The next morning Tara awoke to find herself facedown on Jax's muscular chest. She smiled, angling her head so that she could see her name below his collarbone. It was moments like this that made her so grateful to be alive. Alive, happy and so blissfully in love with the man next to her. She placed a sucking kiss to his Abel tattoo that caused him to stir.

He glanced down and smiled at the woman grinning at him mischievously. "Morning" he greeted throatily leaning down for a kiss. She smiled as she brought her lips to his. "Mmm" he moaned contentedly "I can't think of a better way to wake up." Tara smiled as she began to pull away slightly. She sat up on her knees and bent towards him. "Are you sure?" she purred teasingly, "I mean we could always get you an alarm clock." She began to get up, but Jax grabbed her and flipped her over, careful to keep his weight off her stomach as he reached underneath the pillow, groping around for the desired object, while Tara became restless beneath him. She knew it was the hormones but still.

Yet before she knew what was happening Jax had rolled them over and was holding something clenched in his fist, and a slightly nervous smile on his face. Tara zeroed in on the silver band that was peeking out of his closed fist. "Oh my god" she breathed. "Tara Knowles," He grinned up at her. "Love of my life, Marry me" Tara felt the happy tears begin to well up. Of course she wanted to marry Jax, she'd wanted that since she was 16. She kissed him lightly, and stoked his face lovingly; "yes" she smiled and entwined her hand with his. He pushed them upwards so she was straddling his lap. Jax slipped the ring on her finger, which (now that she could think clearly) was absolutely stunning.

A White gold band, engraved with intricate designs and a tiny pattern of diamonds with two white gold and diamond bolts on either side wove around and clenched a flawless diamond stone. It was the most detailed and breath-taking ring she'd ever seen and it came with a promise of an eternity with the man she loved more then life itself.

Jax wound his hands around her back and kissed her passionately. Tara kissed him back with equal vigor, the feeling from a minute's past suddenly surging through her. Jax reached and began to pull at her shirt, gently tugging aside the loose neckline and pressing tiny, delicious kisses to her shoulder. He looked at his old lady a devil's smirk on his face. "Hey that ring's pretty nice babe" "Don't I know it" she said back slyly. "In fact" he began "It's so nice that I think you should wear that ring all day" She smiled confusedly "Of course I will" Jax looked up at her "And onlythat ring." She laughed, throwing her head back. "You'll still say anything to get in a girl's pants." "You forget baby, you're not just any girl, and for the record, I'd much rather get your pants off." She grinned and pushed him back against the pillows. "You're in luck," she said in a lusty whisper, bending down even further. "I'm not wearing any" He chuckled and stoked her hair. "I love you so much" she smiled. "I love you too."

His hands slipped down to her stomach, just in time to feel a kick being delivered to the front of his old lady's stomach. He pressed a kiss to where he'd felt his son for the first time. My boy knows his old man," he said. Tara rolled her eyes "do we really have to go through this again?" she said laughingly. "You don't know-" She was cut off by Abel's shouts from down the hall closely followed by the sound of feet. "DADDY, DADDY DID YOU ASK HER?!" Tara laughed as their son came barreling into the room and jumped onto the bed to join his parents.

After Jax had assured his son that they were getting married, the family enjoyed breakfast together before they began their day. As much as he wanted to spend they day with his fiancé, and beautiful son Jax knew that he had to start working on tracking down Kohn, the sooner he got that psycho away from his family the better.


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