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That night (Kise's POV)

He was humming to himself as he walked down the lane leading to his house. The reconciliation with Aominecchi made him really happy and now he felt so refreshed, he could just break out into a song and dance. But since he was in public and had to take care of his reputation as a model, he didn't.

"Ah! I should tell Takaocchi this wonderful piece of news!" He nodded to himself.

Takaocchi was as quick as usual in answering the phone.

"What's up, Kise?" The familiar lazy tone of the boy made him smile.

"Takaocchi! Aominecchi has apologised to me and he even said that we are now best friends!" He beamed, even though Takaocchi couldn't see him over the phone.

The congratulations and cheers he expected from the normally cheery boy did not come. Instead, Takaocchi was incredulous:

"Eh? Just friends? Nothing more?"

He laughed:

"Takaocchi! If we were more than just friends, wouldn't we be lovers already?"

He felt a little throbbing in his heart at the thought of being lovers with Aomimecchi but ignored it. Aomimecchi was into girls anyway.

Takaocchi then muttered what he thought was something along the lines of 'Isn't that the point'.

"I'm sorry? I didn't catch that." He asked, feeling slightly confused.

"Nah, I was talking to Shin-chan! Shin-chan, say hi to Kise!" He heard some scrambling sounds before Midorimacchi's reluctant "Hello" was grumbled.

"Hello Midorimacchi! Aominecchi has admitted that we are best friends! He doesn't hate me anymore!"

Midorimacchi's reply was brief before the phone was snatched back by Takaocchi.

"That's brilliant! I wish you two the best in your relationship! Shin-chan wants to sleep now so byebye!" Scruffling sounds could be heard before the phone was cut off. He didn't have to think before knowing what Takao was hinting about.

Eek! They are being all lovey dovey now.

He sighed. Seeing Midorimacchi and Takaocchi's perfect chemistry with each other made him a jealous.

I want a lover too...

A few days later (Still Kise's POV)

For a best friend, Aominecchi was being really nice. He didn't behave in his usual indifferent and bored manner, but was actually paying lots of attention to him. He didn't mind it, of course. It meant that Aominecchi really saw him as his best friend.

They even started hanging out very frequently, despite the distance between their houses. It was Aominecchi who started showing up at his school to walk him home, but he decided to reciprocate the sentiment by going to Aominecchi's school instead. Playing basketball, going to the arcade, going to the movies and trying out whatever food places they could find; he enjoyed doing all these with Aominecchi very much.

But… There was one thing he was rather wary and confused about, and that was Aominecchi's sudden need for close contact. It all started from the first time they went home together, and Aominecchi had grabbed his hand, holding it very tightly (and a little painfully). He had complained that the firm grip was hurting him, and Aominecchi's face had turned red, but he only loosened his grip. He didn't mind it though, holding hands was something best friends did all the time.

That was not all to the contact issue. Aominecchi seemed to have no sense of personal space, and would go really close to him even for normal things like walking on the streets or even reading a magazine. It wasn't exactly disturbing, per say, but to have Aominecchi's hot breath breathing down on him almost every time they were together wasn't exactly comfortable either, even if they were best friends. So he tried to make some space in between them whenever Aominecchi got too close, coming up with excuses like he needed to go to the toilet or something. Aominecchi however, didn't seem to get it, and the distance (of rather, the lack of), persisted. And he was very very troubled indeed.

Aomine's POV

Kise was being weird.

Well, not like the blonde wasn't weird already but he was weirder than usual ever since they got together.


Thinking of it made him feel strange. There was tingly feeling somewhere inside him whenever he thought of the fact that he and Kise were boyfriends, and he had to admit, it didn't seem that bad after all. Apart from being closer than before, nothing much had changed; in fact, Kise was not doing weird things like crossdressing and other shit like that again.

Back to the topic of Kise being a weirdo, it seemed as though Kise was avoiding contact with him whenever possible. Now this was strange to him; weren't couples supposed to be all lovey dovey and kissy-kissy like those two idiotic lovebirds from Shuutoku? And speaking of the lovebirds, Takao had called him up to congratulate him on getting with Kise, and he knew he should have been appreciative of such support but somehow, Takao's tone of voice made him uncomfortable, he seemed to be hinting: I know something you don't. So he had curtly thanked the boy before cutting the call.

Urgh. He had strayed from the topic again. He didn't understand what was going on in Kise's mind. Wasn't Kise the one who had chased after him in the first place? Kise seemed as if he was normal, but he could tell from the small actions of the blonde that something was wrong.

He did ask Kise about it a few days ago, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter as soon as possible. He had cornered the blonde, and placed his hands around the wall to prevent any attempt to escape. Kise denied it, of course, insisting that he was reading too much into things and that nothing was wrong at all. But he was smart enough to not be fooled by the blonde's surprising convincing act. The fact that the blonde was averting his eyes from him was proof enough.

From that incident, he had concluded that something was very wrong, and, after asking Tetsu about it (the others would probably laugh at him for thinking too much), he had found out that such peculiar behaviour was because he didn't show enough love to Kise. Tetsu had told him that Kise had once confided in him that he was actually an insecure person despite how he behaved, and to Kise, actions spoke louder than words.

So he had decided to display his love (if it was even 'love') more, and with the help of a few tips from Takao, he increased the touches he gave the blonde, and tried to be by his side whenever possible. This had the unintended effect of making the blonde even more frigid, and he elected to take desperate measures.

So, on another of their typical walk-home together days, he decided to make a move.


A hug. The blonde froze in his arms.


He retained his embrace around Kise, and nuzzled his nose into the blonde's hair, something he seen couples on television do all the time. He thought it was similar to how dogs nuzzled their owners, but since it was a couple thing, he figured Kise would feel his love through it. Maybe the love would be transmitted through the radiation body heat or something. He didn't really understand how these kind of things worked.

