Chapter twenty one

After making Harry eat all his lunch, Tonks took Harry's hand then led him into the bathroom where they shared a shower but naturally they made love in there again before getting back into bed. They knew Hermione and Ron would be bringing Teddy home soon, so they made the most of time together. When they heard Hermione calling, they put their robes on and headed out to get their son, which Harry took Teddy into his arms and kissed him all over his face making Teddy laugh but making Tonks, Hermione and Ron laugh as well. Hermione and Ron could also see Harry was already healing and knew he was going to be alright.

'So are you okay Harry, I mean you look okay compared to how you were, but I want to hear it from you?' Hermione asked gazing at Harry intensely.

'I'm okay Hermione, really. I know you've been worried and I tried to look after myself,' Harry looked down at Teddy who was pulling his glasses off, making him laugh, 'But I just didn't have the strength to fight anymore, no matter how much I tried.'

'He really is Hermione, he had some lunch. I started him on a small amount since he hasn't been eating at all. The amount Harry's been drinking, well that's going to take some time to ease him back off that. But he's okay,' Tonks gave Harry a smile.

'Yeah, I am, but we have some news and we're going to need help planning our wedding as fast as possible.'

'What news, apart from getting married?' Ron asked.

Harry looked at Tonks, 'I'm pregnant, we're going to have a baby.'

Hermione screamed and gently hugged Harry why he was holding Teddy then she hugged Tonks. Ron sat there with his mouth hanging open.

'Are you going to say anything Ron?' Harry laughed.

'First, wow,' Ron hugged both Harry and Tonks, 'Second, did you know before you left?'

'No, Tonks only just told me but she fell that last time we were together.'

'With what was going to happen, I never thought to do the spells over me to stop it. But we're both excited about the baby and looking forward to a lot more.'

'A lot more, how many are you planning to have Harry?'

Harry and Tonks laughed, 'Well, Tonks mentioned eight, I mentioned ten, so a lot.'

'You're serious, you both want that many children?' Hermione asked looking stunned.

'Yes, we both want a lot of kids and since we were both only children, Harry and I always wanted brothers and sisters. I was going to always have a lot, then Harry told me he wanted a lot as well. So Teddy is a year old in another two months' time, then this little one,' Tonks put her hand on her stomach, 'Then it will probably be one a year after that, we'll have to see about that though, but as long as their close together in age.'

'Blimey,' Ron said as he stared at Harry, 'I was raised in a house with nine people, it's hard, fighting for the bathroom, trying to have some space to be alone, always noisy, lots of fights. I don't know how you want that.'

'For one, we'll have a house built big enough so each person will have their own bathroom, plus a lot of different smaller living rooms so everyone can have their own space. But I would love to have it here somewhere, I love looking over the water.'

'Why don't we just expand this place Harry, it's already got four bedrooms, we just need to go up and out.'

'Now that might work love, but while the work is being done, we'll have to stay somewhere else for a while.'

'We could rent something while it's being done. Why don't we work on those plans after we get married though?'

'We have got time, alright wedding first and fast. So Ron, you have to be my best man, you know that.'

Ron laughed, 'I better be Harry.'

'Hermione, I lost my closest friend, she was an auror, so you've become my closest friend now, would you be my bride's maid?'

'I would love to Tonks, thank you, but what about Teddy during the ceremony.'

'I was thinking of asking Rodney and Kingsley, Teddy loves them and he feels comfortable enough with them.'

'They love him too Tonks, they always try to take him off me when their here.'

'They don't have much luck though,' Tonks giggled.

'Oh you're giggling again,' Harry kissed Tonks fiercely, 'I missed that, along with those other noises you like to make.'

Tonks gave a little growling noise then purred before she kissed Harry's neck, 'Those noises my sweet?'

'Yes, those,' Harry laughed, then saw Ron's ears go red and even Hermione blushed, 'I seem to bring them out in Tonks.'

'We don't need to hear that Harry, keep you're sex life to yourself.'

'Well, not myself, but between me and Tonks.'

'Alright sweetheart, now I was going to suggest I start dinner, but why don't all of us go out to eat. If we go now, Teddy should stay awake.'

'I'm in, what about you two?'

'Yep, we'll be in,' Ron said seeing Hermione nod, 'But Harry, you're clothes are still at Grimmauld Place.'

'Right, I should go back and get those, it won't take me long, but I really don't want to let Tonks out of my sight.'

'We'll go get your things, is it only clothes?' Hermione asked.

