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Prologue - Taken

Logan's day had started out fine, yet somehow ended up here in this horrible situation. The events played out in his mind in a matter of seconds. He had awoken like always to the sound of the incessant rooster alarm on his cell. Groggily he had crawled from bed. "Hon? You have to leave so early?" came a feminine voice from behind him. His Fiancé sat up and wrapped her arms around him. He stared down the hall at the bathroom his body yelling at him to fall back asleep that it was only 6:30, but he had already been late twice that month and his boss was an ornery Bastard.

"Yeah, I got early call today, but I'll be back in time for tonight." He said gingerly unwrapping her arms from him he turned and gave her a short kiss before moving into his morning routine. His feet were rather unsteady as he walked down the bookshelf lined hallway. His job as small time security guard gave him plenty of time to read. The books had no real set genre to them; there was Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical, Text Books, Foreign Languages, weapons etc.

He was in the bathroom for no more than 15 minutes before walking out awake, neatly trimmed and ready for his rather mundane job. His Fiancé was a nurse, and it was rare for them to get a date night like tonight. With one final glance back into the bedroom to see her completely out of it, already a smirk spread across his face as he grabbed his latest book and headed out the front door.

Donuts… the breakfast of champions… mostly couch champions, but Champions. He hadn't expected much for the day, but it was even more boring than usual watching the live feed of a warehouse that rarely saw traffic. He was lucky to have the job really it was rather well paying. Personally, he had absolutely no idea what he was guarding in the complex of buildings. There were three two man shifts, but one of the guys had called in the day before with the flu. He was unlucky enough to pull the man's shift so he got a double today.

As much as he hoped the man got better, he couldn't help but silently curse the man in his head. He finished off a cup of coffee and stared at the monitors once more before going back to his book. "Oy Logan your turn to take the rounds," a man said as he ran in slamming the door behind him. The brief interlude had drained the small room of heat, though it had that effect when it was in the lower twenties outside. A quick glance at the clock told him the man had rushed through his 30 minute shift.

A small sigh and Logan marked his place then stood up. "Alright, I'm on it," came his remark as he threw on his oversized jacket.

As he reached for the door the other man on his first shift spoke up. "'Deep Sea Life: An in Depth Study'… When are you going to bring in something more interesting Logan?"

"When you stop drinking that nasty decaf crap from the local grocery store," came his retort as he opened the door and left it ajar for longer than necessary to drain the remainder of heat from the room. It was a slight revenge for forcing him to go out into the below freezing temperatures so soon, but it gave him enough satisfaction.

The round was thankfully nearly complete when he heard a crash come from the back building. He stopped in his tracks and listened intently for another noise, but nothing came. A hasty yank and he pulled his walkie out in an attempt to reach his 'companion' in the camera room. "Hey Shawn, check out all the camera's on building six. There was a loud crash."

A few moments passed and he got a call back. "Nothing there Logan you'll have to check it out." Great he would kill for something other than the damn stick he was allowed to carry, a taser… anything really. He peaked around the corner to the back of building six and standing there in the snow was a kid with a snowball in his hand. He wound up and threw it at the wall. A loud thunk on the outside wall and some ice and snow collapsed down from the roof with a definitive crash. "Hey Kid what are you doing in here? How'd you get here?

The kid turned to face him a boy mostly covered by heavy clothing yet his face was obviously rosy from being in the cold for so long. The Kids hand moved up and wiped what Logan could only guess was snot from his face and stared at him. "Hey, I asked you a question." Logan stated and took a step forward.

As if on que the kid turned to and sprinted away. Logan took off after him. The kid was laughing and Logan's teeth clenched as he ran he bit back a curse. Rounding the corner back to Building five he slipped on some Ice and fell to the ground. Frac how was this kid so fast in all this damn snow and ice? As he got to his feet he looked up at the kid, who was standing a few feet away a snowball in his hand once more. Logan's eyes narrowed thinking he wouldn't dare…

The kid smiled at him sadly throwing Logan a bit off. "You're fate and future do not lie here, I wish you the best… Father," The kid said and hurled the snowball. Thought the kid had thrown him off guard a bit with the creepy speech it was easily sidestepped. Logan raised his hand finger pointing as if he was about to make a point. A loud thunk came from behind him… thunk… no…? He glanced up as a sheet of snow and ice came crashing down on him.

