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Midorima's house

"Shin-chan... What do you think is Aomine and Kise's relationship status right now?" Takao stretched his arms and yawned. He had stayed over his boyfriend's house since it was a Friday, and they had just woken up after a night of vigorous exercise.

"Kuroko says that they are quite loving now, though I'm not sure how true it is." Midorima glanced over at his boyfriend.

"I do hope that their feelings for each other weren't influenced by us... Sure, it was fun instigating the two, but I'll feel bad if they act on feelings not entirely theirs... Shin-chan, should we do something to double-check?" Takao pondered out loud. "We are free today anyway..."

"I think we should leave them alone; we might make things worse for them." Midorima objected to the suggestion, knowing that whatever Takao was going to drag him into would spell trouble many times over.


A plan was starting to form in Takao's head, and he was unwilling to let go of the idea.

"Do you think we should tell them the truth?"

"Absolutely not. That is one thing I know is a very very bad idea." Midorima said firmly.

"They'll find out eventually... It's better to reveal everything before they get too into the relationship. They can think over things better too." Takao pressed on. Midorima shook his head.

"We are doing it, Shin-chan. We have to." His voice was resolute, and Midorima knew all was lost.

He sighed.

May Lady Luck shine onto all of us, especially Aomine and Kise.

Perhaps he should prepare lucky items for those two, just as a precaution.

Kise's house

After the fiasco last night, the two of them had returned to Kise's house, and Aomine stayed over. They didn't do anything, of course, because Kise was a virgin and Aomine did not want to rush him.

The subject of them dating was unspoken, and yet both of them were aware that they were now a couple. It was a strange situation, there was no outright confession, exchange of kisses or anything, but somehow, they got into the mood of dating. Both parties still had their hidden agenda though, so they kept the 'relationship' going.

Now the two of them were seated in Kise's room awkwardly, for making-out was out of the picture because of Kise's delicate condition, and it was too cold outside to play basketball.

Kise cleared his throat for the thirty-six time (Aomine was counting out of boredom), and Aomine looked at him, not expecting anything.

But his expectations, or rather, the lack of, were wrong this time. Kise did have something to say.

"So, Aominecchi, let's watch TV?" He reached out for the remote situated on the table, and switched the television on.

A cheesy soap opera was going on, and Aomine signalled at Kise to change the channel, but Kise refused to.

"Wait, Aominecchi, I know this series! Senpai told me it's supposedly very romantic! The couple fall in love because of a misunderstanding caused by their friends, and after a whole series of events, they find out the truth but they still love each other, and they continue dating. And..." Kise trailed off, his expression changing, as if something has struck him.

Aomine had a bad feeling from the look on Kise's face. "And what?"

"... The guy finds out he has a terminal illness and dies." Kise wiped his eyes and sobbed hysterically.


Aomine felt like shooting the blonde, who was sniffing crazily. What were the 1001 ways of killing Kise again?

"A-Aominecchi! Have you no heart? It's very tragic!"

You just said it was romantic a few seconds ago...

"Whatever, it's just a typical dramatized love story anyway, it's not like these things happen in real life. Stop crying, you are starting to remind me of Satsuki whenever she watches these." Aomine sighed and switched the television off. He had no interest in such ridiculous dramas which had zero relevance to his life.

The ringing of Kise's cellphone got Kise to stop his emotional outburst.

"H-Hello?" His voice faltered a little.

Angry squawks could be heard on the other end, Aomine didn't need to ask Kise to know that the lovebirds were calling. In fact, Takao would probably think that he had made Kise cry or something. He rolled his eyes at how blameable he was.

Kise hung up after a few words.

"Takaocchi says he has something to tell us, what do you think it is?"

Aomine shrugged:

"Maybe he's pregnant? Those two are like rutting bunnies when it comes to sex."

This earned him a playful whack from Kise.

"Aominecchi! Don't be mean!"

Aomine grinned. He leaned over and grabbed the blonde's hand.

"Who are you calling mean?" He gave in to the sudden urge to tickle Kise, who burst out in laughter.

"A-Aominecchi, hahahaha. N-Not there! Hahahaha!" Kise tried to kick the tanned boy away, but to no avail. They stopped struggling after a while, both panting heavily from the ramble. Lowering his eyelids, Aomine leaned in and kissed Kise.

This time, Kise gave in to the pleasure. Aominecchi had proved himself to be rather serious, and Kise was inclined to enjoy himself. Aominecchi did kiss well after all. The experiences with girls paid off.

