Nikaidou's P.O.V

Amu sure did know how to give Ikuto some time. She knew that there was no way in hell I would let her body go to waste. And she was correct.

I injected the suffering Ikuto with two full doses of sleeping medicine, making him drop like a rock on the ground, his face, much to my delight, still twisted in agony. I picked up Amu and jumped out the window, barely managing to make a good landing with all the dead weight that she gave.

I managed to make it to my car, and I threw Amu into the back seat. She didn't move, I reminded myself, because she was dead.

Smiling, I got into the car, and drove back to her old home. The home that she swore she would never go back to if she got the opportunity to leave. Well, she was coming back.

Not really even against her will. She didn't really have a will anymore.

I carried her limp body into the house and downstairs to the lab. I set her down on one of the dusty lab tables and started up the computers.

The abandoned room came to life as the artificial light of computers flipped on.

I went back over to the beautiful form of Amu.

It was such a shame such perfection was going to waste.

Maybe I could use it later.

I pulled on some latex gloves and started fixing her. I took out the bullet that was imbedded in her heart, and tried to piece back her creamy glass skin. I spent hours trying to fix it, but in the end, it was am impossible feat. I redressed her in a red dress and made sure her eyes were closed. Then, I put her beautiful body in a metal case.

Goodnight, Amu.

When the time comes, I will come back and play with you. But im not going to fall into your trap. You wanted me to play with you to give Ikuto time to run, but no, I will go kill him, THEN come back.

Ta, Ta, for now.

Ikuto's P.O.V

I woke up on the cold floor of the classroom. I search around me. There was no sign of Amu. There wasn't a trace of blood. And Nikaidou wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Amu," I croaked out, softly and sadly.

I got up as fast as I could, and ran towards the open window, jumping out, and landing gracefully on my feet. I had to get home. I had to grab Utau and run.

When I reached the house I saw Utau loading to huge bags into the trunk of her car.

"Utau," I said. She turns to look at me, run over and grabs my wrist, dragging me towards the car.

"We don't have much time. We have to go," she said as she hops in the drivers seat. I follow, getting into the drivers, and she speeds toward the gate.

We get there, only to see it guarded by guards. Utau takes a laminated card from her purse, and flashes it at the guard. Immediately, the gate opens.

"What the hell is happening, Utau? How did you know that we had to run?" I ask. She glances over at me, and then grabs a shoe box from the backseat and places it on my lap.

TO: Ikuto


It said in Amu's familiar curvy handwriting. I trace over it silently with my finger. Slowly, I open the box. Inside, there are a whole bunch of things. But on top of all of it, was a folded piece of paper that smelled exactly like Amu. With shaking hands, I opened it.

Dear Ikuto,

If your reading this, then I have finally proven to you what you mean to me. I could never let the words escape my lips, but what I always wanted to tell you was: I love you. You showed me a whole world that I never knew. You saved me from my deep pit of despair. You gave a life.

And I got to spend that short life with you. Because YOU became my life.

You might call my love for you sick, but, in all reality, its just a love to KILL for.

These things, well, these are all my memories with you. See, the that pocky right there, is what you fed me while we stared at the stars. That pressed rose, you gave it to me that one morning when we went on a walk because nightmares kept you awake. That handkerchief is what you uses to wipe the dirt off my face when Saaya had pushed me down. That plastic ring, you got it for me the first time we went to town. There are so many more smaller things, but I think you remember the rest.

Now the cross necklace, I saw it in one of the shops when you took me shopping for clothes. I barrowed your wallet and bought it. Please don't be mad at me. It just seemed like it fit you so well. I hope you like it.

Now, I have one last thing I need you to do, and it will probably be the hardest. I need you to kill Nikaidou. I don't want blood on your beautiful hands, trust me, I don't. But I also want you to live in a world that you are safe in. Really, its your choice. Run away all your life, or kill him.

Those are really your options.

Im so sorry that I had to leave you, really, you have no idea. I love you with everything in me. Like they say at wedding's 'until death do us part' I will love you even after you die.

Just remember Ikuto, I will always live longer then you.

With all the love invested in me,


By the time I was done reading the letter, I felt the need to cry. Utau looked at me with sympathy.

"We have to run away from that crazy teacher. Amu gave us tickets so we could go to Kyoto and stay in a house by the beach." says Utau.

I was completely silent for a while. I didn't want to go to Kyoto. I wanted to find that bastard and kill him. Kill him for what he did to MY AMU. He doesn't even deserve to breath the same air she breathed. He doesn't deserve anything and by the time im done with him, he will wish he never did.

"We can go to Kyoto for now, Utau, but ill be back. Trust me, ill be back," I say quietly.

"I know. She knew that, too," she says quietly.

I lean my head against the headrest and let my eyes slide shut. I don't sleep, I just go through my memories, reliving all the moments that I had spent with her. All the kisses I tried to justify. All the times I would make her smile and laugh.

And without even realizing it, I fell asleep.

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