"Chris, Chris!" Thomas called out, entering the house with Rio following closely behind.

Chris came out of the living room with a tray of food in his hands, several small kittens were moving around Chris' feet. Rio looked at the scene and smiled a little, causing Thomas to blush in turn.

"Rio is moving in with us for a while." Thomas explained, as Rio giggled again. Chris nodded and unlocked one of spare rooms.

(Two years later, nighttime)

Chris woke up after hearing some strange noises. It sounded like a mixture of moaning and huffing. Chris stood up, took a candle and went to investigate.

He wasn't prepared for what he found. Thomas and Rio were lying in bed, having sex in bed. Chris gaped and quickly left the room. He decided to question them later, after he calmed down from the shock.

(In the morning)

"What was a big idea, doing those things adults do?" Chris asked, his voice trembling slightly

"Chris, I am adult and so is Rio." Thomas interjected "We're over 18, so please calm down."

"Nonetheless, Ryoga became a leader of Japanese mafia in the past two years. If he finds out about this, he'll kill you. He loves his sister very much." Chris explained.

"If Ryoga tries to kill me, I'll be ready to protect myself." Thomas replied, pulling Rio close "She is the only girl I love, and I can't imagine myself being in love with anyone else."

"Thomas..." Chris began

"No, Chris, this is one decision you can't influence." Thomas interrupted "You wouldn't understand, but on that day..."


"I activate magic card, Flaming Hell Blessing." Thomas said, placing a card onto his duel disk. His opponent, who was Rio, looked slightly afraid, and her fear came true as fire spread around them, effectively trapping them. Thomas acted quickly, slumping Rio onto his shoulder and exiting the burning building as quickly as he could.
After Rio was taken to hospital, Thomas felt a new feeling arise. That feeling was love.

(End flashback)

"Don't try to stop us, brother." Thomas pleaded, pulling Rio even closer, so close that their bodies were touching. Chris sighed.

"Fine." he said "But don't come crying to me if something goes wrong."

With that, Chris left the room.