May contain heavy spoilers for not only the show, but my other story, "Eternal Flowers", seeing as this is a prequel! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Chapter 1: Reset Button

Those eyes, as red as the blood they've seen spilled, stared into the recesses of her soul. The creature before her sat without concern, and mocked her very reason to fight. It told her that she had been making everything worse since the futile endless cycle had begun, and that she might as well give up and allow the inevitable to happen.

The inevitable, huh? All those time jumps were for naught, then.

Resting on her hand, the purple diamond that had been glowing so brightly before started to dim.

Hōmura lay in the rubble and looked upwards, where the Witch still hung in the sky, completely undeterred by any of the attacks she had sent its way.

Walspurgisnacht. It mocked her in every timeline, cackling as it flew, to curse them all to a despairing end and destroy the city.

Still, the alien remained, watching her next move. Hōmura had no more options, not even to travel back in time, because that would only make Madoka stronger, and she couldn't even risk that.

Maybe she should fulfill that promise she made in one of the other timelines, the one before Madoka sacrificed herself for Hōmura.

"Let's become the nastiest witches of all time, right Madoka?"

Tears welled up in her cerulean blue eyes. She could never save Madoka, and that was all there was to it. She might as well just die.


That voice! No, under no circumstances should she even think of Contracting. Despite all the internal bruising, Hōmura tried to sit up; someone had to stop Madoka before—

"I want to make a Contract with you."

"No, Madoka!" said Hōmura, reaching for her gun. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as the girl pointed it at the cute little creature that had been staring at her all this time. "D-don't listen!"

"It's alright Hōmura-chan," said Madoka, placing a hand on Kyūbey and smiling. In her eyes were tears as well, but she pet the tiny alien all the same, ready to accept his offer.

Kyūbey purred in response, flicking his fluffy tail from side to side.

'You really mean it, Madoka?' he said. Oh, if he could drool, he might as well have been drooling, despite the complete lack of emotions.

"Yes, I do. You did say that you could grant us any wish, correct?"

'Of course. Not only that, but considering your potential, and depending on your wish, you could literally become limitless in power!' said Kyūbey, dwelling on his quota. It would be exceeded by a trillion-fold, and certainly they would promote him for such a result. He could be praised for saving the universe!

"It's decided then. Kyūbey, I wish that the Puella Magi don't have to be bound by your rules. For them to be able to bring smiles and happiness to all they meet instead of falling into despair! For a different world where magic and miracles don't exist because of you, but they merely exist for the benefit of us all."

'Why, a wish like that is treason against the wish itself!' Kyūbey said, his eyes becoming wider. His ears were already lifted to grant the wish, and it was too late for him to stop from doing so. He tried, he really did, but her latent power already was bursting forth to warp reality. This wasn't what he expected. He expected something smaller, like bringing back Mami and Kyouko, but not this.

Never this.

"That is my wish, that is my hope, fulfill it, Incubator!"

He had no other choice but to comply.