Chapter 5

Valkyrie watched her two friends try to take in everything she'd told them. Crazy stories, evil gods, demented villains and sorcerers, strange things that sounded so unreal.

Surprisingly, they didn't accuse her of lying, or claim that she was insane. Kitty was frowning slightly, like she was trying to understand, but they both looked like they believed her.

"Are you going to say something?" she asked, worrying slightly.

"It's a lot to take in," Kitty replied simply. Valkyrie looked from face to face.

"But you believe me?"

"Of course we do," Liaf said incredulously, "Why would you lie?"

Valkyrie shrugged playfully. "It could be a very late April Fools."

Liaf laughed, and Kitty smiled her huge, warm smile.

"Just two questions," Kitty added.

"Well, it's an improvement on before," Skulduggery said from behind her. Valkyrie jumped. He'd been so silent, she thought he had left the room. She ignored his quiet chuckles.

Kitty was speaking. "Who was the woman who attacked us? And what are we going to tell the school?"

"The school's sorted. We replaced the three of us with reflections, to take over our lives, and they will tell the teachers that we couldn't open the door so we climbed out the window."

"What about the woman?"

Valkyrie shrugged and turned to Skulduggery, eyebrows raised. He tilted his skull towards them.

"I found out that Skye Faithful was a disciple of the Faceless Ones," he explained. "Hence the surname. Valkyrie has a history with the Dark Gods, which is probably why the woman tried to kill her."

"Typical," Valkyrie muttered.

"I also have a question," Liaf said.

Valkyrie raised an eyebrow.

"When are Kitty and I going home?"

There was silence for a few moments, and Valkyrie inwardly sighed. Skulduggery stood up.

"An accomplice, or another disciple could try to target you, because they now know that you are Valkyrie's friends. We need to keep you here, where you are protected, until the threat is gone." He held up a bony finger to hold off the next question. "And no, we don't know how long that will take."

Kitty looked up. "Do we need to choose names, then?"

Then question caught Valkyrie off guard. She hesitated.

"I suppose it's a good idea," she answered slowly.

Skulduggery nodded. "Why don't you think on that until someone turns up to show you to your rooms?"

Kitty and Valkyrie frowned together.

"Are we leaving?" Valkyrie asked.

Skulduggery nodded. "Another case."

Valkyrie sagged.

"But on the upside," Skulduggery continued, "It sounds interesting. And it involves hitting people."

Valkyrie immediately perked up again.

"So you're leaving us?" Liaf asked a little grumpily.

"The downside to being really good at your job is that everyone wants you," Skulduggery called over his shoulder as he started walking towards the door.

"And we just stay here?" Kitty scowled.

Valkyrie looked at them both pleadingly. "You'll be alright. But we really have to go. I'm sorry."

Kitty pulled a face. "Be back soon, OK?"

Valkyrie nodded, and followed Skulduggery out the door.

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