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Chapter 1

An Unforgiving Force

[Evelyn's POV]

Alright so where do I start? Well I guess I could start off with my name with which my birth certificate indicates that I am Evelyn Simone Read. I was born into I guess I could say physically an average family, mentally….I have no idea what to say about my family there. I of course have a mother and father. I also have 2 younger siblings, Sunshine who is 13, and Kulado (Koo-la-doe) who is 5. When it comes to stories about my family I'm telling you, it's pretty boring. I mean my mom is kind of wonky in the head, and my dad is just chill, my brother and sister never do anything exciting and I'm just here. A boring family equals a boring life.

Now don't get me wrong. My whole life isn't boring, but for the most part it's wake up, go to school, come home, eat, laugh, sleep then repeat it again the next day. Nothing too exciting really happens around here.

"Holy! Are you going to eat all of that?" I asked my mother as I walked passed her in the kitchen. She had a huge bowl of cereal in front of her as she stuffed spoon after spoon into her mouth greedily.

"Well, I have to eat all the cereal so I can get the special surprise inside!" She managed to say with a mouth full of cereal.

"What are you talking about?" I reached into the fridge and grabbed an orange juice before joining her at the kitchen table.

She swallowed. "There's a special surprise inside each one of the cereals boxes and I have to eat the cereal in order to reach it because it's at the bottom." She took another big bite.

I put my orange juice down and crossed my arms on the table and smiled at her. "Honey, why don't you just pour out all of the cereal into one big bowl and then your surprise inside should fall out. That way you don't have to eat all of the cereal to get to the bottom of the box." I talked to her like she was a 5 year old; something I always have to do for her to understand certain things.

She swallowed what was in her mouth and then looked at me with big eyes and a huge smile. "Oh my god that's so smart!" She jumped up and grabbed a big bowl from the cabinet and started to pour the cereal out and to her disappointment nothing special came out of it.

"What! Where is the special surprise? This is a rip off." She pouted.

I grabbed the cereal box from her and read the outside of the box which read Enter the special surprise code located at the bottom right hand corner of the box for a chance to win a trip to LA! I put the box down and covered my face. Not only was the code located on the outside of the box, but we were 10 minutes away from LA. I put my hand over my face and shook my head at her.

My mother is so…unique. There's not too many mothers who act the way she does. I don't want to say she is dumb, because she's not. She is actually really smart, she just has….no common sense. I'll leave it at that. She also doesn't care about anything. Like I can tell her bye I'll be back in a month and her reply will be "Kk! Take clean underwear!" It's not that she doesn't care about me, she does, it's just…she doesn't know how to really tell is no, or how to discipline us when we do wrong, or tell us what's wrong or what's right. Everything is fine and dandy with her like she doesn't have a care in the world.

I've learned I have to step in sometimes and figure out what's going on in my little sister's and brother's life. I mean Kulado isn't doing much, but Sunshine is a teenager now; she's getting into those ages where life's not always so easy and trouble is always around the corner. My mom doesn't seem to realize that as I am going through my teen years without anyone to really talk to. Don't get me wrong I mean I can talk to my mom, but she just doesn't always understand and my dad is too laid back to really care. I of course have friends, my best friends Arizona and Sierra are always there to talk to when I need to vent, but they are not my mom, you know?

"Mom, you don't need this okay. Go watch a movie or something." I said putting the box down and sighing.

She shrugged. "Kk!" She skipped out of the kitchen.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the mother of this house.

[Jade's POV]

"Oh my god, Stallone hurry up!" I yelled up the stairs to my daughter who was taking forever and a day to get ready.

Stallone and I decided we needed to spend more time together to really get to know each other. Shut up I know what you're thinking. Of course I know my daughter, but lately we haven't really been just talking too much. I like to know what's going on in her life, I want her to be able to talk to me about anything without being afraid too, so I made this mother daughter day today so we can just hang out. We were supposed to be gone over a half hour ago, but she takes 10 years to get ready.

"I'm coming, I'm coming don't get your horses in a waddle." She said as walked down the stairs.

"What?" I asked confusedly. Did she say horses in a waddle?

"Yeah, I really don't know, let's go." She walked passed me and out of the front door.

"You guys have a nice time." Tori walked up to me and gave me a peck on the lips. She started to back away, but I grabbed her bringing her into a more passionate one that end up going way too far as our tongues met and her arms went around my neck. I forgot where I was or what I was even doing as I put my hands on her waist and backed her up against a wall.

