I think this could have been done better, but this is the best I can do.

Note: The roses are a reference to the otome game based on the Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom of the Opera

"Come to the Phantom of the Opera!"

The young tenor gave a small gasp as he saw a figure of a man slowly appear in the glass.

The man had hair as red as fire; and mismatched eyes of ruby and gold. Most of his features were concealed behind the white half-mask wore on the left side of his face; but from what could be seen, one could tell that he was very handsome.

A gloved hand came out of the mirror, reaching out to him.

"Take my hand, Tetsuya. I will lead you where your soul is longing to go."

Don't, warned a little voice in his head. You must not go with him.

However, he paid no heed to it; he was already captivated by the bewitching figure within the glass.

The teal-haired singer reached out wordlessly, his fingers trembling slightly as he placed his hand in the mysterious man's. It was as if he was entrusting himself to him: his life, his soul, his everything.

The gloved hand pulled him through the mirror, towards the masked ghost that bore the voice of an angel.

He could smell the light musk of roses when he was pressed against his chest.

"Thank you... for breaking my fall."

"It is nothing. Are you hurt anywhere, my sweet Tetsuya? Was I too rough with you?"

"I am perfectly fine."

It's warm.

The hand that was cupping his cheek... It was warm.

He was real.

Unlike the angel who came to him in his dreams, who was cold.

He reached up, his fingers brushing softly against the pale skin that was not hidden by the mask.

The angel was now by his side.

"What is the matter, my dear Tetsuya?"

"I... always hear his gentle voice singing to me as I sleep. Is this another dream, I wonder, for it is only in dreams that he comes to me."

"If you think it a dream, let it be one."

"My senses tell me that this is real; for I can hear that tender voice coming from those lips, speaking my name. He is now right by me; my every thought is filled with him."

"And it is with these thoughts we shall sing our duet: A wonderful song if the night!"

"It is such a strange song, yet so captivating."

"And with each note, my power over you shall get stonger! Soon you shall be the best Primo Uomo the world would ever seen. No, you shall be the only Primo Uomo the world would ever need."

"Indeed, it is me that they see on the stage. But it is not my voice that they hear; it is yours."

"It is our voice that they hear, my sweet; as one combined. Come, let us go."

"But to where? All I can see ahead is endless darkness; and I cannot help but wonder if there is anything lurking behind."

"Don't turn your head away from me, Tetsuya; even if it is to glance behind for a moment. There is no one else here but us. You do not have to be afraid; for I am here."

"What are you, strange angel? Never has there been a man who could hold so many mysteries in a single existence."

"So, who do you say I am? Am I a man? Or am I a mystery?"

"You are both."

"Does it frighten you? Or does it capitvate you?"

"I must admit that I find it rather charming."

"Do you love music, Tetsuya?"

"With all my heart, I do."

"Do you love me, then?"

"I do love you, dear Angel; even more than music. For it is you who have given this gift of music to me. Take my heart: it is yours: my love I shall give to you."

"For love is blind. I am with you always. And now I will lead you to a world that you can never imagine: a dark kingdom, hidden in this deep labyrinth, that pays homage to music. My kingdom."

"What are to do there?"

"In my kingdom, music never sleeps. When your voice first reached my ears I have decided that you shall be my servant, the maid of a twisted melody that is my own. You shall sing for me, my sweet Tetsuya, this strange music of the night. Will you sing for me, my precious?"

"Yes, I will."

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