CH 1: Most Competent Scooby EVER

Freaking parents! Just once he'd like to have a holiday where they didn't screw things up for him., Just once!

The army fatigues he'd been planning on wearing had been victim to dear old dad's drunkenness and now he was scrambling for an idea.

An old blue suit at the back of his closet caught his attention. That and a plain tie, maybe some gel to get his hair to lay flat….

Huh, all he'd need would be a fake badge and he knew that Ethan's had those. There was a huge display in the window the other day. And those weren't anywhere near as popular as the toy guns.

Nodding decisively he pulled the suit out to air and get rid of the wrinkles. For who he was planning on it would NOT do to have wrinkles in his suit!

"Hi, Mrs S!"

"Xander! Well don't you look sharp."

Smiling she opened the door and stepped aside to let him in, eyeing up the sharply pressed blue suit, smoothed-down hair and straight posture. He practically radiated competence.

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Who are you going as?"

She was hard pressed not to chuckle when, getting into the roll, he gave her a look that clearly said 'I am sorry that it was too obscure for you and shall use small words'. "The most competent man, EVER."


He stood in shock, not that is showed, as a young red-head ran through him, babbling about spells and a librarian of all things.

"Miss, please take a moment and collect yourself, what seems to be the problem?"

Her eyes went, if possible, wider as she gaped at him.

His eyebrow rose on its own, he swore.

"Oh no, we've really been turned into our costumes!"

It took a moment to take that in and process it, but really, wasn't this par for the course these days?

"All right, in that case you seem to have retained your previous knowledge. Any ideas on who we can contact to get this resolved? Any safe houses, friends, resources?"

He followed at a brisk walk, taking care of the 'demons' that approached and helping the noble woman the ghost girl, Willow, insisted upon.

Really, he didn't get paid enough to deal with this.

Xander opened the letter addressed to him. He wasn't surprised to get it, and was actually more concerned over the amount of time it had taken to get to him. Then again it was coming across those dimensional lines. Those were pains in the ass!

Reading it, he couldn't help but chuckle a little. Looks like Wilkins and his gang were taken care of if the references to 'dust under the rug' were what he was thinking.

Looking into the mirror he straightened his tie. A suit in California was simply too hot to deal with, and he was still a teenager. A short sleeved button down and a tie would suffice. He left his new apartment, humming a small tune. Wilkins was done, therefore Faith was his next concern.

Later, when she asked how he'd managed to do it all, including getting her emancipated and a regular support check he simply smiled.

"I am the most competent Scooby, EVER."