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October 31. Halloween night. The night ghosts and goblins come out to play. The night when young children obtain massive amounts of candy by going door to door in costumes. To some kids, it's one of the greatest nights in the year. To others it's the exact opposite. And then there are others who try to 'spruce' things up a bit...

In the small town of Swallow Falls, a young 12-year-old raccoon by the name os Sylvester Cooper, or 'Sly' to his friends, had just gotten home from helping his grandfather, Otto Cooper, with the finishing touches on the haunted house he designed for a friend before it opened. He remembered that the elderly raccoon would try something different each year, which actually turned out to be successful. And this year Sly himself decided to do something different this Halloween. And it was then that he decided that he and his two friends Bentley Olsen and Murray Murphy (or 'The Murray' as he likes to be called) would be doing something besides trick-or-treating that year.

Though usually Sly was friendly, calm, collective, and cool, he could easily be set off by the smallest thing when his friends are picked on. He and his friends were constantly bombarded by bullies at school, because Murray was slightly big for his age, Bentley was one of the smartest kids in town, and more importantly because Sly's great-great-grandfather, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper, though very chivalrous, was a master thief who retired right after his son, Sly's great-grandfather and Otto's father, was born. The worse were the two rival groups of the Fiendish Five and the Klaww Gang. They never gave the three a break, not even once! So unfair!

But Sly, never the one to be intimidated, always stood up to anyone who thought they were ' tough stuff'. He, Murray, and Bentley were three of the most unusual of friends as Sly and Murray were more of the fighting type and Bentley being the brains, but they didn't care one bit.

As soon as Sly got home, he realized something: he had absolutely nothing to do until he met up with his friends. After about 10 minuets, he declared that he needed something to do before he left.

So he roamed around the house, looking for at least one thing to occupy his time. Soon enough he found himself to the attic. Sly always enjoyed going up to the attic. Sine his grandfather use to own the house before his parents, he had some of the most interesting stuff Sly had ever seen. Unless you counted Christmas presents, but Sly knew better. He loved Christmas just as much as Halloween and he always waited patiently for both holidays, and he always enjoyed spending time with his family.

But tonight Sly felt like doing something completely different. There was a corner of the attic he hadn't fully explored before. He decided that if anything would be able to occupy his time, that would. So, he slowly made his way to the darkest corner of the attic.

Sly began to shift through the old boxes. It was mostly the same old stuff: old clothes, old photos, nothing interesting at all. "Of course," Sly murmured. He had a lot of time to kill, and none of it was the least bit exciting. Looking around the attic again, Sly leaned back against the wall.

Suddenly, Sly felt a board behind him shift slightly. He turned around. Was one of the boards loose? He began to mess with the boards, seeing if one would pop off. The last board he tried came off in his hands.

There was a secret compartment behind the board! How had Sly missed that? He had looked around there for five years and, even though each and every Cooper was sneaky, he was certain that he knew the attic like the back of his hand! He quickly peered inside the small compartment. But all that was a rolled-up piece of paper. Of course, Sly's curiosity was quipped, and he had to look at the paper. He took it out and unrolled it. Then his eyes widened.

It was a map! And it looked like it led to some place from Sly's house! And even better, the destination looked like a perfect spot for some healthy trick-or treating fanatics. If not, then it could be an adventure. Sly was ecstatic. He was about to run down to the phone to call Bentley and Murray...but he then stopped. He looked at the map again. Considering where he found it, it was probably his father's. Conner Cooper was know to place false clues around the house as to confuse any Bulgars that break into the house from stealing anything. But there was something different about this map. It actually looked authentic. There was no way his dad or grandfather drew this by hand. He just couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Sly ran down to the phone. He quickly dialed Bentley's number and put Murray through by conference call.

"Hello?" a polite voice answered first.

"You got 'The Murray'!" a second voice said.

"Murray, Bentley, put on your Halloween costumes and meet me at my house!" said Sly. "I got something here that'll rock you you two flat!"

"Excuse me?" asked Bentley. "Sly, I though we went over this. You said we wait until later to trick-or-treat because the people who give out jumbo candy bars come out later, remember?

"Well, yeah, but that was before I found this map!" said Sly. "And I'm confident that it will lead use right too . . ."

"Another one of you father's maps?" asked Bentley. "Sly, are you sure?"

"Look, will you guys just put on your costumes and get over here?" asked Sly. "I'll see you later!"

"'The Murray' will be there!" exclaimed Murray.

After Sly hung up, he ran to his room. He was thankful his mom got a costume two weeks earlier. He was lucky that his father prepared him a costume this year, now he only needed to change. He then took out his Zorro outfit, complete with fake sword.

