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Annabeth's POV

I was sitting in my cabin working o Deadalus' (I know that's wrongly spelt) laptop when suddenly there was a knock on my cabin's door. I opened it to see… Grover.

"Wassup?" I asked him.

"Nothing just that Chiron has called a meeting of the representatives of the twelve Olympians."


We entered the big house to see….

Jason from Zeus

Percy from Poseidon

Nico from Hades

Leo from Hephaestus

Piper from Aphrodite

Clarisse from Aries

Rachel from Hera

Travis from Hermes

Will from Apollo

Grover from Dioyunus

Katie from Demeter

Myself from Athena

Everyone was looking grim so I asked "something happened?"

"I'll tell you." That was Percy.

He took me to a corner an explained- "um… see the gods have been kidnapped."

"What?" I said "no way."

"Yes way. And, we have been issued a quest to save them."

"OK." That was really bad.

We went back and joined the others at the ping pong table.

"You leave tomorrow first thing in the morning" Stated Chiron.

Suddenly Rachel took on oracle mode-

An old friend you shall meet

Dead brought back to life reap.

Gods shall be found in a golden cage

Not finding the culprit shall us enrage.

Oh. Oh.

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