When I am Gone

Life is short and sometimes strange,

I can't explain it, but I know it is true.

If only I had met you when,

I would have loved to spend my life with you.

I think you will miss me when I am gone!

You are like a flower covered in the early morning due.

Each petal glistening with beauty and majesty.

The sun reflecting off of your moist radiant face,

You are the most beautiful flower in the garden it is true,

I am pretty sure that you will miss me when I am gone.

I admire your beauty and want to touch,

I need to know your touch and embrace.

I want to pick you, love you, touch you, smell.

I can't wait to have you as my own.

Most likely, you will miss me when I am gone.

Make no regrets, give into love and kiss me, live life,

If only time had been more kind, I would ask you to be my wife.

Who could ever love you more than I alone,

Who could ever hold you closer than Me,

I know that you will miss me when I am gone.

Make sweet love to me and hold me with all your might.

Let me sleep with you, stroke you and hold you tight.

Let me whisper in your ears, kiss your neck and touch your breast.

I would make you feel my love.. mine alone!

Oh my, I am going to miss you when I am gone!