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Chapter 1: The day in the life of Natsu

The rain pounces off the rooftop above, making the most disturbing sounds, making it impossible for anyone to sleep during it. Of course our spiky pink haired friend can sleep right through it without a problem. Natsu Dragneel, sleeping heavily, has his whole body spread across his bed, being as conformable as could be.

Snoring as loud as he could, as if he was trying to send a message to the skies above that he sleeps like a king, but none the less, it was Natsu were talking about. A blue kitten, the size of small bag, snuggled in between his arm and leg, going by the name of Happy. If Natsu were to actually get up on this crappy day of October, then he would make his classes for once at Fairy Tail High.

The alarm clock went off, and made the most annoying sound, making our poor pink haired boy, who has sensitive hearing, to go bonkers every time he heard the damn thing go off. Jumping out of bed in a tight, black t-shirt, blue pajama pants, and one tired looking, pissed off face, he slammed down on the alarm clock, and pissing off his cat, who has just been flung into the air from his actions.

"Woops, sorry happy! Didn't mean to get ya like that.."

As if the blue cat understood everything he just said, he turned around and propping his butt in the air, and started to walk off, looking angry.

"Happy! Look, I'll get ya a big fish to eat for the day if ya stop being mad at me!"

The cat turned around quickly, jumped into his arms and started to pur.

"There ya go buddy," as he rubbed his fingers around the cat's ears, and happy rubbing up against him, "Well.. I guess I should go to school... I'm already out of bed, and just another excuses to go and beat that stripper to a pulp.." He grinned, and started getting ready for school.

Natsu is only a Junior in high school. He will be Seventeen soon enough. He lives in a small cabin behind this small house out near the outskirts of Mangnolia. Never knowing his mother, his father left 7 years ago on a certain day of Natsu's that was dear to him. That's the reason he made a cabin behind he's old house. The boy didn't wanted to be reminded of all of the great memories, and good times he had in that house when he was younger, it would only make him suffer from the pain of father's unknown dissaperance.

His teacher, Gildart Clives, has been making sure that the bills have been payed, so Natsu can still live there, even though he has persisted for the boy to come live with him, but he refuses. Natsu takes everything personally, and can never get over how people try to treat him as if he's a child, which he still is, but he refuses to be known as one around others.

Natsu ran out of his house, waving back at happy that sat happily in the window of the logged cabin.

"Crap! Its raining, and I forgot the bus! I'm gonna have to run as fast as I can to make it to school! Ohhh... I'm gonna give a hurt-in' to that stripper for my lateness! I'm all fired up!"

As Natsu ran faster than a normal human down the road, the rain didn't seem to stop as it only got harder, and harder, making the day go from what had a chance of being good, to only something that could go tumbling down into the abyss of shadows.

As people were rushing into the school, trying to avoiding ruining their clothing and other valuables that they held dearly, the rain continued to pour harshly as it only got worse.

Our famous stripper, Gray Fullbuster, stood half-naked at the doors of Fairy High, waiting for his idiot friend to show up, so he could give him a beating for not answering his phone for the fifth time.

"That flame brain is really gonna hear it now! His going to make me late for this, hurry up dammit!"

As he started to walk inside to avoid the rain, a young blonde with a perky, big smile ran up, yelling Gray's name loudly.


Turning around, he saw the one an only Lucy Heartfillia. Before greeting his friend, she was in disgust as why his shirt wasn't on, then out of happiness, (after he blushed and screamed and found he's shirt, and put it on..) he was glad to see his friend from after the long weekend.

"Hey there Lucy, your usually never late."

"I know..My alarm was being stupid today, and I couldn't seem to realize the time until it got so late, that I had to run here, or I'd miss class!" She said panting from out of breath.

"I gotcha, it looks like your not the only one that's late today."

Lucy looked around, noticing Natsu nowhere to be seen.

"Oh that's right, his usually here in the morning too, well what happened to him?"

"Who knows, he doesn't always wants to come to school on time anyways, if it wasn't for that old man teacher of ours for 1st period, I don't know how much trouble he would be in with the school district."

"Yea your right.. well, he barely listens to me, maybe you could get some sense into that thick skull of his somehow."

Gray laughed then sighed looking outside the big doors of the high school towards the rain falling down, "Yea, I'll try beating into him first, and see where that goes.. because the only way to get something through to his head, is by beating it into him."

Lucy sighing with a laugh, "Yea, I guess your right..poor Natsu, why can't you just go down the easier road..?"

"Yeah Natsu! Why can't you just go down the easier road!" Being tossed into the nearest mud puddle by a couple of seniors from Phantom high.

Natsu was running down the road, was when they spotted him, and decided that today wasn't going to be his lucky day. He was tugged by the collar, and tossed around.

"You never learn do you, Salamander?" yelled a boy with chains around his fist, blonde hair, licking his lips, and snarling at the boy standing in the rain.

"You boys really want to do this now..? Where no one can help you when your begging for mercy?" The boys began to laugh at the pinked haired boy's over confidence.

"What makes you think you even have a chance of winning against us three?" Said a boy with black hair, smiling devilishly, and had a disgusting tone to his voice as he talked.

"Because, I know it won't take half the effort of fighting you guys, when all you can do is trick, and talk shit.." Natsu said with a devilish grin of hes own, sending chills down the boys backs, realizing this new fear that's spreading throughout their bodies, but shooke it off only to confront that fear head on.

"You think your hot stuff Salamander?! We'll just prove how you're gonna end up in the hospital with everything broken!" Yelled the last boy, who had red hair, and the face of a small dwarf, but had a bigger built then the other three.

Natsu stood tall with his hair in hes face, shadowing the upcoming on-slaughter that he was about to begin with to the helpless boys that tempted the all mighty Salamander to what he does best..


Natsu grinned, looking up. His eyes changed to a piercing yellow color and narrow, as if the eyes belonged to a fierce dragon, giving shivers to the boys around him.

The boys ran into their demise ahead of them.

Natsu cracked his knuckles, cracked his neck, and lunged forward.

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