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Byakuya couldn't help himself, and he wasn't sure why. Something about staring at the flustered younger man, having admitted temptations Byakuya had never guessed he had been fighting, caused a final crack in his long adapted facade.

He closed the distance between them, maintaining eye contact until he was looking directly up into Renji's eyes. He hadn't really noticed the subtle height difference, some part of him had thought his was taller just because he was older, but he noticed it now. Searching Reni's heated, cautious eyes for a moment, Byakuya smiled slightly and pulled the younger mans lips down to his firmly.

"Sometimes," he muttered, "subtlety is simply a waste of time."


Renji had died and gone to heaven, that was the only explanation for why he now had Byakuya tugging lightly at his lips with his own, their bodies pressed firmly together. He enjoyed the feeling for a long set of moments, responding eagerly but slowly to the other man's startling kiss. Finally, he pulled back with a grin.

"I highly doubt anything but slow, subtle stolen touches would have gotten me anywhere, you stubborn old man." He stole another quick kiss, and then smiled self depreciatingly, "Of course, I also had to move into your house and consume your every waking moment for a month."

Byakuya tilted his head and considered him before nodding thoughtfully.

"I suppose not." And with a grin, he tilted his head up for another kiss.

Wrapping one hand firmly against the older man's neck, the other slipping down to his waist, Renji tilted his head so that their lips pressed firmly together. He groaned, tugging lightly as Byakuya's lips as he silently pleaded for the man to open to him. Instead, Byakuya pulled back slightly so that their lips separated.

The two men stared at each other once more, searching each other's faces from something neither of them could name. Finally, Byakuya broke the silence.

"Just so we're clear, I can't promise you love. I'm not sure whether the emotion still exists inside me, but if we start this I'm not going to let you go. I'm going to make you pass every last waking moment of your life within ten meters of me at all times because, though I've suffered loss before, I refuse to do it again." He let go of Renji's shirt to slide his hands up into the other mans hair, loosing the band that held the red locks in place and slipping his fingers through the silky hair as it slipped between their faces. Softly, he pushed it out of Renji's eyes, finishing emphatically, "I make no promises other than to keep you and to cherish you. Tell me that's enough."

Renji's face sparked with emotion, the hand around Byakuya's neck caressed slow circles at the base of his hair. Seconds passed and he finally spoke.

"I don't want you to promise me anything you can't give. Love, and I do believe you have it in you, can wait. Because I want you, every bit of you, but more importantly I want every piece of you as you're ready to give it to me. For now, this is enough." And he crushed their lips back together, the hand on Byakuya's hip pulling their bodies flush against one another and eliciting a moan from them both.

For a time kissing was enough. They hadn't allowed themselves even that in the month they'd lived together, both growing more and more attached to the other by the repetition of daily duties, their calming presence and learning that their personalities fit together better than one could have believed. All of Renji's fiery passion, difficult to contain, was a 180 from the carefully controlled Byakuya who let loose rarely, but held a flood gate of feelings and emotion.

Slowly, passionately, they took their time learning each other's bodies. Out on the back porch, as Renji had claimed he'd fought the urge to do for the past month. They slid to the deck at some point, laying together, caressing, exploring until Renji could no longer enjoy the calm patience Byakuya seemed so capable of maintaining.

"Is it an age thing?" he grumbled, lips sliding down the other man's chest, stopping for a moment to nibble at a nipple, before his hands slid down to Byakuya's pants.

"Is what an age thing?" Byakuya asked, a smile in his voice, breathing heavily. Air slipped in an unbidden rush from his lips as Renji divested him of his pants, but not allowing himself to be distracted by the gloriously naked man before him, Renji glanced up to answer.

"The calmness; somehow you seem so much less frantic, so much less needy."

"Oh I am no less needy," Byakuya groaned as Renji's hand slipped around his arousal. For a few moments neither of them moved while Byakuya sought to finish his thought, much to Renji's satisfaction. "I'm just less greedy. I know that good things come to those who wait."

"Well," Renji smiled wickedly, slipping his face down to eye level with his full hand, "I say, good things don't have to wait."

Wrapping his mouth around him, Renji groaned at the feeling. It had been so long since he'd been with a man that he'd forgotten how enjoyable simple foreplay could be. The tension, growing and growing, was building to an almost tormenting level. He took his time, enjoying the older man before Byakuya had enough of Renji being in control.

They rolled, a little, a brief struggle for the dominant position left them both naked and Byakuya sitting smugly on top of Renji's thighs.

"The older man should get the privilege, no?" he teased, caressing Renji's lower stomach teasingly, drifting that hand to the heat of his lover's arousal and leaning down to purr in his ear. "I may never have done it with a man, but I still have more practice." He nipped lightly at Renji's neck as he lifted off of red head's legs and rolled them over. Renji grinned, now looking down at the other man.

"I wanted you inside me anyway, so no hardship there." He leaned forward to return to kissing Byakuya, rubbing their arousal together between their sweat slicked bodies. The early summer air almost felt chilly compared to their fervor. Byakuya reached a hand behind Renji and cupped his behind tightly, enjoying its firmness, before slipping his hands between the cheeks and enjoying the soft groan of the man lying on top of him.

Byakuya worked slowly, and though Renji understood why, he couldn't stand the torment any longer. Raising his eyes to meet Byakuya's, he pulled away and lifted himself so he rested right about Byakuya's length. Eyes flashing with arousal, Byakuya said nothing, devouring the sight of the beautiful red haired man straddling his hips and slowly lowering himself onto him.

Renji's sigh of sweet surrender caused the clenching of something inside him, something that was suspiciously similar to his heart, as well at tightening in his loins. They rode the pleasure, slow and steady for as long as they could as Byakuya learned the feel of a man, but he eventually flipped Renji over with finesse and drove them both to exhausted completion.


Renji had, when he finally regained the ability to move, gone upstairs to gather himself and Byakuya robes and a snack so that they could resume their calm enjoyment of the post-coital glow and summer afternoon. They hadn't said much, but he wasn't surprised. Anything that had needed to be said was out already, everything else was in the way Byakuya now looked at him, touched him. He was content.

In the coming weeks, Renji had come to suspect that something in Byakuya had broken. Be it a long existing cage he kept on his emotions or something else, he was slightly less closed off. Renji had very little problem discerning the minor fluctuations in his lover's emotions, never mind the bigger ones. Their life resumed its casual pace, but was now filled with lingering caresses and nights spent in each other's arms that were much more than casual. Renji's suspected that he'd never get Byakuya to admit to 'love', but Renji no longer wanted to hear the words out loud. He didn't need to.

Everything that he needed was there, in Byakuya's face every morning. Everything he could have dreamed was nestled in the extravagant estate Byakuya had long called home, including the man himself.

The only thing left to do was tell Rukia, but damned in hell if he was going to listen to a lifetime of 'I told you so'. So he hadn't called her, and neither had Byakuya.

Besides, if he knew his friend at all, she'd be showing up at the house the next weekend she could take off, just to check on them.

It wouldn't be long, a woman's impatience knew no bounds.

Until then, life with his tall, beautiful lover was nothing but peaceful. He wondered if Ichigo would want to come visit…


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