Haley flipped a pancake with the skill of a gnat. She was lucky that it didn't spatter everywhere. It was the night shift at the Springwood Diner; Haley and Nancy were the only two working. Thank God it wasn't busy. Haley had only been working as a cook for a week now, and was glad to have someone more experienced, if not more awkward, than she was. Peering through the little peep-square, as she called the opening that looked into the dining area, the teen noticed that one of Nancy's friends- Dean?- was fast asleep. His head snapped up as she whistled, high and sharp. Dean sleepily looked over her way. "You okay there?" She asked. "Yeah," he replied, "Just a little worn out," He smiled weakly. "Well, okay but room's thirty bucks a night," they chuckled together for a moment before whoever Dean had been expecting arrived.

A scream rang out moments later. Haley dropped her spatula with a clang, green eyes wide. Dean had a knife to his throat and was talking to someone, all she could make out were the words not and real. She stuttered, trying to make sense of the situation. The girl froze as Dean stabbed the knife into his throat and dragged it across, nearly decapitating himself.

The blonde that he had been sitting with screamed his name and yelled out to call spun around quickly and bolted to where she knew a landline was. As she turned a corner, she gasped yet again. A man stood in front of her, easliy towering a foot above the stocky girl in the dirty apron. He stepped toward her and she fell onto her butt, eliciting a chuckle from the man. Haley twisted her head to look over her shoulder as she heard the paramedics arriving, 'That was quick,' she thought. When she looked at where the man had been, he was nowhere in sight.


Haley was at Dean's funeral the next day, although she hadn't gotten any sleep the previous night. She had always awoken in a cold sweat. The funeral was short and stilted. No one wanted to come forth and say anything about him, even his blonde girlfriend, who was just staring off into space.

Curiously, Haley followed her gaze. The same man from the night before stood next to the grave, behind a small girl that resembled Dean's girlfriend. The man was watching the blonde, an evil smirk upon his face. Suddenly, he straightened and whipped his head to face Haley. The way he moved was choppy and reminded her of when she was at a halloween party with a strobe light and she only caught every other movement. Haley turned her head down and away from the man. One of his eyes was a glowing blue, and his face was either deforemed or injured. He had seemed surprised that someone could see him.

Haley offered her condolences to the family before driving home, alone. She didn't know where her father was, but she knew that her mother was overseas for some political thing or other. She was involved with the U.N. or something. The house was empty as always. Haley grabbed a rice cake before heading upstairs to her room and flopping down on her old comforter.

Haley woke up on a beach. She was laying in her bed, but her bed wasn't in her room. She looked up to see that the sea was crashing rather aggresively, and looked like it was red-tide. For a second, she imagined that it was blood. Shaking her head, she stood and began to walk down the beach. It was empty, no gulls, no shells. Almost as soon as she thought this, she happened upon the mutilated carcass of a gull. It looked like some sort of big cat had ripped it open. 'Actually,' she decided upon closer inspection, 'It was probably a velociraptor. Man I love dinosaurs.'

Haley continued on her way, and stumbled upon a door. She opened the freestanding door. Through it, she saw a dark boiler-type room. "Nope," Haley closed the door. She backed up slightly, only to bump against something tall and warm. She felt a hand rest upon her waist and someone's head lower down to her ear. "No wasn't an option."

Whoever it was pushed her into the door and she tumbled down a flight of metal stairs. Groaning, she lifted her head. The same man from the diner and the funeral stood at the top of the stairs and began to descend. Painfully, Haley stood and limped away as quickly as she could. She felt like a mouse against a bengal tiger. Scratche that, a mouse against a VELOCIRAPTOR. Yeah, that was way more bad*ss. She turned a corner, only to see Dean in a bloody body bag. With a small scream, she turned around, only to be staring at someone's chest. She backed away from the red and green sweater and looked up.

The man was horribly burned and melted. His cheeks looked hollow and his ears were almost nonexistant. He wore a dirty brown fedora and a clawed glove on his right hand. Haley couldn't tear herself away from his eyes. The blue one was damaged and not open all the way. On the contrary, his other eye was dark, dark brown and looked like it had been spared for the most part.

"Well, well, who do we have here? Most of the brats that can see me went to Badham. But you, you're new..." He trailed off as he placed his gloved hand on her cheek. The girl couldn't help but rest her head lightly into the warm, worn leather. The man chuckled and pulled her closer. His other hand slid down her waist rather creepily. Haley tried to pull away, but his grip only tightened.

Haley shot up with a start. Was that real? She lifted her hand up to her face, it stung. She brought her hand to the front to examine it.