Sweet, Sweet Revenge

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Summary: As Midorima and Takao exact their revenge on Aomine (and an unlucky Kise), the unsuspecting two find out that revenge can be sweet even if they are the victims. Sequel to CAAHI!

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At Touou

Aomine Daiki was feeling grumpy as he stood at the back of the school, waiting for the person he was supposed to meet.

This grumpiness was the result of a certain Momoi Satsuki. Damn Satsuki for being so annoying. When was she going to get the fact that he wasn't going for basketball practice anymore? Sure, she meant well, but she really needed to lay off the clinginess at times. Why, she even wanted to meet the person he was supposed to meet! She was seriously a busybody! Aomine had to resort to sneaking away from practice (which he was dragged to) when she wasn't noticing. He was to go on griping about the girl when a noise interrupted his thoughts.

He glanced up as footsteps neared him. The person he was waiting for had finally arrived. Nodding a greeting to a panting but cheerful Takao Kazunari, Aomine gestured him to a corner. As they walked to the corner, Aomine couldn't help but wonder what Takao was up to.

The black-head had texted him earlier, asking him to meet up for an important piece of news he had just received. He seemed really excited in the message, and this excitement was also present in him now; the boy was practically bounding on his feet!

Great. Now Aomine was really curious. This had better be good.

At Kaijou

Midorima Shintaro was almost smirking as he scoured the hallways of Kaijou for a certain blonde called Kise Ryouta. While Takao was in charge of Aomine (Midorima knew Aomine would believe Takao more than Midorima himself), Midorima tasked himself to take charge of the blonde. Of the two, Kise was more receptive to him after all and he was willing to bear the blonde in order to make his plan succeed.

He had been planning his revenge for quite a while ever since he found out the truth about the porn videos. Thankfully, Takao was willing to help him carry out his plan; it made things much easier. He smiled fondly as he recalled his boyfriend's enthusiasm in coming up with ridiculous but extremely cunning ideas. They had spent last night going over the whole process (Midorima preferred to have a schedule for his revenge, it was better that way), and they managed to finalise the whole thing in between heated kisses. Now, it was up to them to carry out their parts properly to set the plan in motion. He knew he didn't need to worry though; Takao was a reliable person when his mind was focussed on a goal.

Loud cheers and squeals of fangirls alerted him of Kise's presence and Midorima pushed into the crowd, grimacing as he was shoved by what seemed like a million of Kise's fans. He increased the volume of his voice once he saw a tuft of blonde hair sticking out:

"Kise!" Luckily, his voice was loud enough to be able to overpower the screams just by a little.

Kise's ears picked up the familiar voice and he looked up to see Midorima towering over the girls (and boys). His face lit up immediately:

"Midorimacchi! Please wait for a while. Give me ten minutes! I still have a few more autographs to sign." Kise scratched his head and laughed sheepishly.

More like ten years, Midorima wanted to retort but kept his mouth shut. It wouldn't do him any good to anger the fans. He nodded, exited the crowd and leaned against the wall at a corner, ignoring the stares and whispers he was receiving for holding an umbrella indoors on a bright and sunny day.

A good thirty minutes later (Midorima was getting really impatient; didn't the fans get to see Kise in school every day?), Kise stumbled out of the crowd and headed to Midorima, wobbling a little on his feet.

"Midorimacchi! What's brings you here? I'm not having a match today." Kise tilted his head as he asked his question.

Feeling a need to defend himself against the blonde's words, Midorima replied:

"What makes you think the reason for me coming to your school is to see you play? And I only came to see Kuroko play against you, and not to see you in particular. But that's not the point; I've got something more important to tell you."

"Is it boyfriend troubles? What did you do to Takaocchi?" Kise cut in, his face starting to look a little threatening. He had grown fond of the point guard after all their incidents together.

Midorima was indignant. He uncrossed his arms and protested:

"There's nothing wrong with us! And even if there is trouble, what makes you think I'm the one who's to blame? If anything, Takao- No, I'm straying from the topic. Listen, this issue concerns you."

"Eh, me?"

Kise stared at him, clearly expecting him to go on. Midorima took a deep breath. He was starting to get giddy with excitement even if he would not admit it. This was it. The beginning of his revenge. He opened his mouth to speak:

"Kise, listen carefully. This may sound hurtful, but I just found out from Takao that Aomine hates you."

Almost at the same time at Touou

Takao was fidgeting, shifting from one foot to another. He was thinking of a good way to put his idea across.

"Let's see, how shall I explain this? Er… You know when two guys like each other? As in 'like' like, not 'friend' lik-"

"I get the point, you and Midorima like each other. Okay." Aomine gave a bored yawn, and he crossed his arms in impatience. This was not what he had expected.

"Yea! Shin-chan and I love each other very much! Wait, I mean… Er, Kise… Kise..." Takao couldn't think of a nicer way to put it. So he settled for directness.

"Kise likes you."

As soon as the words were spoken, Takao fell back to gauge Aomine's reaction. Aomine was as still as a statue for the first few minutes but eventually, he regained his voice and responded with a loud:


Takao winced. That was loud. He was glad his eardrums weren't broken from that outburst. Aomine was desperately searching his eyes for confirmation and Takao nodded solemnly. Inside his head, he was doubling over with laughter at Aomine.