The next thing he knew he was back in the heated room getting a slight slap to the face. "Oi I said wake up Logan." Came the ever familiar voice of Shawn. His eyes opened slowly and painfully it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to his head.

"Yeah yeah I'm up. Hand me some Headache medicine, I got a horrible one."

"Yeah fine, but what the hell were you doing out there?"

"Chasing some damn kid around the back side of the complex. Not sure how he got in. Did you catch him?" Logan said taking the medicine from the other man.

"Er… what Kid?" Shawn looked a bit confused.

"The damn brat I was chasing around building six." He said rather more than annoyed.

"Ehh… you… sure your head's feeling alright? I was watching you the whole time and you were the only one there. You stopped around building six and for nearly a minute you stood there then took off at a run."

"Sam… I'm not up for God forsaken jokes right now." Logan stated and turned to check out the security footage. An easy few buttons and he was rewinding the appropriate camera. After a few moments he stared at the camera confused… Shawn was… right. There really was no kid there. He was sure there had been. That creepy delusional kid's last words echoed in his mind and he shook it away; which merely made his headache that much worse.

"Anyways my shifts up and Jose's coming in soon so I'm out of here. I already told him what happened. Take care of yourself alright." Shawn said a bit of worry creeping through his voice.

Logan rubbed his temples and stared at the camera once again. He had it paused at just before he took off at a run. He blinked slowly like that would make the kid appear on screen and then replied. "Yeah… not a problem." Logan's hand was up in a brief wave.

The rest of the day had gone by easy aside from the throbbing headache he had. Every time he went around Building six until he clocked out for the day he looked for traces of the kid but found none. Maybe it had been a hallucination, but he hadn't read up on anything like that caused by the cold. The two piles of snow and ice were there where the kid had thrown the snowballs, but those could have just fallen off by chance.

Regardless it was time for his date with Clair and she got angry when he was late… not that it seemed to bother her when she was. The woman had that frustrating side to her like that, but he loved her oddities and faults too.

She had been waiting for him at the house when he showed up twenty minutes late due to a small crash he came across on the way back. Traffic had been hell for about three miles. Clair was naturally angry, and though he knew that she knew it wasn't his fault she seemed insistent on barraging him with 'if we're late we might lose our reservation.' The damn place required him to book it two weeks in advance.

Needless to say they were in a rush to get there, but he insisted on driving slow due to the horrid weather conditions that night. Black Ice on the roads was common and the probable cause of the wreck he had seen that afternoon. The small argument had become about more than him being late and he knew not to try to defend himself too often lest he spark off something new.

"You could try a little harder you know." Was her most recent remark.

"Yes I am aware Clair, yet if I simply rush in then I could fail rather than preparing for another year." Logan said back.

"You said that last year Logan." She huffed. "And look at the time. They've probably given our table away already. You could have found another way around the wreck and gotten back in some semblance of time. "

"My apologies for refraining from causing another accident." He said a slight bitterness creeping into his tone. Ohh, he shouldn't have done that. He was quickly hit with another barrage about his inability to progress in any field of study. His inability to make up his mind on a real career, and that she had already started full time work as a nurse.

One thing led to another and before you knew it. "Fine how about we just turn back then?" he asked turning to look at her.

"Fine why don't…" She said and cut off horror spread across her face as the whole car was light up. His head jerked around in time to see headlights, and the screeching of tires reached his ears. It was obvious to him already that they wouldn't stop due to the ice.

His two second reflection on the day ended as the headlights slammed into the side of his car. A scream from behind him, and the world went black again. Words echoed through his mind "You're fate and future do not lie here, I wish you the best… Father."