Chapter one

Even though Harry, Hermione and Ron were exhausted and they also needed some healing, the three of them automatically walked back down through the ruined castle to the great hall. Harry watched from the doors as Hermione and Ron walked over to the rest of the Weasley's who were still around Fred's body. Harry looked around and saw a lot of other family members with people they had lost. Some he knew, other's he didn't.

'You okay Harry?' Kingsley Shacklebolt asked as he came up behind him.

'Hard question Kingsley, oh sorry, Minister.'

'Yes, I think that will be a hard question for a lot of people to answer. How are the Weasley's doing?'

'I haven't been able to go down there yet. Ron's devastated of course, but I just can't bring myself to go closer and see Fred. What's going on out in the world?'

'Well, word is spreading fast that you killed him, people are notifying the aurors with information about death eaters they have seen, even if there are only a few left that never died. You might not like hearing this, but people all over the wizarding world are toasting you're name right now.'

'They should be cursing my name, not toasting it.'

'Why would you say something like that Harry?' Kingsley asked looking stunned as he stared at Harry.

'Just something I found out a bit late. I could have prevented half these deaths if I found out earlier and it was only luck that let me find out before we all could have ended up dead.'

'Is that true Harry,' George Weasley said from behind him.

Harry spun around, 'Um, yeah it is George, some important information that I never found out about until he called a break in the fighting. Dumbledore left that information with Snape so he could tell me at the right time.'

George kept staring at Harry, then before anyone could do anything or knew what was happening, George closed his fist and punch Harry in the face, knocking him to the ground.

'You're saying if you knew this information sooner, Fred would still be alive?' George shouted as he stood over Harry.

Kingsley stood between Harry and George as an auror helped Harry up, 'It's fine Kingsley, because it's true, so if George wants to hit me again, let him.'

'I'm not going to let that happen Harry, so forget it. George, I know you're hurting right now, but this won't help.'

'How do you know, did you lose your brother...Minister,' George glared at Harry then turned and hurried away just as Arthur, Ron, Hermione and Charlie ran up to them.

'What happened Kingsley?' Arthur asked.

'George, he overheard Harry telling me something so he hit Harry.'

'I deserve it,' Harry knelt down with his hands over his head.

'You don't deserve it Harry, you never knew, you said yourself if you knew you would have went to him sooner,' Ron said as he knelt in front of Harry, grabbing his shoulder, 'George doesn't understand, why do you think I told you to tell him.'

'I can't, I can't tell anyone,' Harry stood up and hurried out of the hall.

'What was that about, tell him what Ron?' Arthur asked.

'I promised Harry that I wouldn't say anything, sorry dad, but I won't betray Harry's trust.'

'If it could help George Ron, I think you need to.'

'If Harry finds out we told anyone, I don't know what he'll do. Not to us, that's not what I'm worried about, it's Harry, he'll do something to himself. Just know it's shocking and something Harry will never get over. If George needs to blame someone, he should blame Dumbledore. He should have told Harry before he died, but he told Snape to tell Harry at the right time. How he was going to do that when we kept ourselves hidden, making sure no one could find us.'

'Where is Snape Ron?' Kingsley asked.

'Dead, in the shrieking shake. Nagini killed him on Voldemorts orders. Harry knelt down next to him before he died. Just know that Snape really was on Dumbledore's side and had been helping protect Harry for years. Snape knew Lily Potter from when they were kids, but he was in love with her.'

'Oh now it makes sense, Harry looks like James,' Kingsley said, 'Okay, well at least we can have his name cleared,' Kingsley turned, 'Rodney, go have a look around for Harry, death eaters will go after him if they see him,' Kingsley said to the auror beside him.

'Yes Sir,' the auror said and hurried away.

'We'll go see where George is, if you see him Kingsley, let us know.'

'I will Arthur,' Kingsley watched some of the Weasley's leave just as Minerva walked over to him.

'What happened?'

'Harry was telling me if he had some information earlier, he could have prevented half the deaths, George overheard and hit Harry. He lost his twin, so we can understand that he's going through a hard time right now. But Harry's blaming himself as well, he said Dumbledore left the information with Snape, Snape let Harry know right before he died.'

