wouldn't be a challenge she was reasonable, she was understanding. That was one of the reasons he loved her as much as he did.

However, the more he stared, the more fixated on it he became. It was a work of art in it's own way. He couldn't help but notice, the detail, the perfection of it. This must have taken hours. But why? What reason would his one & only have for putting herself through such a painful ordeal. As his eyes combed the inked omen, he got his answer. There, embedded in the smooth ebony wings were 2 initials "J.T" & a date "8-17-95" "J.T?" who was that?! He began to panic when the answer came to him. A man. Another, one before him. He felt sick. He hastily climbed out of bed and dressed quickly. He couldn't sleep in the same bed as this- this HARLOT!" He hurried out the door the slam of the door echoing through the dream.

Joshua Kohn, sat bolt upright, breathing heavily as he glanced around the 30x30 cell. Today was the day, the day he'd been planning for, the day he's been dreaming of for three years. Today was the day he'd get out of this hellhole and back to the love of his life, Tara Knowles. He wouldn't stop until he had her back, tucked safely in his arms, away from the evils of the word. Evils like Jax Teller and his gang of tattooed white trash, vigilantes. It was his fault; he'd pushed her back to SAMCRO. Hell he'd practically chased her there. And he would never forgive himself for that.

It drove him crazy, even crazier then he already was, Sitting there, while his Tar-Tar was victim to Teller and his band of criminals. He shuddered to think of what they'd done to her. He remembered the last night he'd seen her, so beautiful. He knew that all she'd said to him was true, the way she'd touched him, loved him. And then Teller showed up and ruined everything. And now it was three years later, and he hadn't seen her since that night. Why hadn't she called, visited? But of course he knew the answer. Teller, he wouldn't let her come. Purposely kept his Tar-Tar from him. But now that was all going to change, today he would get his freedom. The minute he was free, he would board a plane to California. He would kill Teller and anyone who tried to interfere with he and Tara again. Joshua Kohn smiled "Soon Tara, soon my love. Soon."


Abel Teller had whipped cream on his nose, and his hands… and his face. So did his mommy, but it was only because Daddy had sprayed her with the can. He sat there, happily chewing his double chocolate chip- smiley face-pancake. He watched his mother squeal and squirm as Daddy tried to kiss her with a face full of whipped cream. She threw her head back and laughed. Abel loved it when she laughed. Loved the way it sounded, loved the happiness in her face. The kitchen was a mess, bowls, pots, pans, and even a little whipped cream coated the sun-streaked walls. The family of three continued on with their food fight in the early morning hours of what was to be a beautiful day in the town of Charming.


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