Chapter two

'Here, take Teddy and tell me where Remus is and have you seen my mother?'

Harry took the baby in his arms, 'If you weren't the real Tonks, you would not have handed me Teddy, unless this isn't Teddy. Are you the real Tonks though, because I just saw you're body, so now I'm confused?'

'Body, someone is dead that looks like me, mum,' Tonks said as she started crying, 'She left, I found a note saying she wanted me to stay with Teddy so if anything happens Teddy would have one parent, but please, tell me where Remus is?'

Harry stepped closer, 'I'm sorry Tonks,' Harry gave a small shake of the head, then Tonks put her arms around Harry and cried harder, 'You were together when he died and you're mother, but why did she look like you?'

'She thought someone might mistake her for Bellatrix. In the darkness, they do look alike. Where's Bellatrix, she didn't do it did she Harry?'

'She's dead, Mrs. Weasley took her out after she almost killed Ginny, but I don't know who did it. Come inside me with me Tonks, you can see Remus and you're mother,' Harry looked at the auror and mouthed the word Kingsley, so Rodney nodded and headed inside the castle to find the minister.

Harry led Tonks who still had her arms around Harry over to the two bodies lying side by side. She knelt down and started to cry on Remus's chest. Harry kept jiggling the baby boy in his arms. He'd never held a baby before and hoped he was doing it alright.

'Tonks, I'm sorry, but I need to make sure it's really you. As you can see, you're lying dead next to your husband,' Kingsley said from behind her.

Tonks sniffed, then wiped her face before facing Kingsley, 'My wand is in my sleeve if Rodney wants to get it and you can perform any spell you want on me and my mother. You'll see it's me and that's my mother.'

Rodney stepped forward and took the wand out of Tonks's sleeve, 'I'm sorry, but I have to be sure,' Kingsley moved his wand over Tonks's whole body, performing charms, 'Well you're not using polyjuice potion or any sort of altering charms, so it's you Tonks. Rodney, you can give her back her wand. But what's going on, why would Andromeda do this?'

'She didn't want Teddy left without parents. Remus heard something was going on here and Harry was here, so mum left when I was putting Teddy down for a nap. I found a note saying she was going to turn into me as people might mistake her for Bellatrix. Can you change her back Kingsley?'

'Of course,' Kingsley performed some charms over Tonks's dead body and she turned into Andromeda Tonks. 'You're mother was a brave lady.'

'My sister,' Narcissa shouted as she ran over.

'Get away from her you bitch,' Tonks said and threw a punch at Narcissa's face. 'You caused this, you and that husband of yours.'

'Rodney, take Mrs. Malfoy back over to her family until we can deal with them and tell Oliver to bind them if he needs to.'

'Yes sir,' Rodney took hold of Narcissa's arm and led her back over.

Harry put his arm around Tonks, 'It's okay Tonks, she's gone now.' Tonks turned in Harry's arms and hugged him again, but kept her body to the side as Harry had Teddy in his arms.

'Remus,' she sobbed into Harry's shoulder.

'I know Tonks,' Harry slowly moved her over to a seat and sat them both down, Kingsley following them. Harry just kept holding Tonks and Teddy why Tonks cried. 'How did you hear about this?'

'I've had the wireless going, heard you killed him Harry. I waited to hear from Remus, when I didn't, I had to come and find out what was going on,' Tonks looked at her son in Harry's arms, 'Meet you're godson Harry.'

Harry gave a small smile as he looked at the baby in his arms, 'Yeah, he's beautiful Tonks, but are you sure you want me as godfather?'

'Positive, the moment I mentioned it to Remus, he agreed you would make a great godfather. What am I going to do without Remus, what's Teddy going to do without his father?'

'You'll both get through this Tonks and I'll help any way I can, you know that. Why did Remus turn up though?'

'He wanted to be here for you and for your dad.'

'Yeah, that's what I thought, he should have stayed with you and Teddy.'

Tonks put her head on Harry's shoulder, 'He loved you and wanted to be here for you Harry and he loved you're father, he couldn't stay away, he would have seen that as a betrayal of his friendship to James. What are you going to do now you don't have to stay in hiding?'

'I haven't thought about it, too much has been going on and I'm also exhausted. Been awake now for about forty hours, normally I'd go with Ron, but George is angry with me, so I might just hang around here until I can work something out. It never occurred to me that I'm homeless, not that I ever thought of the Dursleys place as home.'

