It is not easy to try and be someone else for a week. There might be things that you are not sure on, or something surprises you. Well, it's even harder living in a famous detective agency, packed full of observant smart people. Kazuha has starting to agree with Ran, Conan-kun was suspicious. His mind worked like a computer, Mouri-kun said that he knew a bunch of useless things, but everything was useful it a way. She never saw him watch TV much, and he defiantly didn't watch shows that taught him that information. Every time he exposed useful information, when everyone asked how he knew it, he always said it was on TV. Suspicious, defiantly.

How could Ran be so calm about it? She never asked him about it much, and she was starting so suspect him herself. And why did Heiji call Conan-kun Kudo-kun? Could something impossible have happened, like professor Agasa-san created something that shrunk Kudo-kun's body? He was a generous right? It must not be that hard to make a shrinking devise, one that takes ten years off one's life. She shook her head, then Agasa-san would use it to make him younger…

She sat up in bed, man, Ran's bed was comfy she wondered what Ran-chan must be doing at that moment, most likely with Heiji on the plane still. Maybe something had happened because she saw three messages that said; from Kazuha-chan. Of course they had switched phones to avoid suspicion from the detectives. Kazuha reached for the phone and checked the E-mails.

Ran, there was a murder on the plane.

Do you think that there are many police men on this plane?

Ops, did I wake you? It is pretty late hu?

Kazuha pressed the 'respond button,' and typed;

No, I was already awake, but did you say there was a murder?

She put the phone on the bed table and flopped down on the bed. There were so many things they had to be careful of, like when calling of texting to call each other by the others name in case someone was watching or listening. It was really a pain. But Kazuha was enjoying it at the same time. It was quite fun to be Ran, it was a totally new experience for her. Well, that must be a little obvious, like she had ever been someone else before… OF COURSE SHE HAD! SHE DOES IT EVERY DAY! (Read that sarcastically) she was blinking heavily now. Her eyes felt like there was a heavy weight was pushing her eye lids shut. She tried desperately to prop them open, but it was no use. Sleep ran her over like a large truck full of dreams.

Plane to Osaka-

"Heiji, I found someone with a camera! Not to mention it was Polaroid camera at that." Ran came running down the aisle holding the camera in her right hand.

"Great! Did you find any police men?" Heiji looked at her seriously.

"No, but I am going to ask on the loud speaker if they will let me." She explained.

"Ok, you go do that, I'll handle this okay?" Heiji waved his hand for her to go. Ran nodded and backtracked to the front of the plane. She entered the pilot room, after persuading many flight attendants. She announced that she needs anyone who works with the police on murders to go to the back of the plane. When she returned, there were two people there with Hattori-kun. There was a man, most likely in his late twenties, and a woman that looked way too young to be a police officer, but she had a police ID, so they had to believe her. It wasn't long before there were three suspects there as well.

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