A/N: It's a bit of a sequel to Angel of the Dawn although it might wreck that timeline a bit…. If you haven't read it, Remus and Hermione are married for about a year and Hermione would be around 19-20 currently. Some DH deaths ignored.

"I don't think I can do this."

Hermione rolled over to face Remus. He was lying on his back gazing at the ceiling pensively, something, Hermione had quickly found out, was a habit of his. He hadn't ever woken her up before however.

"Remus, we talked about this. Things will be different now. All the parents know about you. You're a war hero."

"And what if I lose control again? Just because the war is over does not mean being a werewolf is any more acceptable with the parents. And now there's going to be 8 years of students there….that's over a hundred more…complaints."

"Well you can hardly expect Dumbledore to tell all the eleven-year olds out there that they need to wait until we graduate. I'm sure no one will care, Remus. A handful of misguided parents of Slytherins I'm sure."

"A handful? Hermione, your third year I was getting howlers for months after I stopped teaching. From over two hundred different parents. They aren't misguided. As I proved, it is a danger to their children having someone like me employed."

Hermione made an impatient noise. "This time we don't have a notorious mass murdered and a dead servant of Voldemort running about the grounds. If I recall that was the reason you forgot to take the Wolfsbane."

"And what if the same thing happens?"

"If it makes you feel any better, take the Wolfsbane and then transform in the Shrieking Shack. I'll be there this time too."

"You won't be able to."

"Remus, we have gone over this a thousand time. You know the wolf – "

" – I wasn't referring to the wolf. I was referring to the letter Dumbledore sent the staff a few days ago. Teacher-student relationships, regardless of the circumstances and age, are forbidden."

"We're married!"

"Dumbledore would rather not encourage student-teacher relations with the rest of his students. So long as we are…discrete…it is admissible because of our unique situation. But anywhere else…..no one is rushing forward with support of loving sentiments towards werewolves or relationships between old men and young women!"

Hermione moved closer to Remus and rested her head on his collarbone, her head tucked underneath is chin. She draped an arm over his chest and he shifted his gaze from the ceiling to her face.

"You aren't old."

He kissed her lightly. "I am old enough for it to be a scandal."

"We'll just have to be discrete then. If you need me on the full moon I'll find a way to be there. It will work out, Remus. I promise."

"It won't bother you being in the same…well…being with Ron?"

"Ron and I are talking again," Hermione assured him, "We aren't on the best terms but…we're doing much better. I think he's accepted that I was never interested in him. He and Lavender are probably going to get back together. She'll always take back her "Won-Won" as long as he's famous."

Remus still looked uncertain. Ron, irrationally as it was, always made him twinge with jealously.

"Remus. Don't worry. What you should worry about is how you're going to make History of Magic interesting."

He groaned. "Don't remind me. Suddenly now Binns decides to "move on?" He's been in the position forever and now decides to leave?"

"Well, no matter what you do you can't be as boring." Hermione laughed.

"Thanks. It wasn't my first choice but Horace isn't leaving his position, not that the dungeons hold much appeal to me anyway, and Severus is staying with the Dark Arts…I had hope for Charms at least but apparently Dumbledore felt that Fred and George would be…less…distracted…if they were kept busy."

"I still can't believe he hired those two….I know they needed more funding to fix their store...but as Professors?"

"They took what they could get. And on the upside, they'll be experts at catching miscreants."

"If they aren't part of the misdoings."

"That will just have to be a job for the Head Girl won't it?"

She grinned. "That doesn't make it sound worse. The Head Girl and the History of Magic teacher. How long until the whole school knows?"

"Hopefully they won't."

"Remus, I'm sure anyone with parents in the Ministry know. Harry and Ginny's marriage isn't private, although Dumbledore denied Ginny's request for a shared dorm."

"That sounds like a typical Weasley request. Just…I just don't want more negative attention on you. Merlin knows you've had enough."

"Remus. Relax. Go to sleep. If you fall asleep teaching tomorrow you won't hear the end of it."

A/N:I know it's starting a bit slow. Stay with me, I promise it will get better. After the introduction chapters are done there is going to be a fairy-tale type chapter, one fairy-tale for each Deadly Sin. I hope you like it so far!