That thought gave Kise a jolt. It was undeniable that they both had their experiences with girls before, and somehow the thought that they weren't each other's firsts made Kise feel a little pity. Being with Aominecchi was definitely different from being with the girls, gender aside.

W-What's this? I'm jealous?

Kise's blush came on as the thoughts ran through his mind. Noticing the hesitance in the other boy, Aomine deepened the kiss.

"Don't think, just feel." He groaned into the blonde's lips. Kise let out a small moan back in response. He arched into the kiss, and opened his mouth wider, and-

"Kise! Aomine! OH I'M SORRY!" The door opened, and was shut just as quick by the intruder. Laughter was heard on the other side of the door.

Aomine felt like murdering someone, particularly a certain point guard of a certain basketball team from Shuutoku. Getting cockblocked twice in the span of a few days would make anyone cranky.

"What do you want?!" He opened the door and was greeted with the sight of a grinning Takao and an embarrassed Midorima.

Takao slipped into the room, with Midorima following close behind. The black-head's idiotic grin widened when he spotted the rumpled sheets of Kise's bed. He grabbed Ao-chan and sat himself on the floor.

"Sorry about that, but it's actually your fault since I did tell you we were coming over."

At least Midorima looked apologetic for his boyfriends's extremely rude behaviour. He took out two items from the paper bag he was carrying.

"These are for you." The two of them looked down at their gifts.

A pumpkin and a weird black lump.

Kise looked confused at the pumpkin.

"Er... Thank you, Midorimacchi. Do you all want to eat it now?"

Midorima sighed. "It's your lucky item. Don't eat it, or you'll get food poisoning like a certain idiot." It was clear who the 'idiot' was.

Takao protested:

"Hey! How was I supposed to know that expired ice cream was your lucky item that day? And it was a hot day, I tell you!"

"Well, then what's this?" Aomine prodded the black lump in bewilderment.



"It's coal."

"I know that! So why are you giving us lucky items anyway? Does Cancer need to be a Santa Claus today or something? Christmas is 2 weeks away, for your information."

Midorima looked irritated.

"I am merely looking out for you two. I get the feeling that lucky items are really needed for this situation. Of course, lucky items are needed every day, but unbelievers like you all simply refuse to understand their importance. Which-"


Midorima stopped.

"What is it, Takao? Don't interrupt my explanation on the importance of lucky items. I-"

A flying yellow bear at Midorima's face stopped his rant.

"Hey! Don't mistreat Ao-chan!" Kise cried and snatched the toy away.

"Oi, can you just spit out what you came here to say? Kise and I are busy." Aomine snapped. They were veering off-topic.

Takao turned solemn.

"Kise, Aomine. Okay, this may seem weird, and you two may be angry, confused or anything after hearing this, but let me and Shin-chan apologise first."

Kise and Aomine turned serious as well. This looked very bad, for Takao to be apologising so unjokingly.

With a sharp intake of breath, Takao spilled the whole thing out.

After the confession

"You mean it was a lie? When you told me Aominecchi hated me? And made me do all those things?" Kise's hurt was unmistakable, and both Midorima and Takao flinched, the guilt washing over them.

"Don't be stupid, you are annoying and shit, but it's not enough to make me hate you. Shit, I should have known something was up ever since Kise started acting weird. What I guessed at Maji Burger was the truth eh?" Aomine growled, letting anger taking over his reasoning.

Midorima and Takao remained silent, not knowing what to say.

"You two should be glad Kise and I do like each other, and that this thing wouldn't affect us much-" Aomine continued, his body seething in anger.

"There is no 'us'."

Aomine stopped talking.

"Huh?" He glanced at a shaking Kise.

"Don't you get it? There is no 'us'! The whole thing was just misunderstanding, if Takaocchi and Midorimacchi didn't do this in the first place, then we wouldn't have gotten together at all! Aominecchi, this relationship shouldn't have happened in the first place!"

Aomine was shocked at the outburst, Midorima and Takao looked worried.

Kise was panicking:

"Because of this, you think you like me because you think I like you, and I like you, but not that like-like, but because you think I like you so you like me, I got affected and I think I like you as well! So actually we don't like each other at all!"

Apparently this made sense to Kise, who panicked even more. Aomine was unable to process the previous sentence. Midorima raised his brow, while Takao grew more worried.

"Calm down, Kise." Aomine tried to soothe the confused blonde.

"I AM CALM!" Kise screeched. He slowed down his breathing.

"I-I need some time to think." Kise muttered before he staggered out of the room. Aomine had a sense of deja vu again. He glared at the couple in the room with him.

Now what do I do?