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Same night (Kise's POV)

Huff huff huff…

The red face of the blonde was clearly visible under the illumination of the streetlamps. Kise was sure that today's embarrassment had taken his face to a whole new level of red – he could even feel it, the warmth heating up just around his cheeks. Sure, he had done some pretty stupid things in the past, but he had never felt such embarrassment in his life! He was quite annoyed though, that he was the one who ran out of his house, instead of Aominecchi, who was the cause of his embarrassment.

And speaking of Aominecchi, what the hell just happened just now?

Wasn't the visit supposed to be a typical get-together? How did things even end up in that?

Everything was a giant blur, and all he knew at that time was that Aominecchi had kissed him, and that he was feeling good enough to lose all reason and kiss back. Thinking back on what had happened, he was glad he was rational enough to prevent things from going further. From what he saw and felt, Aominecchi was definitely out of it.

Because… Didn't Aominecchi go for girls? Especially those with humongous assets like his gravure idols. And Aominecchi's supposed straightness was what caused him to crossdress in order to attract him in the first place. If Aominecchi was gay, it would explain his unexpected reaction to his crossdressing.

He was getting confused now. So did Aominecchi like girls or guys? From what he observed, Aominecchi seemed very confused about his gender.

He must be bi then, Kise decided.

Slapping his palms against his face, he took a lungful of air to calm himself down.

So did Aominecchi see him as his best friend? Or was it something deeper? Maybe he was reading too much into things, and Aominecchi was just using him to test his gender.

And Kise definitely did not want that.

He wasn't averse to homosexuals, and if Aominecchi really liked him then he would consider going out with him. But, if Aominecchi was merely looking for a guy to experiment with, Kise wanted no part in it. Call him a hopeless romantic, but he did believe in love.

Looks like I'll just have to see how things go then…

Kise's house (Aomine's POV)

Aomine watched the door in confusion, his mouth hanging open in his stunned state. Kise's footsteps could be heard thundering down the stairs. Aomine winced at the loudness, and he felt Daiki Junior deflate a little. The noise probably would have woken Kise's parents up, and Aomine wasn't looking forward to meeting the parents (at least, not in his current state of arousal). He had absolutely no idea why Kise bolted out of their make-out session. Weren't things getting steamy here? Aomine was sure Kise enjoyed the kiss as much as he did. It was kind of weird though, kissing a guy instead of the usual girl. Kise's lips weren't as smooth as he thought they would be (being a model and all); they were actually rough, and made sense, of course, since Kise was a guy.

I guess that means guys are okay for me…

Kise's reaction was totally unexpected, and Aomine did feel his pride getting a blow when the blonde shoved him off with a terrified expression. Was his kissing really that bad? Aomine hoped not; the girls he kissed before didn't have any complaints, and Aomine was quite confident of his skills in the make-out department. Unless… I'm really terrible, and those girls are all laughing behind my back… Aomine's face paled at the horrid thought, and he shook his head repeatedly in denial.

Of course, it isn't me! The problem lies with Kise! I know! He's probably a shy virgin or something! Maybe he has an embarrassing mole that he's not ready to let me see! It's probably heart-shaped and is on his butt or some or weird spot on his body. Yes, of course! I'm such a terrific kisser, how can the problem lie with me?

The firmness of his thoughts had Aomine believing that he had to cure Kise of whatever issue he had.

Pfft, Kise is a virgin hahahahaha! I guess it's all up to me to teach Kise all about the world of non-virgins.

Aomine nodded to himself.

Yes, I'll have to be very careful around him. Aren't virgins always nervous about their first time? I'll have to treat him kindly and stuff…

With that, Aomine was determined to introduce his boyfriend to a whole new world.

A few days later…

There was no interaction between the two for a few days. Aomine thought that Kise needed some time to clear his head while Kise thought that Aomine needed some time to clear both his head and his thing.

So, after a certain period of time, both were ready to face each other.