'Severus gave Harry important information, why would he do that when he was a death eater?'

'Apparently he wasn't, Snape loved Lily Potter and he'd been helping Albus protect Harry for years. I don't know the full story Minerva, maybe you can find out from Albus's portrait.'

'Yes, maybe I can, if he will tell me.'

'Well, I was coming to let you know you are now the new headmistress of Hogwarts. So as it goes, the portraits have to be of assistance to the new headmaster or headmistress.'

Minerva smiled, 'Thank you, so now at least I can find out what's going on. Are you going to be here for a while?'

'Yes, I'm actually going to use Hogwarts as my office until we can clear out the ministry of his people. The aurors are working on that now, I've also contacted some others I know to be trustworthy. I've been using the floo in the defence classroom to talk to everyone, hope you don't mind.'

'No, of course now, but what about his body, what are you going to do with him?'

'Well, I spoke to a friend, an unspeakable. He asked whether they can have his body. So I've been trying to decide whether to let them or just burn his body right here, making sure he never comes back. I heard what Harry said to him so I know why he didn't die before, but I just want to be certain he can't come back again.'

'You mean the horcruxes,' Minerva said lowering her voice, 'Not many people would know that name Kingsley, so let's hope we don't get others making them. The diadem of Ravenclaw must have been one, Harry came here looking for it.'

'Yes, I heard that and the snake. For some reason Neville killed it, so there had to be a reason.'

'There was, but even I don't know why Harry asked me to kill the snake,' Neville said wearily as he walked up to them. 'I still have the sword Professor, but I'm going home with Gran and I wanted to know what to do with it.'

'I'll take it, I'm heading up to my new office now. But I'm proud of you Neville, I really am. You stood up to him even after he tortured you, shows why the sword presented itself to you, a true Gryffindor.'

Neville smiled, as he handed her the sword, 'Thanks Professor, I'll see you later because I'm coming back to help with the repairs, so are some of the others, they want to help.'

'Thank you and we could use it, now go home and rest Neville.'

'Bye,' Neville said and walked back over to his grandmother.

'Um, Professor,' Hermione said as she walked up to her, 'We found George, he was in Professor Dumbledore's office. He was shouting and firing hexes at his portrait. Mr. Weasley got him out of there and has taken him into a classroom, but there is some damage to the portrait.'

'Alright Hermione, I'll go see it, find out how much damage has been done. Have you seen Harry at all?'

'No, I went with the Weasley's to find George. So you're auror hasn't come back yet Minister?'

'No and I'm starting to get a little worried. I might go look around, see if I can find them.'

'We'll be in my office Kingsley,' Minerva and Hermione walked off together, Kingsley walked back outside the castle and stared around. He spotted Rodney a few feet away from Harry who was standing near the forbidden forest, staring towards it.

Kingsley slowly walked towards Rodney, 'What's he doing?'

'Nothing, just staring at the forbidden forest, he hasn't moved or said anything. So I thought I'd just keep an eye on him.'

'I'm glad you did, I'm sure everything's fine, but I'm not taking the chance as there are no wards around here yet.'

'I know I'm supposed to stay with you but I also know you're friends with Harry. So I'll keep an eye on him as long as you don't leave here?'

Kingsley chuckled, 'I'm not going anywhere, I'll either be in the great hall, the defence classroom or Minerva's office, so if anything happens, let me know.'

'I will...Sir,' Rodney smiled at the tall black man, then winked.

'Behave, I'll see you later,' Kingsley smiled then walked away.

Rodney turned back to watch Harry, who had turned and was staring at him, so Rodney nodded, but never moved.

'Harry, Harry,' a woman's voice called as she ran towards him.

Rodney stepped over and stood in front of Harry until the woman came into the light, then Harry and Rodney stood there in shock staring at a woman they both thought was dead. Both men pulled their wands as they weren't taking a chance that this was a death eater using polyjuice potion to get close to Harry or the new minister.