Bentley and Murray were right on time. As soon as Sly finished putting his costume on, the doorbell rang. Sly ran to answer it. There stood a young green turtle wearing a white-haired wig, white fake mustache, white lab coat, brown dress shirt with bow tie, and white slacks , he was Albert Einstein. The other person was a young pink hippo dressed as a luchador wearing a red sleeveless unitard with silver boots, red wrist bands and a red mask with blue flame designs over the eyes and a white star on the forehead.

"Good timing you guys." Said Sly.

"May we see the map?" asked Bentley.

"See for yourself." said Sly, handing Bentley the map.

Bentley carefully examined the map. "Hmm . . . well Sly, now that I look at it, you're actually right. This map is authentic from your father's trick maps. I don't think neither he , nor your grandfather for the matter, could have drawn all this."

"Told you," said Sly. "Whatever or wherever this map leads, it has to be somewhere exciting. I smell adventure guys!"

"Oh yeah, I'm pumped!" yelled Murray.

"Well, hopefully things won't go horribly wrong, mostly because it wasn't planned," said Bentley. "Right Murray?" Murray was also into horror movies and almost lost him self to his Godzilla costume last Halloween.

"I said I was sorry, Bentley." said Murray.

"I know and we've forgiven you," said Bentley. "Now let's begin, shall we?"

The three friends then made their way where the map started. Unbeknownst to them, they were being watched and followed.

So the three friends began to fallow the map into the night. With Bentley leading (mostly because he was the only one besides Sly who could read the map), they weren't paying much attention to exactly where they were going. Bentley was focused on the map, while both Sly and Murray (or El Zorro and 'The Murray', as they called themselves) were busy fighting off imaginary bandits.

When Bentley finally looked up to see where they were, he realized the map had led the three boys into the woods outside of Swallow Falls. "Oh my," he said. "I don't think I've ever been this deep into the woods before. I wonder where exactly we're going?"

"Look, don't worry." Sly reassured. "Need I remind you I'm a black belt in karate, and Murray here is a big, strong guy. We can handle anything or anyone that comes our way."

"Ah ha! There you are!" a voice yelled from behind the three boys.

"Except for that." mumbled Murray. All three boys then turned around to the source of the voice and were met with quite a sight.

Standing there was a young female red fox with long blue hair in a ponytail and was wearing a black mask, full-body suit with fake stitches all over, gloves with fake claws, and boots. This was Catwoman from Batman Returns (complete with whip). And the person wearing the costume was none other thannCarmelita Montoya Fox!

Carmelita was the second oldest out of six siblings (three boys and three girls) and the oldest daughter of the town's sheriff Alexander Fox and his wife Alisa Fox (nee: Montoya). Even though all of their parents were friends, the three boys, with the exception of Sly (who was smitten by the young vixen ever since he laid eyes on her), rarely got along with her, mostly because of her temper (which she inherited from her father).

Now the friendship their parents had was just as unusual. Sly's parents being the town's pharmacist and librarian, Bentley's parents being the town's electronic repair people and science teachers, Murray's parents being the owners of the town's sporting goods store, and Carmelita's parents being the town sheriff and the owner of the grocery store.

Carmelita always followed the rules, got good grades, and never got in trouble. She was also the best hall monitor any school could have. Despite her temper, Carmelita was a kind and caring sort of person, even if Sly's affection grated on her nerves. For some reason, or another, Carmelits took a particular interest in Sly and his friends since, not because of his ancestors, because Bentley was also an inspiring inventor, and she would always keep an eye on them since they rarely got into trouble as well . . .

Wait a minuet. What was she doing here?

"Hello Carmelita." mumbled both Bentley and Murray.

"Hola mi corazon," said Sly in a Spanish accent. "How are you this fine Halloween night?"

"Cut the melodrama Ringtail," said an annoyed Carmelita. "What are you three doing out here anyway?"

"Well. . ." mudered Sly.

"You see. . ." stuttered Bentley.

"We're following a map that Sly found in his attic." blurrted Murray.


"What, we are."

"Honestly Sly, even you aren't that easy to fool when it comes to your dad's fake maps. . ." Carmelita started, but was interrupted by Bentley.

"Actually Carmelita this map is 100% authentic, here have a look." he said as he handed the map to Carmelita who carefully studied it.

"Well, I gotta admit it does look authentic." said Carmelita. "But there's no way you three are going anywhere around here."

"Unless?" Bentley enquired with a raised eyebrow.

"You take me with you." She replied. "Even I know that this smells like adventure. And I'll tell on you three if you say no."

Before either Bentley or Murray could say anything, Sly said, "Okay."

The others looked at him in surprise.

"Really?" they all asked.