'No you're not, you're coming home with Teddy and me, for as long as you want.'

'Tonks, you will probably want time alone with your son.'

'No, I don't want to be alone and this way you can get to know Teddy.'

'Alright, if you're sure,' Harry looked up at Kingsley, 'What's going to happen now, you know, with everyone that died?'

'I've been notifying everyone, it's hard to find anyone at their homes. We're going to have someone pick up all the people that died and we'll work out when the funerals will be. Tonks, I know you probably don't want to think about this now, but if you could tell me, where would Remus want to be buried?'

'With James, so Godric's hollow. What happened to dad's body, we never found out?'

'We've got everyone we found at a secure location but their being moved to St Mungo's now until the funerals. So about your mother and father, where do you want them buried?'

'Well, they lived in Briantspuddle, so probably there,' Tonks looked at Harry, 'Unless they can be buried at Godric's Hollow too, that way when I die, I can be with Remus and my parents.'

Harry sighed, 'If you want them to Tonks, but I know Remus would want to be near dad.'

'I think I will have all of them at Godric's Hollow, we're family now, so it makes sense for our families to be together,' Tonks put her head back on Harry's shoulder.

Harry looked up at Kingsley and nodded, 'Can you let us know?'

'As soon as we work it out, I'll contact you. Why don't you head home Tonks, take Teddy?'

'Yeah, Harry are you coming?'

'Yeah, but I need to get my stuff,' Harry handed the baby back to his mother, 'I want be long. Kingsley, do you know where Hermione is, she has my clothes?'

'George decided to wreck Dumbledore's portrait, that's where they were before, I'm not sure if their still up there. Why don't you just go with Tonks, I'll get your clothes to you first thing tomorrow.'

'Okay, can you let Ron and Hermione I'm staying with Tonks and I'll try to see them when I can,' Harry turned to Tonks, 'If you want to go, we can get your son home and into bed.'

'Can you take Teddy again,' Tonks placed her son back in Harry's arms, then kneeled down between her husband and mother. She kissed her mother on the cheek, then she kissed her husband on his lips, 'Goodbye Remus, I love you,' Tonks gently touched his face, then stood up, putting her arms around Harry.

'We'll talk to you later Kingsley,' Harry said softly as he helped Tonks outside and she apparated them away. They arrived in the back garden of a small house and they headed straight inside. Tonks led the way into her son's room, then took her son in her arms, kissed his forehead, then placed him in his cot and covered him up. She looked at Harry then put her arms around him again and started crying, 'I'll help Tonks, let's leave Teddy to sleep,' Harry helped Tonks out of the room and into the living room where they sat down but Tonks kept crying into Harry's shoulder, so Harry decided just to hold her. He normally didn't like crying girls, but right now, Tonks needed him.

After a while Tonks sniffed and wiped her face on her sleeve, 'Oh, you're bleeding Harry.'

'It's fine Tonks.'

'I can do a few small healing charms, so show me what's wrong.'

'The normal cuts and things I've got you could, but my shoulder you can't, unless you can heal dark magic.'

'What?' Tonks looked up at Harry.

'He hit me with the killing curse again, it's a bit tender and still bleeding.'

'Blimey Harry, okay, show me so I can do something.'

Harry nodded, then opened his shirt, 'See, it's like the other one.'

'Stay still,' Tonks took a couple of deep breathes, then performed a healing spell over Harry's shoulder, 'It's stopped bleeding, but you will need a potion. We have a potions room here, luckily I have some blood replenishing potion. Don't move why I get it.'

Harry watched as Tonks hurried about and was back in a couple of minutes handing Harry a small bottle of thick liquid. He knew it was going to taste terrible and was grimacing already before he drank it.

'Don't be a baby Harry, drink it.'

'I just know what this stuff tastes like,' Harry shuddered as he drank the potion, 'Merlin that tastes like shit. Um, I know with everything, you don't need to worry about me on top of it. But I haven't eaten or slept in ages, would you mind.'

'No, I'll get you something to eat, you go shower and get all that old blood of you. Use Remus's robe Harry, until Kingsley brings your clothes.'

Harry knew that was the sensible thing to do, but he wasn't sure about wearing Remus's robe, but he needed to put something on. Tonks saw him hesitate, so she got up and went into another room, then handed Harry the robe. He nodded and went to shower why Tonks went into the kitchen to fix him something to eat.