Victorique sighed dully as she waited at her window, staring out to the maze that led to her small pink house in the middle. Where was he? It's been nearly thirty minutes since he told her he'd catch up after saying he needed to check something. She noticed the store they went past after he said that, but didn't say anything.

She sighed again as her eyes drooped lower, her vision starting to blur after staring at that single opening in the hedges for far too long without blinking. She had to do something to occupy herself, but what? Kujo was the one who always cured her boredom, but with the lack of the boy, she wasn't sure if doing anything would cure it until he comes back.

She's read every book in her house(which all came from the library where's she's read every single book), games were no fun by yourself, no one to talk to, nothing. She took her millionth glance at the front door, hoping to see him come through it at any minute like she had been doing for the past twenty minutes. What was taking him so long?

"Baka" She mumbled to the air. "How dare he leave me when he knows there's nothing to do"

Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door before it creaked open and she knew instantly who it was. She spun around on her heel and saw Kujo smiling back at her as he walked into her room.

"Where have you been, I was bored" She bluntly said before he could say a word. He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Gomen Victorique, I didn't mean for it to take so long" He apologized. She turned her back on him with a 'humph' and he pulled out a bag from behind his back. "Will this make up for it?"

She turned back around to him and her eyes scanning the numerous sweets and candies in the bag as she took it from him. After a second, she lightly sighed. "You didn't get the right ones," She stated, making his smile disappear. "but" She said, looking up at him with a small smile.

"I still forgive you"