Someone on pixiv drew Kuroko no Basket in a Phantom of the Opera parody (aka. A cross-over), similar to this series. I thought it was interesting, so do check it out! The pixiv ID for the piece is 31356758.

Stranger than you dreamt it

It was to the sound of a soft melody that Kuroko Tetsuya awoke.

It was an interesting little tune: played from a music box in the shape of a monkey, who wore the clothes of a land far away.

"Where... is this place?"

He remembered that he was surrounded by mist, swirling upon the surface of a vast, glassy lake. He was on a boat, with another man who was rowing it towards the bank on the other side.

They reached a dark labyrinth, illuminated by many, many candles. It held an air of mystery: it felt disturbing, yet so inviting.

But after that his vision went dark as he fell into a state of unconciousness.

He looked around to see that he had been lying in a large bed, silken scarlet sheets pooling around his bare hips where he now sat. His clothes were on the ground beside him, and so were his boots.

Next to him, in a peaceful slumber, was a man. His hair was a lovely shade of red; and he wore a mask that concealed half of his face.

However, he couldn't help but be attracted to the delicate features that were present on that seemingly angelic face. He wanted to see more… more that lay hidden under that mask that he wore…

But as they say, curiosity kills the cat.


Kuroko gave a loud gasp, the mask slipping from, his fingers and falling onto the silken sheets of the bed.

The part that had been concealed by the mask… oh, what terror! It was a terrible scar— a grotesque deformity that marred that beautiful face.

But that wasn't what frightened him.

It was a pair of mismatched eyes— one of blood red and the other of piercing gold that were staring right at him.


The man whom he saw as an angel now wore the face of a furious demon, twisted with anger and malice.

His voice, once soft and gently, was now seethed with rage.

"Does this frighten you? Well, it should!"

"N-No, that's not…"

"There is no use denying it! Since you wanted to see it so badly, why cower away? Come, take a closer look! Come! Stare all you want at this hideous face!"

The man grabbed his wrists, pullinging him down and pinning him onto the bed.

"Don't you know that ignorance is bliss and knowledge is sorrow? Afool who lets his mind wander to think of things that he shouldn't! Now what do you see me as? Don't you think me as loathesome? Digusting? A human with the face of a beast? Tell me, Tetsuya! Tell me!"

Kuroko could not reply; his body was trembling with fear. He could not hold back the tears, chokes and sobs.


The man seemed to be shocked. He released his hold on Kuroko's wrists, and moved away from him.

"Go. Go away; leave me alone. I don't want to see you."

"Why… are you acting this way? What happened to that kind angel who held his hand out to me?"

"Do you not fear me?"

"I do not fear you, my angel; but your rage has left me shaken. This shock is the cause of my fear; not you or your face."

Kuroko reached out to the man, to touch the scarred skin of his cheek.

"It doesn't matter to me if you have the face of that is as ugly as any monster. You are still my precious angel; no matter what you look like. But the words you have spat and the anger that you have shown… those are things that have truly frightened me."


The man wrapped his arms around Kuroko's slim waist, pulling him into a warm embrace.

"Forgive me, my sweet Tetsuya. It was not my intention to frighten you. Please, do not cry."

"It's all right. I am fine now. But I have a request, sweet angel…"

"What is it, Tetsuya?"

"May I enquire your name?"

"My name… is Akashi Seijuurou."

"Akashi… Seijuurou…sama…"

Kuroko repeated slowly, as if savouring each syllable.

"There is no need for that suffix. Just call me 'Seijuurou'."


Akashi smiled.

"Yes; and I want you to remember it. Not with your head, but with your heart."

"Of course… Seijuurou…"

"Now hurry and get dressed. We must return soon. I am certain that there will be some fools who are searching for you."

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