June Cleaver knew she was supposed to be happy. She had a great house in a beautiful suburban neighborhood, a husband who had given her just about everything a middle-class woman should want, and two wonderful sons. She was involved in any number of social events around town, and often had a hand in arranging them. At home, she had any number of pursuits to distract her, from cooking to needlepoint. All in all, she was practically the perfect housewife, as she should be.

Most of the time she was, happy that was. But, sometimes...

Back before Wally and the Beaver, back when Ward was overseas serving with the Navy, she had followed a different ideal, an ideal that was as far away from her current life as say Mars for instance. For a brief few years, a large number of her lessons on ladylike behavior had been thrown out the window as she had gotten up to her elbows in engine grease and who knew what else proving that she could work just as well as a man could.

Though she knew she shouldn't, she missed the days when, instead of keeping a pristine home, she had worked in the factory making military equipment for the boys in uniform.