'Yeah, I even left my cloak here, I couldn't take all my stuff, so just clothes, thanks.' Harry smiled then watched his friends leave before he turned back to the woman he loved. They kept staring at each other, but Teddy also wanted some attention, so they sat and played with him until Hermione and Ron returned. Then Hermione took Teddy while Harry and Tonks showed and changed. The five of them walked down to the small town, then sat at a nice restaurant and had an enjoyfull evening. But Hermione and Ron could see Harry healing right before their eyes.

Over the next couple of weeks, Hermione and Ron helped Harry and Tonks on their wedding plans. They were going to be married right on the beach and Kingsley offered to perform the ceremony while Rodney said he'd love to take care of Teddy while that was happening. All the aurors were attending, along with all of Harry's friends. The order of the phoenix were going to be attending as well, the Weasley's even Ginny and Seamus who were now officially a couple. Harry and Tonks also wanted people like Minerva McGonagall, Hagrid, Poppy Pomfrey and Aberforth Dumbledore to be there as well. Harry and Tonks had gone shopping for wedding rings, Harry also bought Tonks a beautiful large emerald and moonstone engagement ring. At first she told Harry not to spend so much, but she could see how much Harry really wanted her to have the ring, so she relented. They got matching wedding rings, both with emeralds and moonstones going all around the gold band. They bought Teddy some beautiful little dress robes in emerald to match Harry's robes and part of Tonks' dress, which was white but had bits of emerald green around the edges, back and some small emerald patterns over the top. Hermione had gone for a very nice ocean blue gown, Ron in the same colour as Hermione for his robes. Harry asked Tonks if she wanted to go a little traditional, meaning for Harry to spend the night somewhere else and they not see each other until the wedding. But Tonks didn't want Harry to be away from her just like Harry didn't want Tonks away from him they both knew Teddy would miss Harry. So the most they were going to do was dress in separate rooms, Tonks wouldn't let Harry see her dress until the day. So Harry was going to be outside before Tonks got dress, so he couldn't see her until the last minute.

All the guests had arrived and were sitting around talking. Kingsley, Rodney and the aurors had placed warming charms and windbreak charms all around the area where the wedding was going to take place, plus they expanded the house as that's where the reception was going to be. Harry had the food catered so no one had to worry about looking after anything, he also had hired waiters to serve drinks. They had a small band to play music for the ceremony and for the reception. They were playing quietly while the guests took their seats. Kingsley and Rodney were talking to friends when they spotted Ron, Harry and Teddy making their way outside. Rodney instantly took Teddy into his arms, making Kingsley, Harry and Ron laugh. Then Harry and Ron stood next to each other and faced the house. The band got the signal then started to play when Hermione slowly stepped out and made her way down to Harry and Ron. Ron gazed at Hermione with his mouth hanging open, making all his brothers laugh loudly. Then Tonks stepped out in her white and emerald green gown and she had matched her hair, so it was emerald green just like Harry's eyes.

Harry never took his eyes off Tonks the whole time as she made her way towards him. As soon as she stood near Harry, Tonks took his hands and they stared into each other's eyes as Kingsley started to ceremony. Everyone laughed when Kingsley had to tap Harry on the shoulder when it was time to say his vows, even Tonks giggled making Harry laugh before he finally spoke his words of true love to Tonks. Then Tonks spoke her words of love to Harry. After exchanging their words of love and commitment, they exchanged rings before Kingsley pronounced them husband and wife. Harry and Tonks kept staring into each other's eyes before George finally yelled out it was time for Harry to kiss his wife, making everyone laugh again, but Harry did kiss his wife, with every bit of passion he had inside him and Tonks kissed Harry back with all she had and felt for Harry. When the happy couple kept kissing, George called for someone to throw some cold water over them or they'd be taking off to their bedroom and again making everyone laugh but it didn't stop Harry and Tonks from their passionate kiss. After a few minutes, the newly married couple slowly parted their lips to loud applause and lot of congratulations. Photos were being taken nonstop, lots of Harry, Tonks and Teddy, then Harry, Tonks with all their friends but a lot of the time Teddy was with everyone. If Teddy wasn't with Harry and Tonks, he was with Kingsley, Rodney, Hermione or Ron had him. But everyone enjoyed a wonderful party celebrating Harry Potter's marriage to Nymphadora Tonks Lupin, now Dora Potter as Harry realised he liked calling his wife Dora. Drinks and speeches were made, lots of embarrassing stories from Harry's friends about him. Lots of embarrassing stories about Dora from the aurors she worked with. But most people just kept watching Harry and Tonks through the night because they couldn't seem to look away from each other for more than a few seconds and anyone just had to see them to see the love the couple had for each other and how happy and content they were and that was all anyone wanted for their saviour and his wife.

The end: