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Bartok sat on a tree branch trying to catch his breath. He had been flying as fast as he could to escape the other forest creatures that had tormented him since he could remember. Tears fell down his cheeks as he tried to understand why they wanted to hurt him, he had done nothing wrong, had not harmed anyone yet every time he went out the other animals would throw rocks and sticks at him shouting "white demon" as they chased him.

Bartok had been born different from the other fruit bats it was true. While his colony consisted of all brown bats, Bartok had been born smaller than the other pups he had also been born an albino. This unnerved a great deal of the bat community after all only a demon could have pink or red eyes that was just a fact.

Bartok and his family kept mostly to themselves until one day when Bartok was playing by himself pretending to be someone else as he often did trying to leave behind the world of the hate and disgust

he had brought to the bats he suddenly heard from behind the flapping of a large number of wings and terrible screeching .Before he could react the group was on him scratching and biting him. Chanting

"White demon go back to the pits from wherever it is you came from, the evil one must not live" Terrified Bartok cried out. His mother and Father who where just on their way back from finding food saw the cluster of bats heard the shrieking and their son crying out and rushed to help.

As they approached they found it difficult to reach their son, finally Alexei was able to break through the crowd and reach his son.

"what do you think you're doing he's just a baby he's done nothing" he roared over the screeching positioning himself between the murderous bats and his son.

"Step aside Lex he is not normal he will doom us all with his evil we can not allow that abomination to grow into an even larger threat!" Cathal the largest bat and self proclaimed leader warned. It was known that any who were foolish enough to cross Cathal lost their lives.

"Cathal, please he's only a pup why do you say such things,He is as normal as you or I"Alexei shouted to the colony how were becoming more angry and louder. Bartok covered his ears frightened and shaking behind his father his little heart pounding so hard he was sure it would pound right out of his chest.

"IT is an unnatural being we are sending it back to where it belongs now step aside Alexei or share his fate do not try my patience I do not ask more than twice!" Cathal shouted his black eyes peering into Alexei's threateningly.

Alexei was determined to protect his son at any cost and was not afraid of Cathal. Alexei stared straight back without blinking "He's my pup Cathal, you will not put your hands to him, ever"

Cathal's eyes widened in surprise, he had expected the smaller bat to back down but then a smile crept onto Cathal's face. "very well Alexei, very well' Then turning to the colony and holding his wings up began to speak

"friends, I implore you go back to your roosts and hear my words" immediately the bats flew to back to their places wrapping their wings tightly around their bodies as they hung by their feet from the roof.

As the bats were flying back however Alexei turned to his son and whispered as his wife Destiny looked on, tears in her eyes and her heart filled with fear.

"listen to me precious one," Alexei was careful to keep his voice low. "you are beautiful and brilliant and you are always loved. When the time comes mommy is just over there, I want you to get to her as fast as you can and I need the two of you to get as far away from here as you can. Take care of her precious and never forget how much I love you.

Never let others tell you anything different. Above all remember you make your own destiny." Terrified Bartok nodded the tears streaming down his face.

Alexei kept his eyes on the bats.

"Ladies and gentle men of the roost," Cathal began " for years I have protected you all against danger, everything from animal predators to humans who hunt us out of fear. Never have I lead you into harm's way." Cathal paused staring into the crowd, Alexei push Bartok so he was barely visible from behind his father then he looked to his wife mouthing silently the words "I love you".

"Get ready little one and always remember what I have told you"

"Y-Yes Daddy I'll r-remember" Bartok whispered back.

"Then you best start over to Mommy quietly before the speech is done and don't look back. " Alexei added now nudging his son in the direction of the entrance of the roost.

Bartok walked carefully to his mother hoping not to draw any attention to himself and was only a step away from her when he tripped on a rock causing it to move and crash into another.

The immediate silence followed and Bartok froze.

In that moment Cathal shouted "GET HIM!" and the angry shrieks began again. Bartok felt arms around him as he was picked up and carried far from his home never to see his Father again.

Bartok didn't really know where they were everything had been a blur and before he realized it, He had felt the cool water touch his wounds and looking around saw that he and his mother were now by a lake.

"Mommy, what happened, where are we?" In truth Bartok could not remember in that moment what had happened, Destiny's eyes were filled with tears as she hugged him close. "

We are in the forest baby but don't you worry Mommy is here and I'm going to take care of you" She said grateful for the temporary memory loss for her son. Destiny felt fresh tears fall as she heard Bartok ask fearfully, "Mommy, Where is Daddy?"