It was Aomine who decided to go to Kise. He felt that he should be more considerate, as Kise was probably too shy to approach him. Hence, he showed up at Kise's school one sunny day, prepared to slowly but surely educate Kise on such matters.

Upon the reaching the school (he arrived after school ended), Aomine spotted the blonde immediately. It wasn't much of a task, since the huge crowd of fans was a dead giveaway to the popular model's location. He decided to act as normal as possible so as not to frighten the guy.

"Oi, Kise!" he hollered over the cacophony of squeals.

Kise's head whipped around immediately, and his smiling expression morphed into one Aomine was unable to decipher. It definitely wasn't one full of joy though. Aomine ignored the thought that perhaps he might be unwelcomed by the blonde, and made his way over.

"Aominecchi, what brings you here?" Kise was avoiding his gaze; his eyes were boring holes into Aomine's chest. Aomine let it slide, Kise was probably feeling shy.

"Kise, let's go and eat."

Best to start the day together with something light-hearted like eating. What he didn't count on, however, were the objections of the fans.

"Eh, Kise-chan has agreed to eat with us! You'll have to wait your turn! Eat with him another day!" A rather short, brunette butted in rather agitatedly.

Aomine scoffed. Kise would obviously cancel his plans with them. Being with his boyfriend was surely more important than these insignificant beings. He glared back at the girl.

Kise looked sheepish, and a little relieved. Of course, he would be feeling relieved, since Aomine was there to save him from hanging out with random people.

Sad to say, he was wrong.

"Eh, sorry Aominecchi, but I already promised them…" Kise looked sheepish, and he scratched his head and offered an apologetic grin to the other. The annoying girl stuck out her tongue at Aomine, who felt a sudden urge to hit her. What nonsense is this?! Why would Kise even want to hang out with her?

Kise began heading out the gate with his fans, and Aomine, not liking how he was being undermined, moved to grab hold of Kise's arm. Kise stopped walking and looked back questioningly.

He didn't know why he was sort of feeling desperate, but it seemed as if Kise was intent on avoiding him. And Aomine didn't want that, especially since they were dating.

"Kise, look. I'm sorry about the ki-"

"AOMINECCHI." Kise interrupted rather loudly.

Aomine fell silent upon seeing the threatening glare Kise was throwing him.


Still at Kaijou (Kise's POV)

"If you want me to go with you, beg me Aominecchi."

The words flew out of his mouth before he could process it. Kise gasped a little at himself for such a bold demand.

His words gave him inspiration. This would be a good test of Aomine's sincerity. Plus, it would be kind of funny. Kise folded his arms and waited for Aomine's rejection.

Nah, he wouldn't do it, Aominecchi's pride won't let him degrade himself to begging.

So it was an utter surprise when Aominecchi, after a series of tortured and constipated expressions, opened his mouth to say:

"Please eat with me, Kise? I'll treat you to whatever you want."

Kise laughed a little at the grimace that appeared as the words were spoken. The fans were snickering too. Although it was difficult to tell, Kise was sure Aominecchi's face turned red. His heart beating erratically, he smiled and turned to his fans.

"So, you see, Aominecchi has begged me to eat with him and I can't refuse so… I'm really sorry, I'll make it up to you guys next time!" he flashed his killer smile at them, confident that they would be swayed by his words and smile.

The fans swooned immediately, and Kise knew that he had won. Waving a goodbye to them, the two of them walked out of the school gate, and Aomine threw a triumphant smirk over his shoulder.

As the two of them walked in a random direction towards who-knows-where, Aomine reached out and grabbed Kise's hand, his cheeks a flaming red. I better get him used to this first…

"Er… So… Maji Burger?" It was the only eating place in the area Aomine knew, and it was cheap too, so treating Kise wouldn't be much of a problem.

"Okay." Kise nodded.

So the couple, whose cheeks were both bright red, walked down the street towards Maji Burger.