Puppies Always Win.


"Come on, Dean. Get your lazy ass off that bed and come running with me. It'll get the blood pumping round your body."

"Whaaaat! You're joking,Sam! Dean Winchester doesn't do running. That's for prissy princesses like yourself; and don't give me that bitch-face!


"You're lucky I don't bite too, Doofus, 'cos sometimes you say the stupidest things!"


"You don't think that trying to avoid getting strangled or flung about by monsters gets the blood flowing fast enough, man?"

"That's different and you know it. This ìs healthy exercise! Then...I ..I'd really like it if you came along; it keeps my mind off other things..."


"Okay, okay, you don't have to turn on the puppy-eyes! I'll come, but don't think it's gonna become a habit. I'm just feeling generous today."


"You want a pair of my track pants; you could turn the bottoms up...!

You don't have to glare at me, Dean. I just thought they'd be more comfortable than running in jeans."


"Dean Winchester doesn't do shorts OR track-suits. Do you know me at all, Sam?"

"Unfortunately I do Dean. I just thought that with you getting past thirty your tastes in clothes might have matured a little!"


"Oh, cos, you're Mr Top Model himself, Sam! Some of the stuff you wear is just unbelievable. Those girly pink shirts for one thing and hoodies like kids do."

"There's nothing wrong with my shirts and anyway they all have sentimental value associated with them."


"Right , what about that tunic thing you pull out sometimes. If that's not girly, I don't know what is!

NO, not the sad puppies now...! What did I say to set them off?"


"That.. that ...shirt was the one I wore when we celebrated the last Christmas before you died, and I had it on in the motel room the day you got out of Hell, Dean.

I don't care what you think of it; even when it's reduced to shreds; I'm gonna hang on to it and the hoodie kept me company the four months you were down there in the Pit, Dean; so don't knock it.

It's the same one you wore that day when we went to the faith healer Roy LeGrange and he saved your life. It made me feel as if a little bit of you was near to me when I... ."


"Hey, I'm sorry, Sammy. I didn't realize... Come on then let's go do this, but it's the first and last time... Stop it with the eyes Sam...I said stop it!