I suppose today has done sufficiently well, by standards of an outsider- maybe by Sweets' standards. I was cataloguing the bone damage on the zygomatic due to a heavy blow to the face with a circular object 33cm in diameter when I saw Angela across my room, lying on my couch, fast asleep.

I could see she was in a deep sleep due to the rate her chest was ascending and descending, but I could not really describe what I saw in a rational matter. Booth would probably describe this as some irrational feeling and then make an example of how he feels when the sun goes down on a beautiful day, but I feel different.

My hand slips across the paper, and I know I will probably have to redo all the cataloguing, because my notes were insufficient and did not deserve to be put in the white binders by anyone's standards.

My question to myself currently is what are these feelings? I am a scientist- I know quantum physics, but I cannot discern the feeling I have when I see Angela laying peacefully on the couch across my room. Her skin almost looks what Booth would describe as perfect, and her lips are so full. I find myself unable to look away.

While what people describe is purely a chemical reaction in the brain, I feel as though I have begun to feel that exactly.

I have known Angela for years, and one thing that never surprises me when I am with her, is how she always tries to make the irrational rational and the things I cannot understand, understandable.

It is not rational, as I have previously stated, but I believe that I could make a leap of faith so to say, to express the emotion that is love for Angela.