When the world is crumbling…..

When humanity is rotting….

When there is no such thing as safe….

He is our only hope for survival.

( -Y- )

"7uck, look out!" He knocked him down to the ground just as a huge, furry, nightmarish blade swung at 7ucker's neck, and then the two boys rolled out of the way as another blade tried to cut them in half.

7ucker didn't have a chance to say thank you before yet another blade swung at them. Phantom pulled Sa5m out of the way as she dodged one blade, but was about to be split by another. He didn't have enough time to react, however, before one of the colossal hammers knocked the breath out of him and crushed his ribs.

Phantom screeched in agony and lay on the ground. Jaaz pulled him up before the hammer pounded on the ground right where his chest had been. He healed two seconds after, but his power level was down to three-hundred twenty now. That was too great of a loss.

He shouted at the nightmare that called itself Apocalypse, speaking in its strange language, "I am the rightful heir of the throne, and I command you to release this world!"

The thing made a noise that was ear-splitting, as cold as blood, and somewhere between the sound of nails on a chalkboard, a woman screaming, and an evil, breathy chuckle.

To Phantom, it translated into a hiss that consumed his mind. "You are not the heir to the throne, despite the signs. The heir must be ruthless. They must have no compassion. Perhaps I would bow to you, if you let yourself become so. If you let yourself become what you fear. But you refuse to give in to your blood. I shall keep the Earth as my prize."

And with that, Apocalypse took one metallic claw and speared it through Phantom's chest. Phantom started gasping in shallow breaths, his vision becoming dotted with fuzzy, swimming spots.

"Phantom!" He could barely hear Sa5m crying out his name. He coughed, and his blood- such a dark red that it was almost black- spewed out of his mouth, staining his now-pale lips and teeth red. He grasped the claw, but his power level was almost down to ten. He didn't have any strength to summon. His face became pasty and shiny with sweat.

Within seconds, his power level was down to three.

He slumped, his muscles refusing to move.

Jaaz and 7ucker weren't able to say a word. They couldn't watch Phantom go.

Sa5m couldn't, either, but she also couldn't tear her gaze away. She wanted to so badly.

"Phantom! NO!" she shrieked, tears running down her face. Jaaz and 7ucker's faces soon became covered in tears, too. They still couldn't say a word.

Phantom's eyes glazed over as Apocalypse's claw pulled out of him, twisting so that Phantom's heart came out, too. Apocalypse raised the heart to wherever its lips may have been and ate it. Sa5m, 7ucker, and Jaaz watched in horror as whatever blood Phantom's heart held dripped slowly to the pavement.

And then they heard a sickening burst of flesh. Even more blood than before fell to the ground in hot, thick droplets. Sa5m buried her face in her hands. He was gone. For good.

And so the world fell into the jaws of Apocalypse.

Their last hope was gone.

Humanity was lost.