Dear Trickers & Readers,

So The Trick of Time is over! I find myself sad, but at the same time motivated. I would like this time to just give you all a head's up on what's going to be happening as far as updates of other stories and new projects!

First off – for those who asked about what happened to Regulus in this story, well, he's off doing his own thing, being a crow and whatnot. Maybe Hermione will tell Sirius about him one day soon. And maybe there will be a one-shot about it, and maybe not.

Second – look out for a one-shot of Hermione going back to see Severus's painting with her memories restored. It's sure to be a tear-jerker, so tread with caution, haha! And I don't know how soon I'll get around to it.

Third – I will be posting the final chapter of As Summers Die VERY soon, as well as finishing up Captive, a story that's been on the backburner for almost a year.

Fourth – I hear that it's a right of passage to write a marriage law fic… dunno, but I'm thinking on it.

Fifth & Final – I've been chewing on a full-length Draco/Hermione for a long time. Draco will be the main hero, I believe, with plenty of Hermione-centric-ness of course. It will be set in a dystopian world, a Voldemort triumphant universe.

Thank you, all of you, for sticking around through this rollercoaster fic and not giving up on me. I hope to hear from all of you in reviews of future work!

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish,