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Kise's house

Kise ran around his room, panicking about the fact that he couldn't decide on what to wear. Clothes were strewn all over the place, as their owner went through each of them quite a few times already. Kise wanted to look his best for the party, but the numerous rejected clothing on the bed made up almost the whole of his wardrobe, and he had nothing he deemed suitable to wear.

I don't want to end up naked for the party... He sobbed a little and flopped down on the bed pathetically. Aominecchi was due to pick him up in half an hour's time, and Kise did not want to make the other wait. He ignored the irritating little voice in his head teasing him about how he wanted to look good for a certain someone. It was a Christmas party! Of course he had to look good!

He was tempted to wear a suit because it was simple and convenient, but he was afraid that it would be too formal. His modelling clothes were too skimpy (it showed his shoulders and stuff) and not at all appropriate for a Christmas party. All these considerations made things difficult, and he thought his head hurt a little from thinking too much.

Ding dong! It was the bell.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thinking too much had wasted his time, and his half an hour was up. Kise dashed out of his room and peered through the peephole.

It was Aominecchi alright.

Kise opened the door, and smiled sheepishly at Aomine:

"Merry Christmas, Aominecchi!"

Aomine stared.

"What the hell are you wearing, Kise?"

Kise looked down and flailed a little. He had forgotten about his state of undress and in his haste, went to open the door.

Feeling embarrassed about his boxers (with pink hearts nonetheless) and very conscious of Aomine's close proximity, Kise's arms flew up to cover his chest.

"Hehehe, I'm not done yet... Sorry Aominecchi! Come in first!" He ushered the boy in.

"Not ready?! You are as slow as Satsuki when it comes to dressing up..." Aomine muttered as he removed his shoes and stepped in. Kise gave an apologetic grin in response.

"Help me pick, Aominecchi!" He grabbed the other's hand, not seeing the faint blush that followed on Aomine's face.

He checked Aomine's outfit, and was slightly appalled. Aominecchi was simply wearing a T-shirt and jeans- his everyday casual wear. Does he have no sense of style?! Kise mentally shook his head.

"Aominecchi! That's not what you wear to a party!" He scolded the tanned boy.

"Like they care what I wear..." Aomine shrugged.

"I don't care; you got to wear something suitable! I'll see what I have for you to wear!" He dragged the boy up to his room.

About half an hour later...

"Hey... We are going to be late, you know?" Aomine decided to remind the blonde since he was taking his own sweet time choosing an outfit. The blonde had thrown him some of his oversized clothes and told him to pick one from the pile so Aomine just took the first piece of clothing on top.

It being oversized for Kise didn't mean that it would fit him. In fact, it was a tight fit for Aomine. The black vest looked a little too small on him, and the pants were a little tight, but in overall, he looked fine. Kise had insisted that he wear a dark blue top to match his hair, and Aomine accepted it grudgingly.

He finished putting on the clothes and turned to see if Kise was ready. His jaw dropped in both shock and embarrassment as he saw what Kise was wearing.

Kise's outfit was exactly the same, with the vest and pants, only that his shirt was yellow. Aomine would have looked normal if Kise had worn something else, but coupled together, they looked like complete fools. Or performers. Or wannabe secret agents. Or a mushy love-love couple. Aomine choked at the last thought and wondered if Kise had planned it from the start.

Shit, we are going to be the laughingstocks at the party. But he didn't protest, for Kise looked really excited about their outfits.

Another eyebrow was raised as Kise emerged from his some room with a big bag containing the present. From what he recalled, they didn't buy that many presents to warrant each a large bag.

Dreading the party already, the both of them headed out of Kise's house and towards the party.

Takao's house

The party was in full swing, and everyone (with the exception of a few) was going wild. All current basketball teams of the Generation of Miracles were invited, and surprisingly, the Christmas spirit had overwhelmed the rivalry among the teams and now everyone was just partying.

Kise waved at Takao and an embarrassed Midorima. Aomine understood why. The green-head was wearing a Santa suit, complete with a fluffy cotton beard (Aomine knew Takao probably threatened/ seduced/ forced the guy into wearing it), and that was still okay, for Midorima was able to pull off the Santa look, but it was what his boyfriend was wearing that was the problem.

Takao definitely did go to the extreme; he was dressed as Santarina, which was so wrong in many ways. With white stockings peeking out of the red mini-skirt and the top which bared his shoulders and showed the body glitter he had on, Takao looked like a hooker dressed to get laid. That was probably his aim anyway, even though Aomine suspected he didn't need to do so to get laid every night. Aomine mentally sent Midorima his sympathies through his eyes, and snickered when he received a glare in return.

He and Kise went around giving out the presents, and also received their presents from the others. Waving goodbye to Murasakibara, who unsurprisingly was found near the refreshments, the two of them made their way over to the hosts of the party.

"Merry Christmas, Takaocchi, Midorimacchi! Nice clothes!" Kise complimented the two upon reaching them.

Takao winked:

"You too! Decided to go for the couple look, eh?" He nudged Kise. Aomine groaned in his mind. He knew their dressing was bound to gather attention.

"No no, it's just a coincidence! You should have seen what Aominecchi was wearing! Totally not appropriate for a party at all!" Kise complained and made sure that Aomine saw him rolling his eyes. Aomine snorted as a reply.

"Whatever, the others aren't dressed up anyway. It's just Mr. Fashionista here who wants to show-off." He pointed out as he scanned throughout the room. Casual-wear could be seen everywhere, and Aomine was regretting letting Kise talk him into changing. It was kind of hot in these clothes.

Kise smiled in a gentle creepy way.

"You should be grateful, Aominecchi. I am educating you about style, which you obviously are lacking."

Aomine was disgruntled. But Takao cut in before he could retort:

"Okay, quarrel's over. It's Christmas! Eat, drink and be merry! Oh! And here's your present! It is to be shared by you two." The pleasant smile failed to hide the mischievous glint in Takao's eye as he handed the box over. Aomine stared at him suspiciously while Kise accepted the present gratefully.

"Thank you, Takaocchi, Midorimacchi! I'm sure we'll love it!"

"You bet they will..." Midorima muttered under his breath.

"I know you will!" Takao corrected his boyfriend's words and smiled his supposedly pleasant smile again. Kise nodded excitedly.

"Oh, I see senpai! Let's go say hi, Shin-chan! Talk to you later, you two!" Takao waved frantically at Miyagi who had just entered the house, and then dragged Midorima over.

The two of them were left alone again, so they carried on mingling with whoever they ran into.

After Takao confirmed that most of the guests had arrived, everyone was forced to join in the series of games he had planned. They started with a few simple games, before Takao pulled out a sheet of paper from his pocket.

"Let's see, this is a Western game I found off the internet. Er, Seven Minutes in Heaven?" Kagami turned red upon hearing the name of the game while everyone else perked up at the idea of a new game.

"Well, two people will enter here," he opened a closet door at the end of the house. "And do whatever they want for seven minutes."

"Hah? That's it?" Aomine raised his brow. It sounded really stupid.

Takao nodded.

"Okay, who wants to go first?" He asked.

For a while, nobody moved, and then Kuroko nudged Kagami to the front. Kagami was turning a furious shade of red, and he looked really reluctant to go in.

What's his problem? Aomine was irritated. All he had to do was go in for seven minutes!

Takao slammed the door shut gleefully and looked at his watch. "Your time starts now!" He called out. He waited for a while before pressing his ear to the door. The rest of the people were starting to get confused.

They heard a few thumps from the closet, and some weird noises Aomine couldn't figure out. This game is weird... He thought.

Seven minutes passed, and Takao threw the door open. A satisfied looking Kuroko stepped out with a still flushing Kagami. Their clothes and hair were all in disarray. A few of the party-goers caught on and some whistled while others had looks of disgust.

Kise tapped Aomine.

"I guess we can go together?"

Aomine shrugged. Even though he still didn't get it, it didn't seem to be a difficult game.

Takao was smirking as he called out:

"Who's next?"

Kise raised his hand immediately. "Us! Us!"

Takao's mouth opened into an 'O', as if he was surprised, but he let them enter the closet anyway.

Aomine was reminded of some horror movie when the door swung shut.

They were enveloped in darkness.

"Now what?" He asked. He couldn't see Kise at all.

"Now we wait." Kise replied. Aomine could hear a shuffling sound.


"For seven minutes to be up." Kise answered. "I think I understand, this is a test of courage. Those thumping sounds we heard just now? They were trying to scare them."

"Ahhhh." Aomine nodded even though Kise couldn't see him. It made perfect sense. Bakagami did look terrified when he went in. He heard a groan from the outside and ignored it. Trying to impersonate ghosts eh? He wasn't going to fall for their tricks!

He felt around for a place to sit, and upon feeling none, leaned against the wall instead.

"Hey! Stop leaning on me, Aominecchi!" Oops. It wasn't a wall. He shifted a little.

"Better now?"

"Yup!" came Kise's cheerful reply.

The two continued to sit there in the darkness. Kise started humming.

"Stop that, it's creepy." He heard a 'HMPH' from Kise, but he stopped.

The silence continued.

After a period of time, Kise spoke up:

"I think time's almost up."

Aomine nodded, again forgetting that Kise couldn't see him.

He stood up and brushed his clothes. Even without looking, he could tell that the closet was kind of dusty. There was a certain musky smell all around them.

"Aominecchi?" Kise's voice was quiet, it was rather unlike him.

"Hmm?" He looked in a random direction, taking a stab at guessing Kise's location.

Two hands suddenly grabbed both sides of his face, he yelped as his head was forced down and something dry descended on his lips.

Then the hands and the dry thing were gone, and he saw the light.

Only that it was a literal light, for Takao had opened the closet door. Takao's disappointed face greeted him as he stepped out. Still feeling confused over what had just happened, Aomine glanced over at Kise.

Kise looked as if nothing had happened, and he smiled at Aominecchi when he noticed the other staring.

Okay, I was just imagining things... He shivered. Was that a ghost?!

Pulling Midorima's shoulder back (he and Takao were next), Aomine whispered:

"Be careful, there's a ghost in there." This led to him being immediately judged by the green-head.

The game continued on, until they ran out of willing players. Just then, someone shouted:

"It's snowing!"

This led to everyone looking out to confirm that it was indeed snowing, and hence they all scrambled outside to watch the snow fall.

Aomine watched as Kise tried to lick off some snow which had landed on his nose. He looked absolutely ridiculous, and he found himself laughing before leaning over to lick it off for the blonde. Kise didn't seem to mind, and he laughed together with Aomine.

The entire group of people stood there in the snow, admiring the wintery view in front of their eyes. Despite himself, Aomine found himself smiling at the sight.

Then, he was pulled off to a corner behind Takao's house and made to wait there. Kise looked embarrassed when he came back and shoved something enormous into his arms. Aomine staggered from the weight and peered at Kise over the top of his present. At least he assumed it was his present.

"Open it." Kise refused to meet his eyes, his face turning a cute red. Aomine complied.

He tore the wrapping paper, but struggled a little because of the size. Kise laughed and helped him remove the remaining paper.

Aomine stared at the thing in his arms.

A big, blue bear, about the size of Ao-chan, rested in his arms, its beady eyes staring back at him. He looked at the still embarrassed Kise.

"It's Ki-chan." Kise fidgeted a little, his face turning redder.

"Ki-chan." Aomine repeated, his heart swelling all of a sudden for no apparent reason. He suddenly wanted to get down and roll around in the snow with it, but refrained from doing so. He didn't want to ruin this precious moment. And Kise would probably think he was crazy and take it back.

"Thank you, Kise. It's... I love it." He said it as sincerely as possible. Kise looked relieved and happy at the same time.

"Wait. Help me hold him for a while." Aomine handed Ki-chan over to Kise, who hugged it tightly. He dug into his pockets and brought out Kise's present. Putting the box in his mouth (he had no other way of holding it), and taking Ki-chan back, he jerked his head at Kise, silently telling him to take the box.

Kise extricated the box from his mouth, and looked back at him.

"Open it."

Kise opened it, and his expression was priceless as he fished out the ring. Aomine grinned.

"Read the words carved inside."

Kise brought the ring closer and read the words out:

"Something romantic."

"Romantic, isn't it?" Aomine asked proudly.

"Quite literally... Yes..." Kise answered, his expression unsure.

Wait, what? Aomine got closer to read the inscription, and sure enough, 'Something romantic' was inscribed there.

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hh!

Flashback to the jewellery shop...

"What would you like to inscribe on the ring, sir?" The salesgirl inquired politely.

Aomine waved his hand nonchalantly:

"Something romantic."

End of flashback...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Aomine screamed internally. Damn that salesgirl!

"Wait, it wasn't supposed to be these words! It's more of an 'I love you' or something like that!" He tried to explain.

"Do you mean it?" Kise's voice was shy as he asked this.

This time, Aomine was not his usual dense self.

"Of course I mean it! Why would I joke about something like that?"

Kise looked as if a thousand rainbows had appeared across the sky. He started trembling, his eyes watering slightly.

"And do you?" Aomine asked back, his previous confidence gone.

He looked so hopeful, earnestly waiting for Kise's answer, that Kise knew that Aomine was sincere. He nodded his head and answered shyly:

"I do too."

Aomine's eyes softened, he transferred Ki-chan to his armpit before taking the ring and slipping it onto Kise's finger.

"Merry Christmas." He was sure his face was as red as Kise.

Kise smiled and opened his mouth:

"Merry Chris-"

"HO HO HO HO HO HO!" The two were shocked out of their reverie by the sudden noise.

They turned to face the intruder.

Make that intruders, the whole party was standing there watching them. Aomine realised with a growing dread that they probably had witnessed the whole confession. He waited for the laughter to ensue.

"MISTLETOE!" Takao, being shorter than them, waved the green plant around them instead. "KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" He ordered imperiously.

The crowd joined in the cheering:


Kise caught Aomine's eyes, and was startled to find Aomine looked amused.

"Ah, to hell with it!" With that, he grabbed Kise and kissed him right in front of everyone. The crowd cheered.

As they emerged breathless from the kiss, Aomine wrapped his arms around Kise as he passed Ki-chan over to Takao. Their foreheads touching and smiles wide and goofy, the two of them basked in the bliss that was each other.

It was a very merry Christmas for everyone.

After the party...

"Ahhhhh, that was fun! And I'm so glad Kise and Aomine got together!" Takao cheered and stretched his arms. They were cleaning up the mess from the party, and Takao was glad that there was nothing much to clean up. He was very tired after all that had happened today.

Feeling arms wrap around him and a face nuzzling him, Takao giggled and turned to give his boyfriend a peck on the lips. The simple peck turned into a full-blown kiss, and soon the cleaning was forgotten as the two got more engrossed.

"Hmmm..." Takao moaned as Midorima sucked his tongue gently. Midorima continued his assault on Takao's mouth for a while before he descended down his body. He pushed his boyfriend's top up, and was about to latch his mouth onto a nipple, when


Something cold and slimy hit Midorima's head. Midorima froze as something cold and sticky slid down his head. It was the leftover lime jelly. Takao groaned in frustration as Midorima stopped and turned towards the source of the flying jelly.

Aomine and Kise stood in the doorway, their faces full of mirth as they laughed at the two. Aomine was doubling over, and Kise had to catch him and they both stuck their tongues out at the two before they bolted.

"That was for everything! Merry Christmas!" roared Aomine as they escaped from the house.

Midorima was enraged:


His cry was ignored by the two subjects of his fury. Aomine and Kise high-fived each other gleefully as they headed to take the bus home.

Well, everything went well, didn't it? He got together with Kise, he got back at Midorima, and all was fine now. He grinned as he recalled Midorima's furious expression.

It was a sweet, sweet revenge indeed.


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