Aomine on the other hand, was in a state of panic.

"This is bullshit! How can Kise like me? I'm a guy! No offense to you and Midorima but I'm a guy!" Aomine repeated the last part a few more times, as if he needed to confirm his gender.

Damn, Aomine didn't seem to be buying his words. Takao tried again:

"He told me himself! He was jealous that Shin-chan and I got together and asked me to give him advice on how to woo you."

Aomine shook his head as he tried piece together his brain which had short-circuited on hearing Takao's words. Takao gave himself a pat on his back in his mind. Shin-chan would be so proud of him!

He proceeded to the next part of the plan:

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

Aomine's answer was not what he had expected:

"What to do? I'll find him and beat the gay out of him, that's what I'll do!" Aomine's face had a threatening expression, and he moved away from Takao, seeming to head off in one direction (probably to take a bus to Kise's school), but a panicked Takao held him back with all his might.

"Wait, you can't just do this! You wouldn't want to destroy your friendship right? Think before you act!"

Aomine stopped struggling and nodded. Takao had a point. Keep calm, he told himself.

"What should I do?" he asked, feeling lost and a little pathetic for asking for help.

Takao smiled, Shin-chan was right in predicting that Aomine would ask him for help! His Shin-chan was smart as expected!

"Fear not! I have the perfect plan for you! I told Kise that he must judge your feelings before confessing to you so all you have to do is shun him!"

Aomine nodded his head vigorously. Takao made perfect sense. He needed to show how averse he was to Kise in order to make Kise give up on him. Kise was the kind that needed direct hints after all. But he was still a little worried:

"Won't I be hurting Kise then? Don't get me wrong, I just don't want my ex-teammate to hate me for avoiding him."

Takao grinned; things were really going according to Shin-chan's plan.

"That's why you must shun him, and yet try to maintain a balance in your friendship. At times, when you see Kise trying hard, you have to acknowledge his effort and give in a little."

Aomine nodded for the third time. After going through the pain and trouble of wooing Midorima, Takao was really experienced now. He was grateful for the advice Takao was willing to render.

"I see... But... I may need help...Concerning this... thing." Aomine gestured a little embarrassedly.

Takao leapt at the chance to involve himself.

"I'll help! You and Kise are good friends of mine now and I don't want to see your friendship crumbling because of this!"

If Aomine wasn't Aomine, he would have hugged Takao for his kindness. At least, with Takao's help, he wasn't alone in this... thing.

Alright, he could do it. Together with Takao, he would find a way to let Kise down nicely!

Back at Kaijou

Kise was wailing now.

"WHY? Why would Aominecchi hate me? What did I do, Midorimacchi?!"

Midorima cringed at the blonde's loud cries. Initially, Kise laughed it off disbelievingly as he heard the news, but Midorima was not one to give up and went on elaborating on the extent of Aomine's 'hatred' for Kise. Packed with extreme words of hatred and animosity, it had succeeded in upsetting the blonde and now, he was stuck with a hysterical and devastated Kise. Midorima cursed himself for being too extravagant in his description and tried to placate the sobbing blonde.

"Look, I know you are upset now. That's why I'm here to help you."

Kise stopped crying in shock. "That doesn't sound right! Midorimacchi isn't the kind to care about this kind of thing! You are not Midorimacchi! Midorimacchi would say something like: "It's not like I want to help or anything! It's just Asa-Oha telling me to do good deeds today!" Who are you really?! An alien?!"

Midorina felt his vein popping. He was tempted to whack Kise with his umbrella. "Firstly, I don't act like that! Secondly, why can't I be helpful when I feel like it? Thirdly, it's Oha-Asa, not Asa-Oha! And lastly, I'm me and I'm not an alien!"

Surprisingly, Kise seemed to accept his words. He fell back into crying:

"Midorimacchi... How do I make Aominecchi like me?"

Midorima inwardly sighed in relief, happy that his plan was back on the right track.

"Make your affections more pronounced. According to Takao, Aomine thinks that you give everyone better treatment than him."

Kise was surprised at this. Aomine wanted special treatment? He nodded his head in resolution. If being more affectionate to Aominecchi meant that Aominecchi would like him, then Kise would do it! He didn't want Aominecchi to hate him after all!

"I get it, Midorimacchi! I'll be really nice to Aominecchi now! Really, really, really nice! Thank you for telling me this!"

Kise looked as if the world had lightened him of some heavy burden and he tried to hug Midorima, who backed away upon seeing the oncoming hug.

Midorima decided that he had done enough. The rest of the plan would fall in place now. He nodded and got ready to leave.

"I need to leave now. Remember and take my words seriously. Goodbye." After saying goodbye to Kise, he took out his cellphone and called his boyfriend to check on his progress.

"Shin-chan, I did it! Aomine fell for it! Praise me!"

Midorima could not stop his smile from forming.

"Well done."

"Hehehe, I'm leaving Touou now; see you at your house! Love you, Shin-chan!" Takao blew a kiss into the phone.

"I love you too." Midorima replied, red tinting his cheeks evidently.

He couldn't keep his smile off his face now.

This was great. Both parties had fallen for his trick. Now, all he had to do is sit back, enjoy the show and fan the flames while he was at it.

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