"Guys she she never jokes about this, and like the saying goes 'the more, the merrier'." Sly replied. "Besides, if her parents found out she was this deep in the woods, sh'ad be in as much trouble as us."

"Oh right, I didn't count on that." Carmelita realized.

"But none of that matters right now," Sly said as he took out his fake sword and pointed it to the sky. "To adventure!"

"To adventure!" Murray called out as he pumped out his right fist next to Sly's sword.

"To adventure!" Carmelita called out as she placed her whip on the other side of Sly's sword.

They stood there for a few seconds as if waiting for something to happen. They then looked to Bentley who just stood there ands stared at them. It wasn't until Carmelita cleared her throat and jestured him to do something. Then it hit the young turtle.

"Oh is it my turn? Hold on, give me a sec." Bentley said as he searched for something-anything to use, but only took out a red calculator. "Not much, but it'll do, to adventure!"

With all the items in the air that Sly shouted, "All for one!"

They then pointed their items to the ground and shouted in unison, "And one for all!"

And so they walked on. Before Bentley knew it, they were at the endpoint on the map. He looked up and saw just what the four had been led to. Then, he made an abrupt stop. This caused Murray to crash into Bentley, with both Sly and Carmelita to crash into Murray, and knocking the map out of Bentley's hands in the process.

"Why'd you do that for Bentley?" asked Sly. Then he too saw what was in front of them.

It was a tree. But it didn't look like any of the other trees in the woods. This tree definitely stood out. The reason it stood out was because there was a big, orange, grinning jack o' lantern carved on it!

"What the heck?" asked Carmelita.

"Well, it certainly seems that someone had a lot of time on their hands," said Bentley. Then he took a closer look at the jack o' lantern. "Hmm . . . hey, I don't think this is just a carving, guys. I think it's . . . a door!"

"A door in a tree?" asked Sly.

"Wow, this is just like that horror I saw the other week movie called 'Night of the Nymph' about the killer dry-dads." Murray said with a chuckle. "Can I go first?"

"Hold on there big guy," said Sly. "First off, Murray they're called 'dryads' not 'dry-dads'. Secondly, why would my dad have a map that would lead us to this tree?"

"Well, it must have some importance to you're dad," said Bentley. "I'll look at the map again . . ." Then Bentley saw the map lying face down on the ground. "Hello."

"What is it?" asked Carmelita.

"Guys, there's something written on the back of this map," said Bentley, picking the map up. "I think it's . . . a poem"

"Really?" asked Sly. "Never thought my dad was into poetry. What's it say?"

"Here, I'll read it aloud," said Bentley as he cleared his throat.

"Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems

In a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams.

For the story that you're about to be told

Began with the holiday worlds of old.

Now, you've probable wondered where holidays come from

If you haven't, then I'd say it's time you've begun.

For the holidays are the result of much fuss

And hard work for the worlds that create them for us.

Well, you see now, quite simply, that's all that they do

Making one unique holiday, especially for you.

But once, a calamity ever so great

Occurred when two holiday met by mistake."

Everyone stared at the poem on the back of the map. "What the heck does that mean?" Carmelita asked.

"I have no idea," Bentley replied.

Just the, the four heard a loud creaking noise behind them. As they turned around, they saw that the jack o' lantern door was wide open.

"Uh . . . who . . . did . . . that?" Sly asked, a little creeped out.

"Wasn't 'the Murray'." Murray said as he shivered a bit.

"I didn't do it, I was right next to Bentley." Carmelita said as she too shivered.

"I was the one reading the poem, how could I do that and open the door?" Bentley questioned as he was the most effected the the turn of events.

Then, something strange happened. The nearby leaves began to flutter around in a huge breeze that, without warning, seemed appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey, what's happening?" asked Sly.

"Strange, the forecast said it would only be a minor breeze tonight." Bentley said as they looked around their surroundings.

"If this is minor . . ." Carmelita spoke up, not liking what was happening. "I'd hate to see what the major looks like!"

"It's the door guys!" Murray yelled frantically. "It's sucking us in like a vortex!"

"What?" Sly, Bentley, and Carmelita asked in unison.

And sure enough, Murray seemed right. The wind was coming from inside the door. And it was pulling Sly and friends in! The group tried to fight the growing current, but suddenly became so strong that it lifted the four terrified kids into the air! One by one, they where sucked into the door. And as soon as all four of them were sucked in, the jack o' lantern door shut behind them. The only sound that could be heard was the screams of Sly and friends, growing fainter and fainter as they fell deeper and deeper . . .

Then . . . nothing. Silence. The wind had calmed a bit, then died down. All of the leaves that were flowing in the wind fluttered back onto the ground. And all that remained was the grinning jack o' lantern door.