Chapter 2

Kreacher told me Mother was a Slytherin, and I know absolutely nothing of my father. Was he another student? A stranger? Who knows. Mother was not married when she died, but I was what transpired through the tragedies of war.

He always told me I looked a lot like her. "The same eyes" he would say while stirring up a chunky soup, and "The same laugh" while tying the laces of my boots and most commonly "The same messy hair" he said while we fought childishly over the last of the bread on the dinner table after supper. I miss that old elf. I had noticed after having him as a surrogate parent, that he was really a tired old soul.

I grew up at 12 Grimmauld Place. A family by the name of Black had that home in London, where I stayed until Kreacher passed.

Just getting to the shack outside the school was nearly impossible. Most of the time previous to his passing, I had to make sure that I had taken all the items Kreacher said were necessary starting with clothes, my wand and sheath, and the letter Kreacher had written. The trip consisted only of holding Kreacher's dying hand.

Although we apparated, Kreacher could only take me to the center of the Forbidden Forest, where he had once been himself. His dying wish was for me to live out my life as a free soul. We arrived in a clearing in the forest, he said that it was where he came when he worked at Hogwarts to talk to the trees as they were the only ones in the whole area that would listen.

After we apparated, my first intention was to bury the elf, but afterward his body sank into the ground. i felt a bit sad, but I thought it was beautiful that he be reunited with his old friends. Moreover, a small sapling had grown in the spot he sank into.

"I'll save the last slice of bread for you my friend." I couldn't help but break into a childish weep. I was 7 after all, and before me had disappeared the only parent I have ever really known.

The letter instructed the rest of the journey,

I wasn't a student of Hogwarts because I was an orphan with no known relatives who'd willingly be my legal guardian. Narcissa was to take me in, but after she had looked me square in the face, her shock enough was obvious due to her gasp and open mouth.

Kreacher warned me the dangers of being a Rogue. But he said that I had to make my own decisions, whether or not they were good for me, was entirely up to how I handled myself.

When I seriously think about it though, I'd rather be a Rogue than a student surrounded by people I don't know. It's not that I have trust issues, it's that I'd be the child who has no parents. A child with no history, and couldn't relate to other children.

I've done my share of crying when I see the lights from the dining hall window light up during Christmastime, and the laughter and music drone on for hours on end. One time, a fourth year couple from the school wandered into the forest and kissed near the Black Lake on Hogwarts' side. My cabin is located directly across the lake, but Mother had a concealment Charm put on the house so that those whom did not share her blood, could not see the cabin nor the area inside the fence which surrounded my shack a good 50 yards with the house in the center.

Kreacher told me that he was to live alone in the house after assisting the Order of The Phoenix during the Battle for Hogwarts. Something about a blood-traitor was muttered under his breath when he tucked me into bed at night. He always did make sure I was comfortable, even though I didn't make demands.

He was my caretaker, and I respected the old elf a great deal.

I'm still trying to forget that I'm alone this cold morning. I want to be able to speak without hearing my voice crack and feel the warm water run from my eyes.

It's been 8 years since I had seen Kreacher. I needed my friend.

I grabbed my wand just in case, and set out to talk to the only person who made me feel safe.

I can't help but think about what Kreacher's dreaming in his eternal rest. Maybe he's yelling at me to pick up my mess at the dinner table. Maybe he's asking me to practice spells with him. I just hope he died happy.

Getting there took about 20 minutes, but I could taste the metallic residue of uneasiness in the frosty air. After pacing past the trees closest to the clearing I see it. The tree that's grown as tall as I am. It's beautiful. A yew tree bearing bright red fruit.

Underneath the tree sits a Bowtruckle. My wand is readily drawn, but somehow I'm not afraid. And neither is the creature.

My bare feet rustle the leaves and the Bowtruckle raises his head. and gives me a content smile, nods and walks away.

It's almost as if Kreacher told him to allow me to see him, if that were the case Kreacher would have yelled. I can't help but laugh faintly a the thought.

I'm in front of the tree and touch it's leaves as I would hold Kreacher's hand when he was teaching me how to walk.

My heart hurts and tears roll down.

"I feel that living here all these years has made me into a solid character." I sniffle. " I've usually kept to myself like you said, especially during the late afternoons"


"I like watching Hogwarts students leave the Forbidden Forest with their professors. I wonder what they're studying. Are their classes hard? Are the students nice to each other?"


"Kreacher. I miss you"


"It's almost my birthday" I cry in a whisper "and I wish you would wake me up calling me 'Pup' in your tired and kind voice."

I bet he's crying too