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Back to my depressing story.

A small box was hidden in a dark and forbidding place.

A small, but nonetheless dangerous box.

It was the bane to humanity.

Humanity's sins.

All kept in a small, little box.

Tempting foolish humans to open it, but failing to prevail.

"Lacie is dead...I killed her."the dark haired man repeated.

The twisted laughter was heard from the box, now rattling dangerously.

Pandora's Box was finally opened, It's dark contents pouring out.

He was speechless.

That woman, his last hope, he had looked for her for eight years.

Eight, bitter, years.

After all of that time, he had finally found her.

And for that short amount of time...

He was content.


His life seemed more whole.


His only mistake, was that he could not see through that little white lie.

"Good bye, Jack..."

He noticed the light tinge of sadness in her eyes as she said those final words.


After those few hours with her eight years ago, he had managed to memorise them.

Love them.

It was said that the eyes were the windows to the soul.

For her, It wasn't.

She had learnt to hide her emotions behind that sweet smile.

It wasn't like his.

Convincing, yet fake.

Hers was a shield.

Oh, yes.

But it was always real.


The box rattled as the darkness seeped out towards the minds.

She had always loved their world.

It was cruel, unfair.

Yet, it was so beautiful.


The stoic voice said, rousing him from his thoughts.

The man looked up at his "friend".

Emerald clashed against amethyst.

Both men searching the other's for that tiny glint of recognition.


In that moment, the two became instantly closer.

The two broken men.

He smiled at his dark haired companion.

But he knew what he had to do.

And he would complete it.

He would do anything for the woman with the crimson eyes.

Even if it meant death.

This...This was all for Lacie

As the two men left,The last white light exited the box.


It was accepted with open arms.

Ones that did not notice the twisted insanity that followed it closely.

This was all the fault of that man who opened the accursed box.

The "hero".

Jack Vessalius.

The end...Or is it? 0_o