They stayed there for quite a while, with Kise's body stiff in his arms. He frowned. Wasn't Kise supposed to hug him back in delight, and they would start to spin around or something? Perhaps he had the angle of hugging wrong. He moved his hand lower and let it rest on the blonde's butt, hoping for a reaction from the blonde. Kise did react, but not in the way he expected.

"A-AOMINECCHI?! WHERE ARE YOU T-TOUCHING?" Kise was half-screaming, half-stuttering his words, his face a bright crimson red. He didn't answer the question, it was obvious that he was touching Kise's butt (duh!), unless Kise's butt was actually his head or something.


Shrieks and squeals pierced the air, and he winced before turning to the source of the noise. A group of girls (about ten of them were there) from Kise's school were gathered nearby, and they were ogling them, their faces having different shades of red just like a colour chart. A girl was having a major nosebleed but the girls paid no attention to it. Some were even holding up their phones to take pictures of them two. He frowned again.

Do they not know the meaning of respecting privacy?

Releasing Kise from his grasp, he straightened up his uniform before grabbing Kise's hand. The girls squealed again.

"Let's go." He muttered, his previous good mood being ruined by their audience.

"Eh, where to?" Kise asked, his face still red.

"Somewhere private. Which means, your house." He felt like hitting the blonde sometimes, was he not irritated by those voyeurs over there? He dragged Kise down the street in the direction of his house. They were going to get some privacy, if he could help it.

At Kise's house

Kise shut the door of his room, his heart still pounding over the hug Aomine had given him. He was sure his face was burning red, and flushed harder when he realised that Aominecchi had seen the embarrassing side of him.

Surely, that hug just now was a hug of friendship and goodwill, but Kise was unable to stop his heart from beating erratically as he felt Aominecchi's warmth seeping into him. Aominecchi was so gentle with him, and it was weird, but Kise had the feeling of being loved.

Friendship is such a beautiful thing, he nodded to himself. Never had he experienced such a feeling before, even with Kurokocchi. Surely it meant that Aominecchi and his friendship had reached the highest level.

He turned to face Aomine, and got a shock when he caught sight of the other boy. Aominecchi was staring at him intently; his entire focus was locked onto him. Kise found that he was unable to look away from the unwavering gaze. The smouldering look Aominecchi was giving him sent a new wave of embarrassment over Kise, and he felt his body growing hot for some reason.

Could I be falling sick?

"Ah! It's hot here! I'll turn the air-con on!" Kise whipped around and busied himself with the remote control for the air-conditioner. He started humming, trying to ease the tension clearly felt in the room, but was interrupted.


A pair of strong, muscled arms wrapped around his torso, and made him jump in surprise. Kise felt the strange heat increasing rapidly and he gulped nervously.

"A-Aominecchi, I'm sick now so you shouldn't come so close to me…" Kise tried to push the bigger male off him but found that his strength was gone.

Looks like the fever's really bad…

"Eh, sick? Hey… You do look a little red…" Aomine, now concerned for the trembling blonde, placed his hand on his forehead to check his temperature. "Your forehead feels fine though…"

A jolt ran down his spine as he felt Aomine's hand on his head. Feeling giddy, he slumped down in Aomine's arms, startling the other boy.

"O-Oi, Kise!"

Aomine was seriously worried now. Kise seemed fine earlier, so why was he burning now? He laid the blonde down on the bed gently, and loosened the school tie, hoping to relieve whatever discomfort the blonde was feeling now. Kise looked really bothered, his face was red despite the lack of fever and he was panting slightly.

H-He's not going to die, is he?

Aomine shook his head to clear his ominous thoughts.

No way! We just got together damnit! What if he dies before we… Do it?

That random and perverted thought that entered his mind was bugging him, and on an impulse, he grabbed Kise and kissed him, much to the astonishment of the blonde and Aomine himself.


Kise's mouth opened, shocked from the sudden movement, and Aomine took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. Tongues clashed and fumbled and both boys found themselves getting lost into the kiss. Their hands were running over each other, grabbing each other, attempting to just feel as much of the other as possible, as if they could not get enough of each other's body.

Aomine moved in, surprised that he could still get closer to the blonde, with the lack of space between them already. He moved his hand up the blonde's untucked shirt, and stroked the expanse of skin he landed on. Kise's groan encouraged him further, and his hand slowly wandered up to tweak the boy's nipples.

Kise did not know why Aominecchi had suddenly kissed him, but reason flew out the window once his hormones kicked in, and he kissed back without abandon. He moaned as he felt himself getting stiff down below, and he grinded his hips desperately against the other in an attempt to relieve his arousal.

Reason flew back through the window when Aomine crashed his lips harder against Kise, causing their noses to bump roughly against each other. The force of the noses bashed against each other woke Kise up from his lust-induced haze, and with all his might, he pushed the other boy off the bed.

"I-I…" He started but stopped as Aomine, still overwhelmed by lust, reached out to kiss him again. Kise was tempted to give in; Aomine looked so deviously handsome, and the look in his eyes were full of promise, promise of whatever was to come next would be enjoyable, if only Kise would give in.

But Kise knew better than that.

"Wait! Aominecchi! Snap out of it! I'm a guy!" he shoved the advancing boy backwards.

"What's the matter? Aren't we together? Come on, I know you want it too." Aomine murmured huskily and directed his gaze to the exact part of Kise that wanted 'it'. He smirked.

Kise's blush increased tenfold, an amazing feat for his already red face.

"A-Ah… Ah…"

Horrified, Kise threw the door open and ran out of the room, leaving a half-confused but fully aroused Aomine there.