At last, everyone was ready to move.

I crawled out of the cavern first. The Knights waited until I was on my feet outside the cave to crawl out, for what reason I'm not sure. It took a really, really long time for all one thousand six hundred knights to crawl through the tunnel, and in the end we just enlarged the tunnel. I wondered why Merlin hadn't thought of giving us magical dynamite or something so we could get out faster.

I took the time to plan our route. After a bit of verbal Ping-Pong between me and some of the Knights, we figured out that we should take the easier, albeit longer, route back to London. Mordred had thought it would be fun if he blasted the whole of Wales back into how it was like in his time, so it was almost entirely forest. The Welsh, poor guys, didn't stand a chance. A lot got turned into animals and trees.

I unclipped my first medallion from my necklace, a gift from Queen Morgana Le Fay. I had three medallions, enchanted of course. The first summoned horses and alerted Merlin that we were on our way. The second set up a camp with enough food for everyone, so we didn't decimate animals on the way to London. Both could be used for as long as the quest lasted. The third could only be used once, when the quest itself was in serious danger, or it could kill me. Very slowly and painfully.

I tossed the medallion high up in the air. The sunlight glinted off the bronze medallion and as it returned to my hand, one thousand six hundred and two horses stood in front of me.

I smirked when I heard the surprised gasps from the Knights behind me and I turned. "It's from Queen Morgana Le Fay. We weren't going to make you walk all the way to London," I said. "It'd take too long."

We set off, riding across the hundreds of kilometers to London.

We managed to cover around forty kilometers, I think, by nightfall, then we had to stop and set up camp.

Most of the Knights immediately got ready to go hunting. "Oi, there's no need!" I yelled, reaching for my second medallion.

I tossed it high up in the air, and as the fading sunlight glinted off the gold of the medallion, I don't know why, but I felt peaceful. At rest. Like I had already completed the quest, and now I was safe.

I brushed off the feeling as I clipped the medallion back onto my necklace. I am not safe until the quest is over, and cannot be at rest until King Arthur is on the throne.

Despite myself, I smiled in satisfaction at seeing one hundred and sixty-one campfires, all except the first one having enough food and drink for ten people. That one had enough for two, though I didn't plan on eating in front of it.

One thousand six hundred and two tents had been set up, one for each person, each with their coat of arms on it. Mine was a lion holding a silver sword against a blue background, the symbol of my quest and of the resistance. Okay, this is definitely cool. Iceberg-level cool.

I grabbed my plate and dove into my tent while the Knights looked around in wonder.

Popping my head out of my tent, I called, "The food disappears in an hour, so you may want to eat fast!"

Eventually, the message sank into their skulls and the Knights grabbed their plates. Thanks to the magic of the medallions, the plates (and the uneaten food) disappeared by themselves, and we crawled into our tents.