"Babe." She said calmly.

"What?" I said kissing her neck.

She grabbed my face in her hands pulling me away from the thousands of kisses I was placing on her neck. "Your daughter is waiting." She looked at me with big brown eyes and smiled.

That's when I snapped back to reality. My eyes got big as I glanced over at the door to see Stallone standing there with an I can't believe you're doing this right now look on her face. She shook her head as threw her hands up in the air and walked out of the doorway towards the car.

Tori chuckled. "Have fun. I'll see you later?" Tori said in more of a question form then a statement in which I knew what she meant by "see you later".

I smiled. "Nope." I started to walk away as I saw her smile turn into a frown. I winked at her on the way out which made her smile reappear as I closed the door behind me.

[Roxy's POV]

"I don't know what else to do Jay? Can you please talk to her for me?"

"No! I told you you are a low down bitch for doing what you did and that it's going to fuck up your friendship, but did you listen? No. You are a trifling ass hoe Roxy, and I'm sorry for saying it, because deep down you still on my roundz, but you messed up baby girl. Big time."

I sighed into the phone.

"Don't sigh at me, you brought this shit onto yourself." "Dude move Rodney!" I heard Jaylen yelling at her little brother in the background.

"Why are you always yelling at him?"

"Because he's an annoying bitch that's why." Jaylen said as I heard her pop some gum.

I sighed again. "Anyways, please Jaylen, please try and talk to her for me. All she does is ignore me. It's really important that she hears me out."

"Um, yeah whatever, I'll see what I can do." I could sense Jaylen rolling her eyes at the phone.

"Thank you."

"Whatever hoe. I will talk to you later." With that she hung up.

It's been almost 4 months since the whole accident with Essence and Stallone still has yet to forgive me for it. She still acts as if I don't exist even when we have classes together. Just the other day in Acting 101, everybody had to act out an uncomfortable scene in which we were pared together. To my surprise she didn't back down at all after she heard who she was pared with, but her words still travel through my mind…

Acting 101

3 days ago

"Acting isn't always fun. There will be times when you feel very uncomfortable with the scene you may have to act out and today we are going to see who can stay into character no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be. There will be a different sanario for each pair. I am going to pair you up for this activity and once everyone is paired you and your partner will pick a scene out of the box here." Our teacher stated as she held up a box.

"Okay, listen to your name and partner. Kayla & Rosby, Vanessa & Jacob, Justice & Serenity, Statige & Nevaeh, Roxy & Stallone, Micha & Jordan, Daniel & Zion and Carly & Lemiyah. Did I miss anyone?"

Great I just had to get paired up Stallone. I hope we don't have to do anything crazy.

"Okay Roxy & Stallone, your turn" Our turn finally came around and I watched Stallone madly get up from her seat which I followed behind. She pulled a scene from the box.

"You got to be kidding me." She held the paper in the air as she rolled her eyes at the teacher.

"Let me see." I grabbed the paper from her making sure not to make eye contact with her.

My eyes got big as I read the paper. I glanced up at Stallone who was giving me the most evil look I've ever seen which sent terrifying shivers down my spine.

The teacher took the paper, read it, and stated "Don't show you are uncomfortable." "Action!" She yelled.

Before I knew it Stallone had grabbed my waist and pulled me to her. Her lips crashed into mine with unforgiving force. Within second I felt her tongue jab its way into my mouth giving me no choice to let her inside. Our tongues met and the way hers moved with mine it felt like she was trying to tell me something. Something unforgiving and I knew that was exactly it as I felt her nails dig deep into my skin which made me let out a moan. Not a moan of pleasure but a moan of pain and regret.

"And scene!" The teacher yelled.

Stallone eased out of the kiss then brought me into a fake hug as her mouth sat by my ear.

"It feels good to kiss lips that doesn't belong to you doesn't it? You better start sleeping with one eye open because now I'm all the way on my feet and my heart still aches. You never know what Stallone West is capable of doing. No it's not a threat, it's not a promise. I'm just saying you just better watch your back Ms. Oliver because you never know whose-"

"-Okay girls, a 10 minute hug wasn't part of the scene. Take your seats so we can get the next group up. Very well done."

I'm definitely afraid for my life.

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